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About Economic Times Newspaper Advertising in India

Planning to reach  a specific set of people by newspaper advertising in Economic Times ? Or looking to advertise for a mass reach and coverage? Looking for newspaper advertising rates or confused about which cities to target ? 

We have answers to all your Media planning questions pertaining to Newspaper advertising.

When to advertise in Economic Times?

Advertising in the Economic Times is most effective when timed around major economic events, such as budget announcements, policy changes, and market fluctuations, as well as during peak business seasons. Additionally, aligning advertisements with product launches, promotions, or special features and supplements can maximize visibility and engagement among the newspaper's audience. By strategically scheduling ads during weekdays to target business professionals and decision-makers, or weekends for consumer-focused campaigns, advertisers can optimize reach and impact within the Economic Times' readership.

The Economic Times offers advertisers the widest choice of its editions in17 cities: Chandigarh (20331), Goa (5403), Lucknow (10317), Patna (4355), Pune (29068), Hyderabad (29664), Kolkata (51451), Chennai (33972), Delhi (203996), Mumbai (219000), Nagpur (8073), Ahmedabad (24326), Bangalore (48319), Mangalore (2486).

Advertising Options in Economic Times

Economic Times gives you three options for placing your advertisement :

Classified Text Ads: These are the cheapest and easiest form of newspaper advertising. With simple run-on lines, they can be enhanced online with enhancements like tick, border, underline (ROD) and background colors. Such ads are charged on the basis of lines/characters/words used. You, too, can compose Classified Ads online using our sample text ads and also edit them to your needs by pressing the USE TEMPLATE button.

Classified Display Ads: Also called column ads, they cost a little more than Text Ads. They can be enhanced with small visuals, corporate logos, images and formatting font styles and sizes. They can be published in colour also. You, too, can compose Classified Display Ads online using our pre-designed templates and also upload ads personally composed by you.

Display Ads: While these advertisements cost the most, they give ample scope for creativity. This is because the size could extend to full page and spreads of even double-page or more. Our experts Expert advertisers can upload the design of their advertisement in PDF/ JPEG/ EPS format and simply specify their requirements.

Advertising Rates in Economic Times

Classified Advertisement Rates are calculated for the number of lines / Words used. Classified Ads appear in a particular format under Classified Section of the newspaper. They are published in line format with some enhancement options available by paying some extra charge. There is a constraint to the number of words or lines to be used in classified advertisements and at The Media Ant, we help you optimize your ad copy in minimum number of lines and words and deliver better results. This is the cost effective form of advertising in the newspaper. In this section mostly Property, Rental, Recruitment, Name Change, Personal Notice and Service category advertisements are released by the advertisers.

Classified Display Advertisement Rates are charged per square cm of the area used for the advertisement. There is a constraint to the size of your creative in Classified Display Ads, you can customize your ad design by using Logo, Image, Different Fonts and Color to enhance your advertisement. And as an advertiser, you should try to catch the consumer's attention with an optimum size which is within the size limitations. At The Media Ant, we help you optimize your ad copy and size which will deliver best results. Classified Display Ads appear on a specific page or supplement of the newspaper. 

Display Advertisement Rates are also calculated in a similar fashion to Classified Display Advertisements , i.e based on square cm of the ad area used. The tariff for Display Ads is notably higher than the others as multiple columns are required to print this advertisement. For Display Advertisements there is no constraint on the size of the advertisement copy. You can choose Full Page, Half Page, Quarter Page or any other size of Ad. As an advertiser, here you can choose the Page and Position of the ad also according to your business need. You can publish your ad on Front Page, Back Page, Page 3, Jacket Ad, Skybus Ad or a pointer Ad in the Newspaper. Most of the Brand commercials are in this form only. The Media Ant has done Display advertisements with most clients in the past years. 

Economic Times Advertisement Cost

Interested in advertising with the Economic Times? Reach out to us to discover competitive rates and tailored solutions to elevate your brand's visibility. Whether you're looking to target business professionals, decision-makers, or affluent readers, the Economic Times provides a prestigious platform to amplify your message. Contact us today to discuss your advertising needs and unlock the power of India's leading business newspaper.

Planning and Execution Assistance to Advertise in Economic Times Newspaper

1. Can The Media Ant help me make the plan?

Yes, The Media Ant offers free newspaper planning services.

2. How should I select the newspapers?

Utilize the filters on the left-hand side to narrow down relevant newspapers by Publications and Language. You can also use the Geography search bar to find newspapers circulated in specific areas. Once you've selected suitable newspapers, use sorting filters based on circulation, readership, cost, and popularity.

3. What are the possible innovations in newspaper advertising?

In addition to regular print advertisements, innovative options include Pointer ads, Ear Panels, samplings, and Newspaper Jackets.

4. Are there options outside of print advertising available in newspapers?

Yes, many newspapers also offer advertising on their websites, allowing you to target audiences based on page content and geography.

5. Once I have finalized the plan, what is the next step?

After finalizing the plan, book the ad online. Payment can be made online, via cheque, or bank transfer. For offline bookings, email the selected newspapers and editions to

6. How do I pay?

Payment options include online, cheque, or bank transfer.

7. What proof do I get once the activity is complete?

After the advertisement has been printed, a soft and physical copy of the newspaper along with the invoice will be sent to you.

8. Will The Media Ant help me make the ad/creative?

Yes, The Media Ant assists in creating ads for newspaper advertising. The rate for this service depends on requirements and is not included in the price list.