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Per View

Card Rate

₹ 0.176

Offer Rate

₹ 0.176
Premium Media
Billboard Banner - Website

Masthead Banner

Per Day

Card Rate

₹ 3,500,000

Offer Rate

₹ 3,500,000
New Arrival

App Install

Per Install

Card Rate

₹ 60

Offer Rate

₹ 40
Other Media
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Per Impression

Card Rate

₹ 0.075

Offer Rate

₹ 0.055
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Native Ad

Per Click

Card Rate

₹ 10

Offer Rate

₹ 10
Cube Card


Per Impression

Card Rate

₹ 0.12

Offer Rate

₹ 0.12
**18% GST is applicable on the above rates



Monthly Active Users

150 Mn

App Installs

300 Mn

Category Name

Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyle

Ant Messages

1. 75% of the traffic comes from App. Advertiser can put ad on App and Website together at same cost

2. Hotstar provides their own reporting link from VideoPlaza. The advertiser can also add a 3rd party tracker to track the user's behavior on the site.

3. Apart from video ads and interstitial banner, Hotstar also provide Sponsorship ad opportunity which includes billboard ad, static display unit, L band banner, sponsored logo and sponsored content. Reach out to us at for quote.

4. Hotstar provides special packages that advertising opportunities around the screening of Pan India events like IPL, Asia Cup etc.

5. One can advertise in Bangladesh with rates same as India Targeting.

6. No filter is available on targeting Sports section (Live content). One has to do a PAN India campaign. When an advertiser has advertised on Sports section their ad will remain same on highlights of that sports.

7. No Ad will be shown to Hotstar Premium Audience

8. Maximum Ad length size on Hotstar is 60 Sec

9. Description/Titles can be in Hindi. 

10. Clicking on CTA button can lead to opening of the dial pad on Mobile devices. For desktop,Phone Number can be displayed. 

Historical Performance Data
DateCampaign DurationClient CategoryAd TypeCTR
Oct - Dec 20187-15 DaysGovernment Body, Beauty and Care, Restaurants, EducationVideo3 - 11%

About Hotstar App Advertising

Hotstar offers the most compelling catalogue ever offered on mobile and the web, making it a complete video destination for consumers. The platform has been designed and purpose-built for one reason – to provide the best video experience for TV Shows, Movies and Sports, all in a single destination. You can access full-length episodes of your favourite TV Shows, full-length Bollywood, English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali Movies in addition to live sports streaming which includes Cricket, ProKabaddi, Badminton etc.

Past Advertisers
  • Jharkhand Tourism
  • SHahnaz Husain
  • Nandos
  • Greencure wellness
  • Vicco
  • Tata Motors
  • Practo
  • Housejoy
  • Barbeque Nation
  • BBC News
  • Toshiba
  • Pharmeasy

Dimensions for App Install

Click Here to view the detailed specifications for App Install Campaign

Facts and Figures

  • 8 Million Video Impressions per day
  • 16 minutes per user per day
  • High cost effective ads with 80% completion rate and 5-10% CTR
  • Frequency Cap - 3/user/day i.e. Same ad will be to one user maximum by 3 times in a day
  • 70% of the video views will be contributed by mobile
  • 11 am - 3 pm is dominated by female audience (35% - 40% of total consumption) and 8 pm - 11 pm is split equally across male and female audience (25% of total consumption)
  • Loyal users visit Hotstar once in every 3 days, which comprise of 20% of the total users
  • Loyal users spend >Rs. 500 per month in data cost, average being Rs. 150 - 200 per Indian user per month
  • 25% of hotstar's views are driven by regional contents including content in Marathi, Tamil, Bangla, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu
  • At all India TV comparison, Hotstar Entertainment is 16% and Sports is 30% of TV Reach
  • Monthly Active Users on Hotstar Entertainment is 23 Mn
  • During IPL, Unique Visitors on Sports is 100 Mn
  • 84% of the total audience is from Socio Economic Class - A
  • Hotstar delivers 50 - 120 Mn impressions on sports days out of which 10- 20 Mn are unique impressions.
  • Hotstar delivers 25 Mn plus impressions on regular days out of which 7-8 Mn are unique impressions.
Possible Interest
  • Mother's
  • Father's
  • Online Shopper's
  • Auto Co-hort
  • Gamer's
  • Beauty Co-hort
  • Grooming Co-hort
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Job Interest Co-hort
  • Financial App's Co-hort
  • E-Com Interest Co-Hort
Top Cities Reach

Available On Request.

