Advertising campaign Brief

As a brand or company if you want to communicate with your customers effectively, the best way is advertising. Advertising helps in informing the consumers about the brands or companies available in the market as well as the variety of products and services that are useful to them.

Advertising campaign is for each and every person, young, old or kids. There are various types of media available for advertising, as well as different types of methods and techniques. Now the brand or advertiser may choose the kind of media or ad type suits them the best.

What are the objectives of advertising campaign?

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is important when you advertise campaign, it can be called as a brand strategy, positioning strategy or brand positioning statement. The end objective of brand positioning is generating an idea about the brand that is unique in the mind of the customers.

So that the consumers start relating to the brand as something desirable, they must feel a connection with the brand and its products. All of these will make the brand distinct from the competitors available in the market.

Introduction Of The Media Ant’s Ad Campaign Brief Products

If your advertising goals are looking to focus on introducing a new product you can effectively try setting advertising objectives that will make your product different from your competitors.

It is important to determine theobjectives of your advertising campaign and make it compelling so that the customers stick to your product.

For instance, if Nykaa introduces a new product, they will probably create a hype regarding the launch, hence a successfuladvertising campaign will help them in sales.

As an advertiser an advertising campaign can help you in introducing your new product to the customers. When you advertise campaign it enables you to reach a wide range of potential customers who can later convert into buyers of your product.

It also makes you reach your customers really fast, so the nearer your brand is with your customers you get even closer to the ones influencing others.

There are several customers who can be slow buyers, so it's better to let the early adapters of your ad campaign to influence others through word-of-mouth.

Opening Of New Outlets

Advertising campaigns attract new customers, hence if you want to open a new outlet ad campaigns can easily help the message spread across the audience and help you in getting footfall.

Your advertising goals must fulfill the necessary requirements that are needed to get the utmost customers in your new store. Ad campaigns help in brand awareness so people who did not know about your brand may also visit your new outlet.

Drawing Attention Towards Your Brand

  • A good ad campaign has the ability to draw the attention of your prospective customers and this is what every brand or company looks for more than the actual purchase.
  • Consumer attention is one of the most valuable resources for a brand or company. Once you have the attention of your customers half the work is done.
  • Attention of the customers is a big part of brand awareness. Drawing the attention of your customers is a long-term advertising goal. You may use readable and clear print, images and colors to attract your customers towards your ad.
  • For example: You can use quirky and attractive ads that can instantly grab the attention of your customers. An attractive ad can also help the consumers retain the brand.

How to plan an advertising campaign?

There are brands who choose to advertise when the target consumers are most likely to make purchases from their brand or company. At times this can be seasonal, like Christmas, Diwali, or Winter ad campaigns.

For example, a clothing retailer will focus on setting advertising objectives that run around festive seasons as people are more likely to buy new clothes during festivals. If it's a FMCG brand then probably they would focus more during times when consumers have a budget to spend.

While there are some brands who choose to pay more attention to quiet times based on the time when there will be a natural increase in sales. But the objectives of advertising will depend on their preferences.

Advertising campaigns during quieter times would mean that you may not have to work too hard to stand out from the competitors, however there may be less customers to target.

What we understand from this is your advertising goals will depend on when you seek to run your campaign or who you want to target. The objective of advertising is to develop a bigger customer base. It can even improve the cash flow as well as minimize the reliance on trading periods.

The reasons behind a campaign

Many brands launch ad campaigns just in order to increase brand awareness or boost sales. However, your ad campaign will need a push if a brand is trying to launch a new product to the customers.

New brands would like to consider various forms of advertising for letting customers be aware of their existence. Brands like these can consider some introductory offers for giving customers an incentive to call or visit.

Now the question is can you plan a campaign yourself?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is what you need to achieve through your ad campaign. You must consider the message your brand wants to give away to your target audience.

Always remember, advertising is effective only when you reach the target audience with the message that will make them want to purchase or at least enquire about your product or service.

Types of Advertising Options on The Media Ant:

  1. Airline/Airport
  2. Cinema
  3. Digital
  4. Influencer
  5. Magazine
  6. Newspaper
  7. Non Traditional
  8. Outdoor
  9. Radio
  10. Television

Where can an advertiser set their advertising campaign?

While it is very important to set your ad campaign before running it, the most overwhelming part is finding the right place toset your advertising campaign. However,The Media Ant’s Ad Campaign Briefwill help you in setting your advertising campaign in simple and easy steps.

How to plan an advertising campaign on The Media Ant Ad Campaign Brief?

Planning an advertising campaign with the help of The Media Ant Ad Campaign Brief is simple, quick and easy.

A user can create an ad campaign in just 4 simple steps by following a few necessary details regarding their brand, service or company.

Step 1: About the brand

The first step is to give a short but detailed description of your brand, this will include a few basic details like;

  • Brand Name: A brand name is basically the name that is used in order to identify a family of products or services that is offered or just a single line of products or services that is offered. For instance, Adidas is a brand name that is used on most of the products manufactured by Adidas.

  • Website URL or social media (LinkedIn, FB, IG,etc.): In this space you are required to insert the URL of your brand’s official website. URL is nothing but the address of your website which is a unique resource on the Web. You may even put the URL of your brand’s social media handle, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • Sales Channel: A sales channel is the way in which you want your business to go to the market, in order to sell your products to the end customers. You have 3 options, from which you may choose one or all as per your preference.
    1. App
    2. Website
    3. Offline

  • Category: This refers to the group of products your brand belongs to, or the group of products you compete against in order to satisfy the needs of the same potential customers.

Step 2: Target Audience

Target audience is the group of audience that your brand, product or service intents to cater.

  • Describe your audience: Firstly you will be required to provide a description of your relevant audience. You can also upload a relevant document which has a detailed description of your TG.

  • Target Age Group: The second step is to select your target age group, with the help of a slider. For example, if you want to target an audience belonging to the age group of 20-35 you can adjust the slider accordingly.

  • Gender: The third step is to select the gender you want to target, the options available are male and female. You may select any one of these or even both.

  • Income: The fourth step is to select the income group of your target audience, the options available are Low income, Middle Income and High income. For example, if your brand deals with luxury products you are likely to target customers belonging to the high income group.

  • Geography: Lastly you will need to provide the geographical location you want to target. For that you can simply type the name of your desired location and select from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Campaign Details

Now you must enter the details of your advertising campaign.

  • Campaign budget: The amount you want to spend for your campaign.

  • Campaign duration: The number of days you want your campaign to run.

  • Expected campaign outcome: You can select the ultimate objectives of your campaign, from the given options. You may select one or multiple options.

    1. Sales
    2. Traffic
    3. Leads
    4. App Downloads
    5. Awareness
    6. Store Footfall
    7. Others

Step 4: Preferences

Finally, you will be required to select the media option you want to run the campaign on.

‘Which Media would you like us to include?’ will appear on your screen and you may select one or more.

You may even “Enter other media” as per your choice. Click ‘SUBMIT’.

After you enter all the necessary information regarding your brand and ad campaign you will immediately receive a confirmation email about the same.