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What is Performance Marketing?

There are multiple ways to select the right performance marketing agency. Looking at past work is one of the most fundamental ways to select a performance marketing agency. Another factor to look at while selecting the right performance agency is the digital platforms that they specialize in. Let’s say you run an offline communication skill training work and your audience is majorly working professionals. An agency that has run performance marketing on LinkedIn is the right agency as compared to someone that specializes in Google advertising.

Which are the popular platforms for performance marketing?





Colombia Network


Criteo among many others

Performance-based marketing for apps 

Performance marketing has revolutionized the way app marketing is done. The most popular form of app marketing includes running cost per install campaign. In a CPI performance campaign, the brand starts by paying the cost per install to the campaign. Eventually, the app campaigns can be moved to optimization towards a certain performance like sign up in the app or making a payment.

Limitations of performance campaign

Digital performance campaigns work on understanding consumer behavior when they interact with your ad and also when they visit your app or portal. All performance campaigns use AI learning to improve their understanding of the campaign. This means that a minimum data set is required to set the learning right. To generate that data, a minimum spend is required to generate the data points. So for very small budgets, performance marketing might not work well.