Advertising in IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App

Advertising in IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App
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Hotstar IPL Advertising 2021

About IPL Advertisement 2021 on Hotstar

Hotstar IPL Advertising 2021 is one of the biggest advertising opportunities in India that combines the high impact of sports and advanced targeting options of digital advertising with more than 25 targeting cohorts. And it’s no more restricted to big brands. Hotstar IPL ad packages 2021 start at INR 1 Lakh. Read more for details.

Indian Premier League, popularly known as IPL is one of the major sporting events held annually in India since 2008. 8 teams named after 8 states and cities of India battle it out among huge fanfare. IPL 2021 is going to be held from 11th April 2021 to 6th June 2021.

The popularity of IPL is unparalleled. This can be established from the fact that despite Covid-19 defining the entire year 2020, IPL was the most searched topic in India. Not only is IPL the biggest cricket event of the year in India but also the biggest opportunity for advertisers to stand out. From sponsorship to stadium activation to advertising on TV and Hotstar, IPL 2021 is undoubtedly going to be one of the major advertising seasons for brands.

About 405 million (~50% of total TV viewers in India) people watched IPL 2020 on television while Hotstar’s reach was ~260 million people. And if trends are to be believed, this number would grow significantly in 2021.

In case you would like to understand the basics of IPL advertising on Hotstar in details, please check our blog: A complete guide to IPL 2021 advertising on Hotstar

Dimensions for Video Ads on Hotstar

Click here to view creative specifications.

Some strict guidelines to keep in mind -

16:9 aspect ratio of video (with no pillarbox and black frames)
No Logo/watermarks in video which would conflict with hotstar concurrency view and/or player controls.

Popular IPL Ads Format 2021 on Hotstar

What are some popular IPL Ads types in 2021 on Hotstar?

Two of the most popular IPL ad types 2021 on Hotstar are video ads and banner ads. Video ads are brand-sponsored short videos that are played before the live match is streamed (Pre-roll ads) and also during the matches (Mid-roll ads). Banner ads are static ads that are placed in the social feed. IPL banner ads consist of a static image, some text, and a CTA button.

How long should IPL Video ads 2021 length be?

The length of IPL Video ads 2021 would depend on the brand message and the restrictions placed by the streaming platform. The pre-roll ads are 6-sec long while mid-roll ads can span anywhere up to 30-sec in length.

Where would IPL banner ads 2021 appear?

Apart from live-streaming of IPL matches, the Hotstar platform also has a social feed where the audience can stay connected with friends and discuss the matches. IPL banner ads 2021 would appear in the social feed.

How do I target my audience through IPL ads 2021 on Hotstar?

The biggest advantage of Hotstar IPL Advertising 2021 is the option to filter relevant audiences and minimize wastage. This year Hotstar IPL advertisements can be targeted on basis of 25 cohorts which can be divided into 3 broad categories

  • Geography: These cohorts are defined on the basis of regions and include targeting options like HSM, Top 6 metros, 1 million+ town, etc
  • Audience: Brands can target females only and also filter audiences based on the type of business apps they use.
  • Device: Not only can brands target their audience based on the handset value but also can specifically target the connected TV audience too.
I want to know about IPL 2021 sponsorship packages. How can I know more?

Apart from the popular IPL video ads and IPL banner ads, brands can also opt for various sponsorship packages like Hotstar IPL 2021 Co-presenting sponsorship, Hotstar IPL 2021 Powered by sponsorship, Hotstar IPL 2021 Associate sponsorship, and many more. To know more about various IPL 2021 sponsorship packages, contact us by sending an email to Help@TheMediaAnt.com or calling us at 080-67415510.

IPL 2021 Schedule

Hotstar IPL Advertising 2021 Advantages

Who watches IPL matches on Hotstar?
  • Hotstar IPL live streaming is the largest sports platform to reach ~80% of Male, Age 15+, NCCS AB, Urban.
  • ~53% of Hotstar IPL live watchers (paid subscribers) are NCCS A
  • 65% of Connected TV owners in India watch IPL live matches on Hostar.
Why should brands advertise in IPL 2021 on Hotstar?

Advertising in Hotstar IPL 2021 is the best opportunity for both medium and high budget advertisers for the following reasons:​

  • Affluent audience with a high propensity to purchase: Hotstar is the preferred OTT platform for an affluent audience. Following is a snapshot of Hotstar audience interest
    • Travel & Holiday: 66% of annual travelers
    • Education: 40% are graduates/diploma holders
    • Online Shopping: 66% of monthly online shoppers
    • Ownership: >70% penetration in premium durable
    • Entertainment: 90% penetration in paid OTT apps audience
    • Financial: 70% penetration in investors of stocks and MFs
  • A universe of 300+ million viewers: IPL 2020 witnessed 260 million viewers on Hotstar. This year this number is expected to be much higher.
  • Low barrier to entry: IPL Advertising has always been considered as a game meant for big-ticket advertisers. However, it’s going to change with IPL 2021 advertising rates which allow brands to start advertising at a starting package of INR 1 lakh.
  • Targeting available: Compared to 2019 when the same ad was served to everyone during live streaming of match, this year the mid-roll ads (ads played during the live game) can be targeted using available filters.

