How Clovia Increased Their Sales as well as Brand Awareness with a Terrific Hotstar Campaign


About the brand/service/product/company

Clovia is a top player in the women’s personal care industry and the fastest growing lingerie brand India. The trusted Lingerie, Sleepwear, Loungewear, Activewear, Shapewear & Personal Care brand caters to over 30 Lakh urban millennial Indian women by offering solution-based premium innerwear for Indian women stuck with vanilla & one-size-fits-all inner wear options for generations.

The brand, which has branded itself ‘quirky, modern and comfortable’ has a wide range of options like activewear, swimwear, innerwear, bridalwear and nightwear. 

Objective of the campaign

The objective of the campaign was to increase brand awareness & drive performance for the brand’s  week-long sale in order to attract more footfall/traffic to the site with their lucrative offers.

Target Audience/demographics

Clovia, a women’s lingerie brand, caters to women all over the country. Therefore the target audience selected for the campaign were kept as follows-

  1. Females above the age of 18 years 
  2. NCCS AB audience
  3. Beauty, online shoppers
  4. Frequent travelers

Geography where the campaign was run

The campaign of Clovia was run PAN India.


The right approach for any campaign can be adopted by analyzing details like:

  • The objective of the campaign
  • The target audience of the brand
  • The geography

Analyzing the above information will help us clearly underline the requirements of the brand and their need behind running the campaign, which will then propel us towards the direction of adopting the most suitable approach. 

Objective: The objective was to promote Clovia’s sale in order to increase the store footfall. A brand awareness campaign would hence, serve this particular purpose as it would bring more people to the store.

Geography: The campaign was run PAN India.

Target Audience: The target audience was selected as women over the age of 18 years and falling under the category of NCCS AB. Also, those who prefer online or beauty shopping and are frequent travelers.


Keeping in mind the approach that was taken for the campaign, the advertising medium selected was digital – specifically Hotstar. Read below to know why Hotstar was considered to be the perfect fit for Clovia’s brand awareness and performance campaign. 

For pan India mass targeting, nothing can be better than digital advertising as it would not only ensure a low cost per reach but also would boost brand awareness. 

When it comes to digital advertising, very few platforms provide a reach as wide as Hotstar- which has a reach of 200-230 million. 78% of the platform’s audience is NCCS A/B. Also, 69% of Hotstar’s app users and 79% of website users are below the age of 35 years.

When it comes to the type of targeting, Hotstar had the required audience cohorts the campaign needed, which was targeting women who fell under the category of :

  1. Frequent travelers/ young working professionals or students whose work require them to move around more frequently. 
  2. Online shoppers interested in beauty or lifestyle products.

Therefore, after finalizing the platform, two advertising models were adopted for this case:

For Cost Per Completed View (CPCV), a 10 sec video ad was run. This Type of advertising enables the advertiser to only pay for a video ad once the user has finished watching the entire video. Sometimes a view is considered ‘completed’ when the user has finished watching a certain length of time instead of the whole video. For instance, in Facebook, a “completed view” is defined as 10 seconds.

For Cost Per Click (CPC), a combination of carousel cards and video ads were run. The CPC model, also known as Cost Per Click model, involves an advertiser paying for an ad based on the number of times that people click on a display ad attached to their sites. This advertising approach was selected because video ads are effective for brand awareness and carousel ads are good for getting clicks.


For Cost Per Click (CPC), a combination of carousel cards and video ads were run. The creatives for Clovia were as follows;

Clovia Ad 1
Clovia Ad 2
Clovia Ad 3
Clovia Ad 4


The campaign was delivered as per planned impressions and Clovia had good visibility in the market.

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