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₹ 6,00,000

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₹ 4,00,000


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₹ 32,00,000

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₹ 20,00,000
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₹ 33,00,000

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₹ 22,00,000
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15th of every month

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Advertising in Pune Trends,Pune

About Pune Trends, Pune

Pune Trends, Pune is a monthly newspaper focused on a wide range of lifestyle topics like fashion, health and fitness, automobiles, startups and innovations/tech, business, wealth and finance, food, travel and activities, books, bollywood & hollywood, entertainment, etc. A new edition of Pune Trends is released on 15th of every month. The newspaper is circulated in gated communities across Pune.

About Advertising in Pune Trends, Pune

Tailored by acclaimed designers, Pune Trends has a clean layout and high pictorial quality. Pune Trends is a monthly newspaper with articles rich in quality and higher shelf life. Hence, advertising in Pune Trends is a very good opportunity for brands to reach out to their target audience.

Who can you target by advertising in Pune Trends, Pune?

Pune Trends newspaper is circulated free of cost in all the gated communities across Pune. This includes posh localities like Koregaon Park, Shivaji Nagar, Kalyani Nagar, Hadapsar, Kharadi etc. You can download the list of all the societies. By advertising in Pune Trends, you can target audience in the premium category.

Pune Trends Society Outreach

Please click here to view Pune Trends circulation in socities across Pune.

Why Advertise in Pune Trends, Pune?

Brands targeting high-end customers should advertise in Pune Trends because:

  1. Currently, the newspaper is circulated among all the gated communities of Pune and contains lifestyle-related content. Hence, it’s apt for targeting high-income individuals, professionals, homemakers etc.
  2.  Unlike general interest newspapers, Pune Trends contains special articles on lifestyle-related topics like fashion, health, startups etc., hence having higher engagement.
Pune Trends Advertising Rate

Pune Trends Advertising Rates would vary based on various factors like ad size, ad type, ad position and the advertising day. You can check the advertising rates for all the ad types under the tab “Media Options & Pricing”.

The Media Ant- Pune Trends Advertising Agency

Why opt for Pune Trends Advertising Agency?

Pune Trends Advertising Agencies would be the point of contact between the advertisers and the Pune Trends Newspaper. Most of them would charge a commission on the ads they place for the brands. Still, opting for an advertising agency specialising in Pune Trends  Advertising makes a good choice for the following reasons:

  • On the basis of large volumes of business that media agencies do, they can offer a discounted price to their clients. This price can be lesser than the card rate that Pune Trends directly charges its customers.
  • For first time advertisers, taking care of small details involved in Pune Trends Advertising can be tasking. A media agency can not only hand hold the advertiser but also execute the entire marketing campaign for you.
The Media Ant- The Best Agency for Pune Trends Advertising

The Media Ant is one of the leading Pune Trends Advertising Agencies. The Media Ant offers an online platform free of cost to check and compare Pune Trends Ad Rates and other leading newspapers. On the basis of years of partnership with the publishers, The Media Ant offers the best Pune Trends Ad Rates. The Media Ant offers 100 % transparency in ad booking process and also ensures a hassle-free execution. You can book your campaigns either online or contact us. For Pune Trends Ad contact number or for more information on Pune Trends Newspaper Advertising Options & Ad Rates at

Execution Details

Steps in Execution

Step 1 : Selection of variables

No.DetailsPossible Variables
iPage PositionFront Page/Page 3/Last Page/Any Page
iiAd SizeQuarter Page/Half Page/Full Page/Any other size
iiiNo. Of Insertions1/2/3/4....
ivDate Of Insertions10 June/15th July/20th August

Step 2: Email the selected variables to

Step 3: We will check the ad space availability and prevailing discount at the time of booking.

Step 4: Upon confirmation of availability from our end, you need to submit the artwork and make the payment.

In case you need any help with planning or the execution steps,please write to 

Proof of execution

Post release of your ad in Pune Trends, TheMediaAnt would deliver:

1. A soft copy of the ad will be shared via email within 2 working days from the date of ad release.

2. A hard copy of the newspaper will be delivered within 3 weeks, to the address shared during booking.


What is the difference between circulation and readership in Newspaper ?


Newspaper circulation is number of copies printed whereas Readership is number of people who read it. So a single Newspaper in a household is read by the entire family. 

Unless specific data is available, one can assume readership of a Newspaper to be 3 times that of its circulation. 


I am about to confirm my ad in a Newspaper. What all I should be aware of at this stage?

  1. Publication reserves the right to put multiple jackets,flaps/any other competitors ad on the same or facing page
  2. Shared rate might change after the ad is submitted as Newspapers operate brand specific and category specific rates
  3. Your ad might not get published even after the booking. This happens when two or more ads fight for the same space. The bigger size ad is given preference in these cases. You will be informed in advance of any such conflict and alternate options would be offered. You can also choose to cancel the ad at no fee