L-band TV advertising are L-shaped ads played on TV along with the content/program for a duration of 10 seconds. An L-band ad is placed on the left side and bottom of the screen in an L shaped pattern. These ads are costlier than regular/commercial break ads, because here again, ignoring them is difficult since they are played during the program. 

To do this advertising, an advertiser can choose the number of L-Bands per day and the total number of days they’d prefer to advertise. The price of these ads varies according to the timeband chosen. 

The benefits of L shaped ads are that they can dominate the visual space and so the viewers can’t help but watch it. Also, it gives advertisers a competitive edge or distinction among other advertisers.


Aston Band TV advertising is a graphical advertisement played on the bottom of the screen for an average time of 25 seconds. The ad is basically a flash ad that simultaneously plays at the bottom of the screen with the content. Because Aston Band TV ads are played on the TV along with content, their cost is more than any other formats. Placed right at the bottom of the screen, these ads are generally displayed during live programs. Since they catch more eyeballs and attention, it becomes difficult to ignore them easily. 


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Aston Bands are visually like thin horizontal strips with 15 sec duration per exposure. To advertise on them, the advertiser would have to choose the number of Aston Bands per day and the total number of days they would prefer.

These ads should be used in cases when one wants to increase the awareness about their business, specific product or service to a wide network of the audience. The effectiveness of these ads is directly proportional to a flexible ad budget and the ability to produce quality content for the campaign so as to grab the attention of the target audience.


Tv was – and still is – an integral part of people’s life. Apart from being one of the most common  leisure activities of the nation, it’s also one of the oldest and most sought after advertising mediums. Newspaper, radio and TV carried the entire advertising industry on their shoulders before the world was introduced to digital technology. Today, when everything has turned digital, ‘Smart TV’ has replaced and given new life to the old version of TV. This new interactive, flexible and modern version, leverages today’s modern technology to revolutionize people’s entire viewing experience.

The presence of countless advertising options in today’s market has made the decision of selecting the most suitable advertising medium more difficult. In such cases, advertisers need to understand the benefits provided by their preferred advertising medium and how it can help their brand. For those looking to advertise their brand on TV, the benefits are many:

  1. Reach

For advertisers, TV is an indispensable medium, most useful for brands looking for a national reach.  Due to high popularity, low cost per reach and increased penetration, It’s difficult to beat TVs impact in the advertising world. The unique combination of reach along with the time spent watching it, makes it one of the most sought after and trusted mediums of advertising. By reaching larger audiences in a targeted manner, it builds a relationship of trust and familiarity with the potential consumers along with giving the brand a good exposure.

  1. Engagement

When compared with other traditional mediums like radio and newspaper, TV enjoys a really high engagement rate. This characteristic is mostly because of its ability to capture or engage more than one senses of the viewer, hence providing them a multi sensationary viewing experience. By deploying the services of both audio and video, it ends up leaving a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind which helps them retain the advertisement for longer. The combination of the two keeps the viewer engaged and involved in what’s being shown to them and prevents them from losing attention.  Also, watching TV as a family contributes significantly to its higher engagement factor.

  1. Trust

TV is the most trusted medium after newspaper. So, if a brand advertises on it, the trust factor ends up being associated with that particular brand, thereby increasing its credibility in the minds of the consumers. Since TV advertisements tend to be a bit more costlier than other mediums, people tend to trust those brands more which put their ads on TV.

TV advertising gives a lot of choice to the advertisers and helps in long term brand building. All the above reasons combined makes TV advertising one of the best mediums of advertising in the current times.


Most of the channels have a 60:40 split between Prime Time and Non Prime Time for spot splits. e.g.: Of total 10 ads being played, 6 will be played in prime time and 4 in non prime time.

However, these numbers might slightly change for News channels or channels with narrower Prime Times. In these cases the split changes to 40:60 between Prime Time and non Prime time.


Shared rate for Television is per second. This is the price of showing 1 sec of your ad on that TV channel one time.

Let me explain this through an example.

Rate Star Plus on The Media Ant – Rs 2,000 per sec

You decided to run your video ad which is of 20 sec(ad length) , 5 times every day (frequency) for 7 Days(campaign duration). To calculate your budget:

Budget = Rate X Ad Length X Frequency X Campaign Duration

= 2000 X 20 X 5 X 7 = 1,400,000