Here is a video from last year talking about the advantages of Hotstar advertising during IPL 2021:

Why should you advertise on IPL?​

Hotstar IPL Advertisers 2021

Who should advertise in IPL 2021 on Hotstar?

IPL 2021 advertising on Hotstar is ideal for- 

1. Brands having an audience who is

  •  Digital-first
  •  Young
  •  Urban
  •  Predominately male

2. Brands looking for ways to create a long-lasting impact on audience mind

3. Brands with a new product/service launch

Hotstar IPL Ad Rates 2021

How much would it cost to advertise in IPL 2021 on Hotstar?

The ad rates for all Hotstar IPL 2021 advertising options are in terms of CPM. CPM is the cost of 1000 impressions i.e. total number of times the ad is played on the screen (one personal account). The Hotstar IPL 2021 Advertising Rates are INR 180 CPM for mid-roll video ads (10-sec), INR 200 CPM for pre-roll video ads, and INR 75 for branded cards.

The exact Hotstar IPL 2021 advertising rates would vary based on various factors like ad length (in the case of mid-roll video ads) and the number of targeting levels.

To know the exact advertising rates for your selected Hotstar IPL advertising option, please check the “Media Options and Pricing” tab, select the required ad-options and visit the bag. In the bag, you can customize the campaign as per your requirements like  number of impressions and targeting options.

What are the factors on which IPL advertising cost 2021 would vary?

The two factors that would define IPL advertising cost 2021 would be-the ad length (in case of mid-roll ads) and the targeting levels (in case of mid-roll, pre-roll ads, and branded cards).

Contact Hotstar IPL Advertising 2021 Agency: The Media Ant

How to advertise in IPL 2021 on Hotstar?

Advertising on Hotstar during IPL 2021 is very easy. You can book your campaign through our website www.themediaant.com by visiting https://www.themediaant.com/digital/ipl-2021-on-hotstar-app-advertising. Under the “Media Options and Pricing” tab, you would be able to know more about the various Hotstar IPL ad types and add your selected Hotstar IPL advertisement in the dashboard. By using the various filters on the dashboard, you would be able to customize your campaigns as per your requirement. Not only this, but you would also be able to schedule your campaign, make a payment, and upload the creative through our website only. During the campaign, you would receive regular updates on your campaign through performance reports.

The Media Ant is one of the very few preferred Hotstar IPL 2021 Advertising Agencies. Several years of association with Hotstar and experience of running several campaigns for brands like Tata Motors, Vicco, BBC News, Practo makes The Media Ant the best IPL 2021 Advertising Agency for carrying out your advertising campaigns. IPL 2021 advertising rates mentioned on our site are the best rates and there are no additional charges or commission except GST. Apart from the guaranteed best rates, The Media Ant also specializes in media planning, on-time execution, and reporting. Hence, be assured of a hassle-free advertising campaign on IPL 2021 with The Media Ant.

About Advertising in IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App

Digital advertising in the IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App is one of the most popular advertising options. The portals cater to the audience looking for content that would suit their product. Frequent content updates on the portals keep the user engagement high. The content of the IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App attracts a high-quality audience with good engagement and repeat visits. If you are looking to reach out to your audience digitally, advertising on the IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App is a good option.

Advertising Rate for IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App

You can find the advertising rate for the IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App in the media options and pricing tab of the page. The section has detailed pricing for all media options available on the portal. You can also use the advanced pricing filters to check the targeting available while advertising digitally on the IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App . To access the advanced pricing section, one needs to save the media option to the bag and access it there. In the same advanced pricing section, you can also check the best-discounted rate for your selected volume. Rates for digital ads can be quoted in terms of CPM, CPC, or a fixed price. CPM rate for IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App varies with the page position and the ad size. However, IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App provides one of the lowest CPM in its category.

