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Role of an Influencer Marketing Agency

The role of an influencer marketing agency starts with understanding the brand requirement for an influencer marketing campaign. Based on the brand’s product and objective, the influencer marketing agency first selects the right platform or mix of platforms.

These platforms can be any of the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, and others. Once the platforms have been selected, the influencer marketing agency working with the brands selects the right set of influencers.

These influencers should be selected on the basis if the brand requires a micro, macro, or celebrity influencers. The choice of these influencers come from the budget, concept as the campaign objective. We will explain these 3 categories of influencers in the sections later. 

Once the influencer marketing agency has selected the influencer category, the next step is to decide on a concept. This is the area where the influencer marketing agency works very closely with the brand team and its creative agency. 

Many times, these concepts are an extension of an existing campaign or adaptation of it. Once the concept is finalized working with the brand team, the next step for the influencer marketing company is to reach out to the influencers and brief them about the campaign.

Any influencer marketing agency with an influencer marketing platform finds it easy to reach out to a large number of influencers and select the right ones. 

Once thelist of influencers is finalized, the influencer marketing agency then goes ahead executing the platform. Based on the scope of the work, it might involve executing steps offline to create content online.

For e.g. For a resort launch, the influencer marketing agency might need to arrange for the influencers a visit to the resort so that influencers could stay and write about their visit first hand.

The marketing agency also ensures that content is within the brand guidelines. Once this is done, the influencer marketing agency needs to monitor, report, and analyze the campaign. Using the influencer marketing platform, the agency reports the engagement number. 

These numbers can be a number of mentions, impressions, and interactions. Anything not going as per the plan, the influencer marketing agency’s role is to take mid-course correction.

Finally, once the campaign has been executed, the agency should benchmark the deliveries against the promised numbers and also against established benchmarks for influencer marketing campaigns. An agency that has worked with other brands and executed influencer marketing campaigns, will have a delivery benchmark report.

Influencer Marketing Agency India

Why do brands need Influencer Marketing Agency India?

Following are the top three reasons why brands prefer advertising through Influencer Marketing Agency India:

  1. One single point of contact: Unless a brand is opting to work with mega influencers or celebrities, most brands need to onboard multiple influencers to achieve the target reach. In such cases, it is a lot of hassle for brands to contact, negotiate and coordinate with each influencer. In such cases, it is the best practice to outsource this to aninfluencer marketing agency India.
  2. Reliability and Authenticity: One of the major concerns among brands regarding influencer advertising is reliability. Paid likes and followers are a menace haunting the influencer advertising industry and it takes effort and time to verify the authenticity of the influencers. An influencer marketing agency India can be of immense help here as any reputed influencer marketing agency India would ensure they onboard genuine influencers.
  3. Best Influencer Advertising Rates: An influencer marketing agency Indiacan be of great help when it comes to influencer advertising rates due to long-standing relationship and volume of business done between the agencies and the influencers.

The Media Ant is a top-rated influencer marketing agency India that fulfills all the above-mentioned criteria. To check the ad rates and reach data of influencers and booking an influencer advertising campaign, you can visit and search for Influencer Advertising in the search bar or can scroll down on the homepage to reach the media category section and select Influencer Advertising

Influencer Marketing Advertisement

The influencer marketing industry is booming, and has been for the past few years. It's a way brands can promote their products through endorsements or recommendations from influencers and content creators on the internet.

Influencer advertisement includes strategies such as paying social media stars to post branded content on their channels in order to reach new audiences and drive sales.

Brands are always looking for new ways to promote their products and increase sales. Influencer advertisement is a great way to do this by leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat.

Brands can work with influencers in various ways: paying them for sponsored posts on social media, getting influencers to mention the brand's product in a video or post of their own, or working with them on content creation where they might make suggestions about what clothes people should wear during different seasons.

Influencer Advertising

Influencer advertising has gained massive popularity over the past few years. During the pandemic when traditional sources of entertainment had hit a rock bottom and the entire world was in chaos, people turned to influencers for their entertainment, news, and product recommendations.

Since then, influencer advertising has grown manifold to become an essential part of every brand’s media mix.

Two main factors that have led to the unprecedented growth ofinfluencer advertising are:

1. Influencers’ genuine connect with their audience: Apart from celebrity influencers, most influencers are common people who have risen to celebrity status on the basis of their expertise in their field of work and entertaining and relatable content. But that’s not all.

