How did Pristyn Care Use BTL Advertising For Their Branding Campaign?

Pristyn Care- Case Study

About the brand/service

Pristyn Care is a new age healthcare company with the primary focus on simplifying the entire surgery journey of a patient as well as his/her attendant. The objective is to offer care and assistance at each and every step.  

Pristyn Care ensures that right from the discovery of the right doctor, to booking an appointment at the clinic, getting detailed diagnosis, booking of tests at a diagnostic centre, commute from home to hospital, getting insurance paperwork done, admission-discharge processes, and follow ups after the surgery, the patient’s experiences hassle-free and care filled treatment and service.   

The surgeries at Pristyn Care are done by leveraging the most advanced medical technology and equipment, and all of this is completely owned by the company. The healthcare service has one of the best super specialist surgeons of the country who come with 8-10 years of experience and patients are treated at their hands. 

Objective of the campaign

The objective of the advertising campaign was to-

  • To promote their campaign ‘shaming piles’ and to remove the stigma associated with the disease. 
  • Drive awareness about how Pristyn Care is helping people who are suffering from piles with the treatment for the disease.

Target Audience

Pristyn Care being a new age healthcare company caters to anyone who needs surgeries. For this specific campaign the audience targeted were anyone suffering from this disease (which is 1 out of every 4 people in India).


The campaign was run in Delhi and different advertising mediums were used to reach the target audience in specific areas. The objective of running the campaign in Delhi was to get enough footfall to their selected City Walk. 


A campaign’s approach can be adopted by analyzing some specific details like:

  • The objective of the campaign
  • The company’s target audience 
  • Geography that needs to be covered in the campaign 

Analyzing the above information would help in underlining the brand’s requirements/need behind running the campaign, which will then propel us towards the direction of adopting the most suitable approach.

  • Objective- Pristyn Care took an unconventional approach to drive awareness regarding Pristyn Care and how they can help people suffering from Piles and the treatment of the disease. The plan was to have a chair with wooden spikes displayed in the Select City Walk, where people could sit and get an experience of the pain a piles patient feels in their daily life. 
  • The target audience of the brand– The target audience of the campaign were people suffering from Piles specifically in Delhi. Hence, the campaign was promoted on Hit 95 FM in Delhi for 3 days, with a jingle that dared the listeners to visit the select city walk mall to try the wooden spiked chair. Due to the radio advertising campaign, there was a high footfall on Sundays. 
  • Geography- BTL advertising was chosen for the brand promotion because Pristyn Care wanted to target consumers specifically in Delhi. Therefore, the most effective way to target a specific audience in a specific geography was to use non traditional and radio advertising, as these two media options have a localised approach.

Why did Pristyn Care opt for a branding campaign? 

The objective of the brand was to create awareness regarding the disease called Piles. Since their idea was to raise awareness, branding campaign was the way to go forward. To do this, Pristyn Care used BTL advertising (non traditional and Radio) to make their message stand out and grab the audiences’ attention.


Pristyn Care’s marketing strategy was to give the general audience an actual experience of the pain that people who suffer from Piles go through. To do this, they came up with the concept of a wooden chair with spikes on its base. The spikes were meant to be painful to sit on, hence giving a painful experience to the person sitting on it.

However, the biggest challenge was not to cause too much pain or injury to any person who choses to accept the challenge and sit on the chair. to solve this, wooden spikes with calculated gaps were made, so that the chair causes slight pain but not too much. 


Campaign execution

Pristyn Care took a unique way to remove the stigma associated with Piles and brand themselves as the best healthcare destination to help people suffering from the disease. Their campaign execution consisted of placing a chair with wooden spikes, in Select City Walk. The non traditional marketing strategy of placing a wooden spiked chair was backed up by a Radio ad campaign which was used to increase footfall to Select City Walk. The radio campaign was run in Hit 95 FM which consisted of a jingle that dared the listeners to try the chair and experience how a piles patient feels everyday. 

Media used: 

The media platform used was Radio as well non traditional advertising (wooden chair with spikes). In radio, the following ad options were used to drive awareness:

  • Jingle on Radio
  • RJ mentions
  • RJ visit of Gulati Brothers from Hit 95 FM

Why Radio?

The FM channel used was Hit 95 FM which is one of the most popular FM channels in Delhi with a high listenership. Since radio as a medium has high penetration amongst Indian households and reaches a wide mass, Pristyn Care used the same to gain footfall to their campaign in Select City Walk. Apart from wide reach, radio ads can also be used to target a specific area, Delhi in this case. 

Since RJs have become synonymous with influencers, the healthcare company effectively used RJ mentions and RJ visit of Gulati Brothers who are a popular voice of Hit 95 FM. 

Creatives used

Select City Walk:

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Whatsapp Image 2022 12 08 At 12.52.18 Pm
Whatsapp Image 2022 12 08 At 12.52.16 Pm

Radio Ads:


Since the objective was brand awareness of Pristyn Care and promotion to remove the stigma regarding piles, the campaign resulted in providing the required exposure amongst the masses. There were over 100 people who visited Select City Walk to try the wooden spiked chair.  

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