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Advertising in Carnival Cinemas, Mumbai is one of the most popular Cinema advertising option. You can get advertising rates for Carnival Cinemas, Mumbai in this page. Advertising rates are included for Cinematic Static slides, Videos and other offline activity. Mentioned rates are per week and ads are played every time a movie is shown. The reason for popularity of Carnival Cinemas, Mumbai for advertising stems from the fact that Carnival Cinemas Cinema offers a captive audience in Mumbai to the brands. 

The Media Ant is an official agency to help you advertise in Carnival Cinemas, Mumbai. Get best rates, execution details, upcoming movie releases for advertising and best placements. Ads in Carnival Cinemas Cinema can either be placed during the interval or before the start of the movie.

As an advertiser insist for Inspection passes to ensure that your ad is getting played in Carnival Cinemas, Mumbai. As Cinema advertising involves manual intervention, the chances of an ad not getting played as per the plan is higher than other conventional advertising options.