Non Traditional

Newspaper Inserts Activity


The monitoring of Newspaper Inserts activity is through a mix of tech monitoring with human inspection. Newspaper inserts is heavy manpower and multiple touch points activity. Chances of activity not being executed exactly as per the plan is quite common.

  1. Number of pamphlets printed can be counted manually at the printer or where it is stored prior to the distribution. Counting at the Newspaper hub point is not possible.  Printing should be completed 2 days in prior to be able to do counting at the printer.
  2. Proof of execution is pictures and videos made at the time of activity. This however, does not give count. 10% is an acceptable wastage percentage. (double insertion, lost pamphlets, unused pamphlets)
  3. Monitoring by the brand team. This is the most effective method. Point of contact at each hub is shared with the brand team in advance.