The one main difference between a celebrity endorsement andinfluencer advertising is that celebrity endorsements are one way communication. The creative is shot or created keeping the celebrity in center and the role of the celebrity ends here. The onus of distributing the material then lies with the brands. In case of influencer advertising, however, the content creation and distribution are done by influencers in most cases. This gives them an opportunity to connect with their audience in a genuine way.

2. Fresh and relatable content: Each influencer has a unique style of creating content that is different and highly relatable to the audience hence leaves them with a deep impact. Also, unlike celebrity endorsements where most content is scripted as per brands requirements, in influencer advertising, influencers get to use their own voice making the communication more authentic. 

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing may involve several platforms like blogs, videos and social media. “Social media influencer marketing” can be defined as influencers promoting brands on one or more social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok etc.

Following are five main reasons why social media influencer marketing is important for brands:

  1. Reach and engagement: Social media platforms are the best way to reach out and engage millennials and generation Z. While having a presence on social media platforms is instrumental for the brands, social media influencer marketing can help brands amplify their communication among relevant audiences.
  2. Brand Association: Influencers are popular among their followers for being an expert in their respective field or for being very good at creating engaging content. They are seen as someone reliable and relatable. Being associated with them for social mediainfluencer marketing boosts brands’ image. For example, making mom bloggers talk about a kids organic clothing brand can have a positive impact on the parents.
  3. Opportunity to experiment with variety of content: The usual policy every brand follows is having a unique voice and format when it comes to content creation on social media handles and the requirement is to maintain a consistency. Social media influencer marketing can help brands with variety of content formats and style.
  4. Two-way communication: Unlike paid ads on television or in newspapers, social media influencer marketing is a two-way communication where audiences are encouraged to engage with the content.
  5. Real-time feedback: Since audiences connect deeply with influencers, they are vocal about their feelings about the product and this helps brands improve.

Influencer Marketing Platform

The Media Ant is an Influencer Marketing agency in India that uses a combination of offline planners and its own influencer marketing platform to ensure high-performance influencer campaigns for its brands.

The Media Ant also works with other influencer marketing platforms to ensure that we provide the best selection of influencers for all your campaigns. A combination of offline and influencer marketing platforms makes us leverage the power of creativity offline and reach using the online platform.

Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for influencer marketing. Owing to its strong image-oriented content approach Instagram works very well for influencer marketing for lifestyle brands. Sponsored posts are one of the most popular content formats for influencer marketing on Instagram.

TRY TMA’s Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencer Marketing on Facebook

Being the largest social media platform, Influencer Marketing on Facebook is one of the most popular platforms among marketers. Video Posts, Image posts, Live Feed, and status updates are a few of the most popular influencer marketing options on Facebook. Facebook also provides a lot of information about influencer’s interest, thereby allowing the influencer marketing platforms to reach out to the right influencers.

TRY TMA’s Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencer Marketing on TikTok

Video-based TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform currently. With easy to create content, high engagement, and great reach, TikTok Influencer Marketing is currently the favorite among marketers. A high percentage of TikTok users are youngsters, thereby making it attractive to brands wanting to reach out to youth.

TRY TMA’s Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencer Marketing on Twitter

Influencer Marketing on Twitter is led by a small set of influencers. Even though limited by reach, influencer marketing on Twitter is suitable for brands wanting to reach out to high profile decision-makers. Tweets and Retweets are two popular ad formats for influencer marketing on Twitter.

Influencer Marketing on YouTube

YouTube has the highest search volume after Google making it indispensable for any influencer marketing campaign. YouTube influencer marketing works well for campaigns that need influencers with high reach.

The interesting aspect of running aninfluencer campaign on YouTube is that the influencers also help to create the video content thereby making it attractive for the brand team. YouTube influencer campaigns can be used for both brandings as well as performance-based influencer campaigns.

TRY TMA’s Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencer Marketing Ads

Following are few types of influencer marketing ads example:

Giveaways, contests etc: Often influencers engage their audience through running giveaway contests where the prize is sponsored by the brands. In this type of influencer marketing ads, brands create buzz about the products as well as reward their followers.

Affiliate Marketing: This is a popular type of influencer marketing ad in which the influencer shares a special discount code for their followers using which they can avail a discount and the influencer earns a commission.