Advertising Agency for IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App

The Media Ant is a recognized media agency to place your ads digitally on IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App . We help advertisers plan, buy, execute, and monitor their digital campaigns on the IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App . Our in-house performance team ensures that your digital campaigns are monitored and tweaked to ensure the best performance. The parameters we monitor but not limited to are Impressions, views, and clicks. In addition to this, we can also measure campaign engagement for relevant campaigns. As a leading digital agency, The Media Ant assure the best advertising rate and flawless execution of your campaigns in IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App . Our online monitoring dashboard will help you monitor the campaign from your phone. In case you are looking for an agency that can help you place ads in IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App , The Media Ant is the right choice. You can contact us over Whatsapp, Phone, or emails. Contact details are mentioned in the Contact Us section of the website.

Other Media similar to advertising in IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App

Other advertising options similar to IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App are advertising in the cabs of Bangalore are auto advertising, outdoor advertising in Bangalore, and AC Bus Bangalore advertising, Digital Hyperlocal Marketing 

What is the process of placing an ad in IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App

If you are looking to book your digital campaign in the IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App with The Media Ant, you can use either the online or the offline process. I will explain here both the online as well as the offline process of booking the campaign. If an online booking is what you would prefer, go to the media page of IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App . Select the media option of your choice. Add your selected media options to the bag. You can customize your requirement in the bag by specifying the targeting options. Best cost of advertising in the IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App is shown for your selection. You can then add this to the dashboard. Once in the dashboard, you can schedule dates, upload artwork, and make the payment and take your campaign live. Once the payment has been made and artwork uploaded, it can take up to 48 hours to take the campaign live. To book the ad offline you can contact us through Whatsapp, email, or phone. You can also fill the planning requirement form and share your requirement. Our client servicing team will reach out to you. Once you confirm your digital campaign, a client servicing or account manager is assigned to you who will remain your point of contact through the period of the campaign. Once the campaign is over, we will provide you with a final report of the execution. Digital reports include impressions, clicks, CTR, and cost.

Advertising Options available in IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App

Popular advertising options in IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App includes video ads and images ads. Image ads are also known as banner ads.

Screenshots of Past Advertisers

Execution Process and Media Specifications

Steps in Execution

Step 1:  Add Media to the Dashboard

Step 2: Customize it as per your requirement using the filters below:

Filters availableExample
Placement PageRun On Site/ Home Page/ Movie Page
Dimension300 x 250/ 120 x 600/ 728 x 90
Banner TypeLeaderboard/ Tower/ Rectangle

Step 3: Select Start and end Date

Step 4: Upload artwork and make payment

How do I know my ad has been placed?

1. When the campaign is live, you will get a link to the dashboard from where you can track the campaign on a daily basis.

2. After the completion of the campaign,  an Excel Report will be shared with you.

Media Kit

IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App App advertising is utilized by variety of brands to reach out to their target audience. Grow your business with advertising across the India's best app. Promote your business on the apps that delight people every day. Ads run seamlessly in all the smart phones across India. You can explore IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App In App advertising rates, different types of media options and advertising cost in Media Options and Pricing tab.

Whether it's an in app promotion, display marketing, or branded challenges IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App Mobile App branding offer you the opportunity to speak to a young and involved target group and present your brand in a unique environment. With IPL 2021 on Hotstar, App Mobile App creative advertising campaigns, you will achieve your business goals quickly and easily.

Apps are increasingly always on, collecting valuable information such as location, communications records, social circles, and browsing preferences. In many ways, this information is the lifeblood of the mobile app ecosystem: not only can it be coalesced to deliver incredibly informative, relevant, and delightful experiences for mobile users, but it can provide value to mobile advertisers to help fuel their brand.

How The Media Ant Can Help You

The Media Ant is uniquely positioned to help you grow your business with highly effective, targeted digital media buying. We as an advertising agency provide advertisers with the opportunity to target key professionals. We help you to get better ROI and scalability to make your campaign a complete success.


What is the minimum billing value for advertising in IPL 2021 on Hotstar?


The minimum billing value for Hotstar IPL 2021 advertising is INR 1 Lakh.


Can we select certain matches/days for running IPL 2021 ads on Hotstar?




Can we use multiple creatives for advertising in IPL 2021 on Hotstar?


Yes, you can use multiple creatives for Hotstar IPL 2021 advertising but scheduling them according to matches won’t be possible.


Will IPL 2021 ads be shown to paid subscribers of Hotstar?


Yes, Hotstar IPL 2021 ads would be shown to paid subscribers of Hotstar as well as people who will be watching IPL 2021 for free (5-min trial) and on partner networks as well. 


Can we limit the frequency of IPL 2021 ads on Hotstar?




Can we select the number of approx. impressions to be delivered in each match?




How can we track impressions of IPL 2021 ads on Hotstar and what are the charges for the same?


There are many 3rd party trackers like Seizmik, DCM, and Addng that can help you track your IPL 2021 ad impressions at a very nominal cost of approx. ~Re 1 CPM.


Will I get a screenshot of my ads?