Advertising in Metro Station - Hyderabad
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Digital Screen

Per Screen / Per Month

Card Rate

₹ 2,600

Offer Rate

₹ 2,300
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Tray Branding

Per Tray / Per Month

Card Rate

₹ 1,100

Offer Rate

₹ 1,063
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Starting Package

Per Screen / Per Month

Card Rate

₹ 2,600

Offer Rate

₹ 2,300
**18% GST is applicable on the above rates

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Individual Metro Stations Available For Static Options

Click here to view the stations where individual stations can be taken for static options.

Screen Details

Nagole to Ameerpet (60 Screens)Ameerpet to Miyapur (40 Screens)
Nagole to Ameerpet (60 Screens)S R Nagar – 4 Screens
Uppal – 4 ScreensESI Hospital – 4 Screens
Stadium – 4 ScreensBharat Nagar – 4 Screens
NGRI – 4 ScreensMoosapet – 4 Screens
Habsiguda – 4 ScreensBalanagar – 4 Screens
Tarnaka – 4 ScreensKukatpally – 4 Screens
Mettuguda – 4 ScreensKPHB Colony – 4 Screens
Secunderabad – 4 ScreensJNTU College – 4 Screens
Parade Grounds – 4 ScreensMiyapur – 4 Screens
Paradise – 4 Screens
Rasool Pura – 4 Screens
Prakash Nagar – 4 Screens
Begumpet – 4 Screens
Ameerpet – 8 Screens
Station List For Tray Branding

Click here to download the station list where the tray branding is possible

About Metro Station Advertising

Ad is displayed on the media such as Digital Screens, Back Lit Board, Lift Door, Escalator  which is placed inside the Metro Station. Average time spent by a passenger before boarding the Metro Train is approximately 3-4 minutes on the Platform and 15-20 minutes around various areas of the Station. Thus advertising inside the Metro Station will reach good number of audience.

Why advertising in Hyderabad Metro Station?

Advertising in Hyderabad Metro Station can be the ideal match for advertisers for the following reasons:
1. Metro Station caters to the commercial areas of Hyderabad. Hence, it is apt to target people with high income. 
2. Advertising on the Metro station in the form of staircase, escalator, lift branding advertising, these would attract the attention of visitors on the station. The visual effect and grandeur of the ad would give an impression of premium and luxury.

Who should advertise on Hyderabad Metro Station?

Advertisers who want to target businessmen, tourists and residents in Hyderabad can opt for advertising in Hyderabad Metro Station. Advertising on Metro station can be a good option for brands in real estate, lifestyle, home décor, automobile, banking and financing, mobile, e-commerce and other app-based businesses. 

Execution Process

Steps in execution
Step 1Select the Media Options/ Quantity/ Campaign Duration/ Campaign Start Date
Step 2Email the selected details to or Create Package online at The Media Ant.
Step 3Upon confirmation of availability from our end, you need to submit the artwork and make the payment.
Step 4Execution proof in the form of images and videos will be shared on the day of the activity.
How do I know my ad has been placed?

Images of the Ad is sent within 2 days of mounting.

Other Information

About The Media Ant – Hyderabad Metro Station Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is one of the best Hyderabad  Metro Station advertising agencies. The Media Ant can not only provide you with the best Hyderabad metro advertising rates but also help you integrate your campaigns across platforms and execute seamlessly. You can contact us for best Hyderabad Metro advertising ideas and options. Our out of the box Hyderabad Metro Station advertising ideas and options would surely get your brand noticed. You can contact us online, by sending a mail to or calling us at 08067415510.

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Advertising in Metro Station - Hyderabad

About Metro Station - Hyderabad Advertising

Metro Station - Hyderabad Advertising is an effective non traditional advertising medium to capture the attention of your target audience. It is one of the most popular media in and is positioned well to grab attention of maximum audience in [object Object].

Why advertise in Metro Station - Hyderabad?

Advertising in Metro Station - Hyderabad would be beneficial for your brand for the following reasons:

Advertising in Metro Station - Hyderabad is a very good option to target a niche audience

Being a non-traditional advertising medium, the advertising environment for Metro Station - Hyderabad advertising is clutter-free

Advertising in Metro Station - Hyderabad would work great even for limited advertising budget and is scalable.

Metro Station - Hyderabad Advertising Rates

Metro Station - Hyderabad advertising rates would vary on various factors like media options, campaign duration, availability, demand, regulations etc. To know the best advertising rates for Metro Station - Hyderabad, write to us at Help@TheMediaAnt.

The Media Ant-Metro Station - Hyderabad Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is committed to get the best Metro Station - Hyderabad advertising rates for you. Years of association with the media owners and experience of handling thousands of campaigns have made The Media Ant a preferred Metro Station - Hyderabad advertising agency for several brands. We not only can provide you the best Metro Station - Hyderabad advertising rates but also help you select the right media options, plan and execute your campaign.


What is non traditional advertising?


While there are many definitions the most acceptable one is based on revenue model. 

Advertising in medium whose majority revenue does not come through advertising is called Non Traditional medium. For e.g. Major revenue for public transport buses come from ticketing but these buses also make some money by carrying ads.