Advertising in Festive Package

Advertising in Festive Package
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Festive Package

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₹ 1,52,100

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₹ 1,21,680

Festival Ad Package

Looking for an ad package for your business this festive season? The Media Ant has created custom packages that suit your business and your budget. These ad packages have been designed keeping in mind the need for small businesses and startups.  The advertising package includes advertising options from Radio, Outdoor, Newspaper Inserts, Google, and Facebook. 

These holiday advertising packages have been designed to ensure that you get the right leads and brand awareness for your product. Festive package for Radio should be used by retail outlets or brands that have multiple stores within a city or for brands that have customers spread across multiple locations within a city. The radio package will include the top 2 radio stations in the city and will play your ad for a week. With a lot of people traveling within the city during holiday time, Radio advertising can be one of the most effective advertising packages for you.

The festive ad package also includes Digital advertising. Get traffic to your website, footfall to your store, or simply calls to your customer care through our attractive Google and Facebook advertising package. Now don't worry about complicated marketing jargon and simply select the number of weeks that you want the package for. 

These festive packages can be used for Diwali Promotion, Dusshera Promotion as well as promoting your business during the Christmas Holiday season. 

How to book the festive ad package?

To book the festive ad package, simply add the package to your Bag. In the Bag select the number of weeks and pay for it online. You can either upload the artwork using the online dashboard or mail it to us. We will also help you to make the ads for a nominal fee. 

Get custom Festive Ad Package for your requirement

To get a customized ad package for your business and brand, please contact us through Help@TheMediaAnt.com or call us at our central support number 080 67415510. Our working hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. 

Advertising in Festive Package

About Festive Package Advertising

Festive Package Advertising is an effective non traditional advertising medium to capture the attention of your target audience. It is one of the most popular media in and is positioned well to grab attention of maximum audience in [object Object].

Why advertise in Festive Package?

Advertising in Festive Package would be beneficial for your brand for the following reasons:

Advertising in Festive Package is a very good option to target a niche audience

Being a non-traditional advertising medium, the advertising environment for Festive Package advertising is clutter-free

Advertising in Festive Package would work great even for limited advertising budget and is scalable.

Festive Package Advertising Rates

Festive Package advertising rates would vary on various factors like media options, campaign duration, availability, demand, regulations etc. To know the best advertising rates for Festive Package, write to us at Help@TheMediaAnt.

The Media Ant-Festive Package Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is committed to get the best Festive Package advertising rates for you. Years of association with the media owners and experience of handling thousands of campaigns have made The Media Ant a preferred Festive Package advertising agency for several brands. We not only can provide you the best Festive Package advertising rates but also help you select the right media options, plan and execute your campaign.


What is the cost of advertising in Festive Package?


You can get the cost of advertising in Festive Package by going to the media option and pricing tab of the website. Rates for all options are frequently updated.


How do I contact the agency to place an ad in Festive Package ?


You can contact The Media Ant to place your ads in Festive Package. We are an authorized agency to help you place ad in Festive Package. We support our customers through emails, Whatsapp, phone and the chatbot. You can find the contact details in the Contact Us section of the website.