Gifts, unboxing and reviews: Many times, brands send the influencers their products as gifts and influencers create influencer marketing ads by unboxing and/or reviewing the products.

Pre-release and Sneak Peek into product launches: Sometimes brands collaborate with influencers to give an exclusive sneak peek into new product launches to the followers. The objective of these influencer marketing adsis to create a buzz about the product.

Social Media Takeover: Many brands invite influencers to take over their social media handles for a certain period of time. During this period influencers curate the content according to their style. This creative influencer marketing ad type is the best to promote a brand among the influencers’ followers.

Sponsored Content: This is one of the most common influencer marketing ad one can find. Brands often provide influencers with content to be distributed on their social media handles. This is known as sponsored content.

Guest Blogging: Another less common but effective influencer marketing ad type is guest blogging by the influencer on brands’ blog or by the brand on the influencers’ blog.

Brand Ambassador: Being a brand ambassador is a long-term commitment where an influencer is associated with a brand and shares content regularly.

Product Placement: Product placement is a type of influencer marketing ad where a brands’ product is strategically placed in the content in terms of post/video where it’s seamlessly absorbed in the environment yet stands out in appeal.

Shoutout: Shoutout is when an influencer mentions the brand in their story/post directly urging their followers to check out the brand.

Brought to you by: Brought to you by is a type of influencer marketing where an influencer can simply be mentioned as the sponsor while creating their content. The content can be related or entirely unrelated to your brand.

Events: If you are a brand having an event, you can create a buzz online by inviting an influencer to your event for a live coverage on their social media handles.

Product Collaboration: In case of celebrity influencers, a brand may decide to collaborate with the influencer to create an exclusive line of products.

5 Tips for a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

  1. Understand what content would you like to promote
  2. Find out the right platform to amplify your content
  3. Find out the right influencers which suit both your target group and the content
  4. Specify the objective of reach or performance or association before the campaign is designed
  5. Allow the influencers to use their own style to promote the content thereby allowing them to make small modifications to the content

Influencer Marketing Packages

The Media Ant has influencer marketing campaigns starting as low as Rs 50,000. Influencer Marketing packages vary with the kind of influencer and the platform. Please select the right platform and influencer type in the advanced filter section of the website to get an exact price. As a reputed Influencer Marketing agency, we also create custom packages for influencer marketing campaigns.

List of Social Media Influencers

The Media Ant has access to more than a thousand social media influencers across social media platforms. Included in this, the reach of influencer marketing platforms that we work with, and we are talking about instant reach to thousands of additional influencers.

We can also acquire influencers based on the brand requirement. While a sample list of influencers is shared with the brand at the start of the campaign, the actual list is prepared once the concept is finalized.

You can have a look at a few sample influencers on The Media Ant Here.

Contact Us for Influencer Marketing

You can contact The Media Ant to execute your influencer marketing campaign. We are one of the early executors of the Influencer marketing campaign and can be contacted to run campaigns on any of the social media platforms.

You can reach us either over email, Whatsapp, or phone. With physical offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad you can contact us to get an influencer marketing campaign for your brand.

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Examples of Influencer Marketing

You can reach out to our client servicing team for case studies of influencer marketing campaigns executed by us. A brief of a few campaigns executed by us can be found below. Detailed and updated examples of influencer marketing campaigns can be obtained by contacting us.

  1. We helped a hotel in Mumbai launch its new property. The influencer marketing campaign was run across the social media platforms and included visits by influencers and reporting live from there.
  2. We helped a leading eCommerce platform to help generate leads for its fashion category through an Instagram campaign
  3. We helped a machinery brand to reach out to the farmers of North India using an influencer campaign on Facebook
  4. One of our influencer marketing campaigns for an educational institute helped drive registration for its new session

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing campaign is a social media campaign where the brand uses people with a certain number of followers to amplify the message. The content can be provided by the brand or can request the influencers to create the content. The influencers can broadly be divided into 3 categories:

  1. Micro-Influencers - These influencers have low reach but high engagement among friends and followers. Brands use a large number of micro-influencers to generate high engagement and reach.
  2. Macro Influencers - These influencers have mid to high reach and are used primarily for the reach
  3. Celebrities - These have high reach as well as they are well-known personalities in their area of work. Influencer marketing with celebrities not only gets reach for the brands but also a certain association.

You can read more about the advantages of influencer marketing at our blog Here

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