Past Advertisers - Performance
DateCategoryMediaBudget (₹)CTR
10 May to 16 May 2019OTC MedicineBumper Ad30,0004.9%
17 May to 30 Apr 2019EducationMid Roll80,0002.5%
12 Apr to 10 May 2019Consumer DurableMid Roll370,0005%
29 Mar to 31 Mar 2019EducationMid Roll60,0004.07%
20 Mar to 29 Mar 2019HealthMid Roll175,0002.84%
12 Mar to 22 Mar 2019ElectronicsMid Roll220,0006.45%
6 Feb to 9 Feb 2019Real EstateMid Roll250,0003.89%
Demographics - Age and Gender - Overall
Age / GenderMaleFemale
Demographics - Regions
Tamil Nadu13%
West Bengal10%
Uttar Pradesh6%
Madhya Pradesh4%
Andhra Pradesh1%
Rest of India8%
Demographics - North - East India Cities
CityTotal Reach
Shil long266450
Traffic Distribution - Device Traffic
Traffic Distribution - App Operating System
User Engagement - Occupation
SEC A84%
Graduates and Above65%
White Collar32%
Average Price of Phone15,200
Average money spent on online shopping7,000
More than 80% of Hotstar Users own premium smartphones
Smart Phone CostSplit
Above Rs. 17,00045%
Rs. 8,100 - 17,00033%
Upto Rs. 8,10022%
Users Behavior - Sports Category
  • 5+ Mn unique viewers/game across Test, T20 and One Day International (ODI) format
  • 90% of sports consumption is on LIVE and 10% is Video on demand (VOD)
Users Behavior - Entertainment Category
  • For Entertainment, about 70% of all viewers daily watch the previous day episode for nearly the entire length of the episode
  • 40% of these users follow the story daily on Hotstar
  • All these users watch the episodes at their convenience
Users Behavior - Entertainment Category - Language
Languages% Contribution
Users Behavior - Entertainment Category - Program List
Show NameTV Ranking #Hotstar Ranking #Time Band on TVGenre
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai139:30 PMFamily
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein227:30 PMRomance
Ishqbaaz4110:00 PMRomance / Family
Jana Na Dil Se Door585:30 PMRomance
Naamkaran679:00 PMDrama
Siya Ke Ram758:00 PMMythology
Dance+1149:00 PMReality
Top Shows by Region
Top 10 ShowsTop MoviesTop English ShowsTop 10 Bangla ShowsTop 10 Tamil ShowsTop 10 Telugu ShowsTop 10 Malayalam ShowsTop 10 Kannada ShowsTop 10 Marathi Shows
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata HaiBaaghi 2Koffee With KaranPhagun BouChinnathambiKarthika DeepamKasthoorimanSarvamangala MangalyeNakalat Saare Ghadle
NazarRaidBikini DestinationsKe Apon Ke PorNaam Iruvar Namaku IruvarAgni SakshiVanambadiHalli Hyda Pyateg BandaChhatriwali
Kasautii Zindagii KayPrem Ratan Dhan PayoKitchen, Khanna & Konversations!PratidaanRaja RaniKathalo RajakumariBharyaSatyam Shivam SundaramVithu Mauli
Koffee With KaranHate Story 3MasterChef AustraliaRakhi BandhanNenjam MarapathillaiPellichoopuluSeetha KalyanamMuddulakshmiChoti Malkein
Dance +KaalaYour Morning FixBhojo GobindoAranmanai KiliMounaraagamKaruthamuthuKrishna TulasiLalit 205
Ye Hai MohabbateinBaadshahoLockoutDebi ChoudhuraniMouna RaagamKumkuma PuvvuNeelakkuyilBili HendthiDevyani
Kullfi Kumarr BajewalaMS Dhoni: The Untold StorySouthpawIrabatir ChupkothaEeramaana RojaaveKoilammaPriyamanasamHalli Hyda Pyateg Banda - UncutGoth
RadhaKrishnDrishyamReal SteelTekka Raja BadshaSuper Singer JuniorKante Koothurne KanaliChandanamazhaMaharaniPrema Tujha Rang Kasa
Nimki MukhiyaTheeranColombianaBajlo Tomar Alor BenuPonmagal VanthaalShambhaviComedy StarsAmruthavarshiniDin Din Diwali Event 2018
Qayamat Ki RaatTaqdeerDistrict B 13ArdhanginiPagal NilavuLakshmi KalyanamVezhambalHrudaya GeetheLek Mazhi Ladki
Top Shows by Demography
Female 18-24Female 25-34Male 18-24Male 25-34
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata HaiYeh Rishta Kya Kehlata HaiDance +Nazar
Kasautii Zindagii KayNazarRadhaKrishnYeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
NazarKasautii Zindagii KayNazarDance +
Ye Hai MohabbateinYe Hai MohabbateinYeh Rishta Kya Kehlata HaiNimki Mukhiya
RadhaKrishnKullfi Kumarr BajewalaNimki MukhiyaRadhaKrishn
Kullfi Kumarr BajewalaNimki MukhiyaKarnSanginiKullfi Kumarr Bajewala
IshqbaaazIshqbaaazKasautii Zindagii KayKasautii Zindagii Kay
Nimki MukhiyaMusakaanMusakaanYe Hai Mohabbatein
Dance +RadhaKrishnMahabharatMusakaan
MusakaanKarthika DeepamKe Apon Ke PorKe Apon Ke Por
Karthika DeepamQayamat Ki RaatChinnathambiChinnathambi
Koffee With KaranJiji MaaNaam Iruvar Namaku IruvarNaam Iruvar Namaku Iruvar
Agni SakshiAgni SakshiKullfi Kumarr BajewalaKarthika Deepam
Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam DoonKasthoorimanYe Hai MohabbateinQayamat Ki Raat
Jiji MaaPhagun BouDevon Ke Dev... MahadevJiji Maa

