Case Study: How Tata Health Drove App Install in Bangalore Through Digital and Hyperlocal Advertising

Tata Health Ad Case Study

The Product

Tata Health is a web and mobile-based application that provides health consultation and management solutions. The purpose of Tata Health app is to provide a seamless interface to connect doctors and patients on the same platform. Tata Health has both- offline clinics and online stores where people can buy medical items.

Campaign Objective

The objective of the campaign was to-

  • Create awareness about Tata Health’s brand.
  • Promote Tata Health mobile application and drive downloads.
  • Raise awareness about the Tata Health clinics in the city and drive clinic footfalls.

Target Audience

People who are open to check, book and purchase medical services like consultation, medicine purchase and appointment booking online.


The campaign was run in Bangalore, India.


The challenge was to filter out people who-

  • Are already using Healthcare apps
  • Are open to online transactions
  • To reach out to the relevant audience ensuring minimum wastage


The strategy for running a campaign may be chosen by looking at specific details like-

  • The objective of the campaign
  • The campaign’s target audience 
  • Geographical areas that the campaign needs to cover

Analyzing the above information will help us clearly underline the requirements of the brand and their need behind running the campaign, which will then propel us towards the direction of adopting the most suitable approach. 

The campaign’s objective was brand awareness + app install and it aimed to target people who are tech savvy and active users of online medical apps.

Why was Bangalore preferred for running the campaign?

Bangalore being the silicon valley of India, is home to majority of working professionals who work in the IT sector and startups. Targeting working professionals in Bangalore has the following advantages:

  • They are tech-savvy and early adopters of technology and new products
  • They prefer big brands and tech-driven solutions than local services
  • They belong to NCCS A/B having high propensity to spend
  • A majority of working professionals are non-native people. Hence, language can be a big factor to filter them out.


Keeping in mind the approach, read below to know why we considered the following mediums to be the perfect fit for TATA Health’s brand awareness campaign. 

The challenge was to reach out to the relevant audience and spread awareness about Tata Health app, drive app installs and encourage people to visit the Tata Health clinics. Since the desired action was a combination of online and offline, the selection of platforms too was a combination of online and offline.

Tata Health Case Study
Case Study: How Tata Health Drove App Install In Bangalore Through Digital And Hyperlocal Advertising 3

A. Online Platforms

  • Hotstar: Hotstar is the most popular OTT platform of India with more than 300 million active users per month. Not only this, Hotstar offers advanced targeting options using which brands can target non-native users in Bangalore on the basis of language, users who use other apps in e-commerce as well as healthcare category.
  • With a CTR higher than other popular OTTs, Hotstar was the perfect platform for creating awareness.
    • Hotstar being a reliable platform in terms of content genre and ad placement, it was a preferred platform for driving app installs too.
  • YouTube: YouTube, owned by Google, is the most preferred platform for reaching out to the masses. It is not only an entertainment platform but also a great platform to search for reviews, tutorials and guides. Also, the relevant targeting options made it apt for driving app installs.
  • Facebook: Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms to reach out to the maximum number of audience. It’s high in reach and one of the most used social media platform where people spend most of their spare time. Also, it has relevant targeting options like Geography and other filters which makes it an effective platform for driving app installs.

B. Offline Platforms

l.  City-wide targeting

Audience across the city was targeted to create awareness about Tata Health app.

  • Radio: Radio is one of the best media to reach out to a maximum number of working professionals in the city because the majority of them listen to radio while commuting to their workplace. Hence, the radio was selected for raising awareness about the app.

2.  Hyperlocal Targeting

Hyperlocal advertising helped the brand to target catchment areas and initiate a conversation with the relevant audience.

  • Clinic Activation: Promoters at clinics encouraged the audience actively seeking medical services (low-hanging fruit)  to try out Tata Health App and also visit their clinics.
  • IT Park Activation:  IT Parks were the best spots to communicate the benefits and encourage working professionals to install Tata Health app
  • Outdoor Advertising: Placing advertisements at prominent areas near to Tata Health Clinics helped the brand raise awareness among the audience commuting in the neighboring areas.
  • Newspaper Advertising: Newspaper inserts distributed in the residential areas neighboring the Tata Health Clinics helped brands reach out to the homemakers and stay-at-home audience.

Campaign Execution

The brand came up with interesting and engaging content in the forms of video, print ad and radio jingles. 

Radio Jingle:

Campaign Outcome

  • Achieved KPI (app downloads and clinic traffic)
  • Number 2 in online consulting 

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