Advertising in Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line
Popular Media
Entry/Exit Gate-Gurudronacharya-3x6 ft-

Back Lit Panel

Per Back Lit Panel / Per Month

Card Rate

₹ 21,176

Offer Rate

₹ 18,000
Premium Media


Per Kiosk / Per Month

Card Rate

₹ 117,647

Offer Rate

₹ 100,000
Other Media
Entry/Exit Gate-Gurudronacharya-3x6 ft-

Starting Package

Per Back Lit Panel / Per Month

Card Rate

₹ 21,176

Offer Rate

₹ 18,000
**18% GST is applicable on the above rates


564,400 Daily Travellers



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For Product sampling rates are subject to change for each metro station and location opted inside the station.

About Metro Station Advertising

Ad is displayed on the media such as Backlit Panel, Wall Wrap, Pillar Wrap etc which is placed inside the Metro Station. Average time spent by a passenger before boarding the Metro Train is approximately 3-4 minutes on the Platform and 15-20 minutes around various areas of the Station. Thus advertising inside the Metro Station will reach good number of audience.

Facts and Figures

Execution Process

Steps in Execution

Step 1: Select Variables: Metro Station, Media Option, Number of Units, Location, Campaign Duration and Campaign Start Date.

In case you need any help with planning, please write to

VariablesSample Variable Selections
Metro StationGTB Nagar/ Rajiv Chowk/ Chawri Bazar
Media OptionBacklit Panel/ Pillar Wrap/ Ambient Lit Panel
LocationPlatform Area/ Concourse Area/ Dome Area
Number of Units1/ 2/ 3
Campaign Duration1 Month/ 2 Months/ 3 Months
Campaign Start Date1st Jan/ 15th Feb/ 20th March

Step 2: Email the filled table to or Create Package online at The Media Ant.

Step 3: We will check the ad space availability and prevailing discount at the time of booking.

Step 4: Upon confirmation of availability from our end, you need to submit the artwork and make the payment.

Other Information

About Delhi Metro Advertising

Delhi Metro advertising is a fantastic medium for local advertisers as it allows them to reach out to the local community in a highly targeted and cost effective way. Brand building requires broad reach and involvement: Offering scale with lower entry cost and greater regional flexibility is a huge selling point for Delhi Metro, and one that isn’t really exploited by many advertisers. Book Delhi Metro ads online today.

Delhi Metro advertisement rates is often a deciding factor when incorporating different avenues of advertising into your marketing plan. Delhi Metro advertising is one of the cost efficient advertising spaces you can use if you consider the number of people you can reach with respect to the price paid.

New Delhi, the capital city of India runs an extensive metro system. The Delhi metro sees over 3.3 million passengers travelling in 220 trains per day, Delhi Metro Station Advertising has therefore emerged as a promising advertising platform for a variety of brand categories. The Delhi Metro is a metro system serving Delhi and its satellite cities of Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad in National Capital Region in India. Advertise in the world's 12th largest metro system in terms of both length and number of stations.

Delhi Metro network consists of five colour-coded regular lines and the faster Airport Express line, with a total length of 225 kms serving 160 stations. Click here to know the advertising rates of all the line of Delhi Metro.

About The Media Ant – Delhi Metro Advertising Agency

We are India’s first Delhi Metro ad agency that provides discounted cost without asking any question or forcing you to signup. As a leading Delhi Metro Advertising agency we offer the best rates to our clients. We keep total cost down and provide you with very competitive rates. You can also contact us to know more about placing ads in Delhi Metro.

Advertising in Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line

About Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line Advertising

Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line Advertising is an effective non traditional advertising medium to capture the attention of your target audience. It is one of the most popular media in and is positioned well to grab attention of maximum audience in [object Object].

Why advertise in Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line?

Advertising in Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line would be beneficial for your brand for the following reasons:

Advertising in Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line is a very good option to target a niche audience

Being a non-traditional advertising medium, the advertising environment for Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line advertising is clutter-free

Advertising in Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line would work great even for limited advertising budget and is scalable.

Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line Advertising Rates

Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line advertising rates would vary on various factors like media options, campaign duration, availability, demand, regulations etc. To know the best advertising rates for Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line, write to us at Help@TheMediaAnt.

The Media Ant-Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is committed to get the best Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line advertising rates for you. Years of association with the media owners and experience of handling thousands of campaigns have made The Media Ant a preferred Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line advertising agency for several brands. We not only can provide you the best Delhi Metro Station - Yellow Line advertising rates but also help you select the right media options, plan and execute your campaign.


What is non traditional advertising?


While there are many definitions the most acceptable one is based on revenue model. 

Advertising in medium whose majority revenue does not come through advertising is called Non Traditional medium. For e.g. Major revenue for public transport buses come from ticketing but these buses also make some money by carrying ads.