Execution Process

Steps in Execution

Step 1:  Add Media to the Dashboard

Step 2: Customize it as per your requirement using the filters below:

Filters availableExample
Placement PageRun On Site/ Home Page/ Movie Page
Dimension300 x 250/ 120 x 600/ 728 x 90
Banner TypeLeaderboard/ Tower/ Rectangle

Step 3: Select Start and end Date

Step 4: Upload artwork and make payment

How do I know my ad has been placed?

When the campaign is live, you will get a link of dashboard from where you can track the campaign on daily basis.

After the completion of campaign,  a Video Plaza Report will be shared with you.

The Media Ant’s Guide to Ad Sizes

Media Kit

Hotstar, App App advertising is utilized by variety of brands to reach out to their target audience. Grow your business with advertising across the India's best app. Promote your business on the apps that delight people every day. Ads run seamlessly in all the smart phones across India. You can explore Hotstar, App In App advertising rates, different types of media options and advertising cost in Media Options and Pricing tab.

Whether it's an in app promotion, display marketing, or branded challenges Hotstar, App Mobile App branding offer you the opportunity to speak to a young and involved target group and present your brand in a unique environment. With Hotstar, App Mobile App creative advertising campaigns, you will achieve your business goals quickly and easily.

Apps are increasingly always on, collecting valuable information such as location, communications records, social circles, and browsing preferences. In many ways, this information is the lifeblood of the mobile app ecosystem: not only can it be coalesced to deliver incredibly informative, relevant, and delightful experiences for mobile users, but it can provide value to mobile advertisers to help fuel their brand.

How The Media Ant Can Help You

The Media Ant is uniquely positioned to help you grow your business with highly effective, targeted digital media buying. We as an advertising agency provide advertisers with the opportunity to target key professionals. We help you to get better ROI and scalability to make your campaign a complete success.


Can I advertise in select IPL 2019 matches?


Yes, you can select the IPL 2019 matches where you would like to play your ads given you have enough impressions in your package. Please check the table in the data section to know the optimum number of matches that can be covered according to the packages.


Can multiple creatives be used for advertising during live IPL matches on Hotstar?


Yes, you can use multiple creatives for advertising during live IPL matches on Hotstar. You can also set a schedule for your creatives.


Can I retarget the audience on other programs along with/after advertising on IPL 2019?


Yes, advertisers can run additional campaigns retargeting the audience of IPL 2019 ads along with/after the IPL 2019 advertising campaign.


Will the paid subscribers (Sports Pack and Premium Pack) of Hotstar see the ads played during live IPL matches?


Yes, ads played during live IPL matches would be served to the paid subscribers of Hotstar too.


Will there be any frequency cap on ads served on Hotstar during IPL 2019 matches?


Hotstar would endeavor to maintain an optimum frequency of ads per user however, there is no frequency cap available this time. After the campaign is over, advertisers would receive the report detailing the frequency of ads played during the campaign.


Will I be able to target the audience by age and gender during IPL 2019 matches?


Gender can be targeted. However, there is no age targeting. The two target groups on basis of gender and age are- Female (all age groups) and Male (30+ years).


How long will it take for my ad to go live?


Once the campaign is confirmed, it may take up to 48 hours for the ad to go live. 


What is the difference between CPM and CPC pricing?


CPM stands for Cost per mille viz. Cost per Thousand Impression. You pay when your ad is shown 1000 times. 

CPC stands for Cost per Click. You pay when someone clicks on your ad.


Can the impressions be distributed equally across he campaign?


Daily impression delivery doesn’t remain constant but can fluctuate by up to 200%.


Can there be a difference between number of clicks reported by the publisher to clicks being shown in my Google analytics?


The clicks shown on the report may not match the actual visits (as per your analytics) to the website as there is usually a significant click to drop off rate. Every click recorded by the advertiser's dashboard does not end up on the landing page which causes this discrepancy.

You can click here to understand in detail the tech reason for the discrepancy in these two numbers. 


Is there a chance that my ad can get paused in the middle of a campaign?


Yes. All platforms prioritize Roadblocks over ROS ads and hence in case of such a premium booking, the delivery of your ad will be paused, and the campaign might need to be extended.