Advertising in Apartments - Hyderabad

Advertising in Apartments - Hyderabad
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Per Kiosk / Per Day

Card Rate

₹ 20,000

Offer Rate

₹ 15,000

Notice Board

Per Notice Board / Per Week

Card Rate

₹ 5,175

Offer Rate

₹ 4,500


Per Activity / Per Apartment

Card Rate

₹ 4,200

Offer Rate

₹ 3,500
Other Media

Starting Package

Per Notice Board / Per Week

Card Rate

₹ 5,175

Offer Rate

₹ 4,500
**18% GST is applicable on the above rates
**In Kiosk activity other charges like kiosk set up, operating cost and printing charges will be extra (Refer below first two tables). Rates for all other media options are inclusive of printing & other charges. Rates are subject to change depending upon final selection of apartments.

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About Advertising in Apartments - Hyderabad

Apartments - Hyderabad

Apartments - Hyderabad is an effective advertising method in the Non Traditional media type. Advertising in Apartments - Hyderabad will help the brand to reach out to the right target audience at a very affordable cost. Advertising in Apartments - Hyderabad is one of the most popular ad option to get the best return for your advertising investment.

Why Advertise in Apartments - Hyderabad

There are multiple advantages of advertising in Apartments - Hyderabad. Firstly, being a new media, advertising in Apartments - Hyderabad is clutter-free and has a novelty associated with it. Secondly, as advertising in Apartments - Hyderabad requires a small budget for the experiment you can start with a minimum investment and scale up if it works for you.

Advertising Rate for Apartments - Hyderabad

You can get the rate to advertise in Apartments - Hyderabad on the Media Option and Pricing section of the website. The cost of placing an ad in Apartments - Hyderabad depends on the business size. Typically, you can expect a discount on the card rate of advertising on Apartments - Hyderabad at the time of campaign closure. To check any offered rate for advertising in Apartments - Hyderabad please add the media to your bag and look for the offer.

Advertising Agency for placing ads in Apartments - Hyderabad

The Media Ant is an authorized advertising agency that can help you to place ads in Apartments - Hyderabad. You can contact us to get discounted rates for advertising in Apartments - Hyderabad. You can contact The Media Ant either through email, chatbot, Whatsapp, or our Customer Support. You can be assured of the best rates and service for your advertising campaign in Apartments - Hyderabad.

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Execution Process
Step 1Select the Media Options/ Quantity/ Campaign Duration/ Campaign Start Date
Step 2Email the selected details to help@TheMediaAnt.com or Create Package online at The Media Ant.
Step 3Upon confirmation of availability from our end, you need to submit the artwork and make the payment.
Step 4Execution proof in the form of images and videos will be shared on the day of the activity.
How do I know my ad has been placed?

Once the campaign is live, the execution pictures will be shared within 2 working days.

In case you need any help with planning, please write to help@TheMediaAnt.com.

Facts & Figures

List of Apartments

Click here for the list of the apartment.

Kiosk Set-up - One time Cost for 1 unit per Apartment (extra charges)

Sl. No.ParticularsQuantityRate Per UnitAmount
1Development Cost (Concept development,creative visualisation, layouts of set-up, mocks, training)1Rs 6000Rs 6000
2Fabrication and Branding of Canopy1Rs 6000Rs 6000
3Fabrication of Standee2Rs 2750Rs 5500
42 Chairs with 1 Demo Stand1Rs 6000Rs 6000
TotalRs 23500
Activity - Operating Cost for 1 unit (extra charges)
Sl.No.ParticularsQuantityCost per day per unit
1Manpower: Male Promoter1Rs 1600
2Female Promoter1Rs 2000
3Supervisor1Rs 2100
4Transport of Canopy & Equipments (to and fro)2Rs 2500
5Recee (Per location)1Rs 1000
6Communications, reporting, photographs, DFRs, Cont, Repl etc.1Rs 1900
TotalRs 11100
Apartments - Hyderabad is one of the most sought after advertising mediums. Its helps you reach out to people from various age groups and socio economic classes. Get best rates for Apartments - Hyderabad advertising here at The Media Ant.

What is the cost of advertising in Apartments - Hyderabad?


You can get the cost of advertising in Apartments - Hyderabad by going to the media option and pricing tab of the website. Rates for all options are frequently updated.


How do I contact the agency to place an ad in Apartments - Hyderabad ?


You can contact The Media Ant to place your ads in Apartments - Hyderabad. We are an authorized agency to help you place ad in Apartments - Hyderabad. We support our customers through emails, Whatsapp, phone and the chatbot. You can find the contact details in the Contact Us section of the website.