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About Women Magazine Advertising in India

Use this page to get the list and advertising rates for all Women magazines in India. Women magazines are also referred as Female Magazines. The page has complete list of all magazines from the category of Women and Females that accept ads. 

Women magazines in India have a wide range of readership and profile. Read by young college going female audience to a rural housewife, magazines in women category is read by a large section of the population. Few of the product categories that find great advertising value in these magazines are FMCG Brands, Home Décor and Home design brands, Jewellery Brands, brands selling women clothing, baby products, healthcare products, travel brands and Lifestyle brands. 

There are a large number of Women magazines in India across language and topics. While Vanitha is a magazine popular among females across age group, Elle or Vogue has a more metro centric content. Women magazines are present in all popular Indian languages. You can use the filter to get advertising rates for Hindi Women magazines, Malayalam Women magazines, English Women magazines and almost any Indian language. 

Rates for Advertising in Women Magazines

Complete advertising rate chart is available on the Media Options and Details page of the magazine. Here are few of the Frequently asked Questions about advertising rate:

1. Do the rates for different pages in same magazine vary?

Yes. Rates for special pages like cover pages are more expensive than regular inside pages.

2. What do the discounts depend on?

The discount depends on primarily on the number of inserts/volume of business. The more number of inserts, the greater the discount.

3. The rates mentioned in the table are for which position?

The rates mentioned in the table are for a full page colour ad.

4. Is there any tax included as well?

No, magazine advertisements do not attract any taxes.

5. Are there any value additions available with magazine advertisements?

Yes. For multiple insertions, many magazines offer free editorial coverage. However, it varies across publications and it is the editor’s prerogative to accept or not accept the editorials.

Few of the popular terms relevant for Magazine Advertising in India

1. What do you mean by circulation & readership?

Circulation signifies the number of copies of the magazine printed. Readership signifies the number of people who read the magazine. A single magazine can be read by many people in a household or in an office.

2. What is card rate?

This the maximum rate that one has to pay for advertising in the magazine. Discounts are applied on these rates when you book your ad.

3. What do you mean by B2B (Trade) & B2C (Consumer)?

B2B - Business to business magazines are generally distributed in organisations/universities/hospitals etc. Their distribution is mainly through subscriptions.

B2C – Business to consumer magazines are generally distributed to individuals. These magazines are generally available on shelves in stores to be purchased.

4. What do you mean by category / magazine category?

Magazine category refers to the topics covered by the particular magazine. For example, magazines grouped under the Women category cover magazines predominantly read by women. However, these magazines in most cases are read by all family members. 

Planning assistance to advertise in Women or Female Magazines in India

1. Can The Media Ant help me make the plan?

Yes. We offer free magazine planning.

2. How should I select the magazines?

Magazines can be selected on the following basis:

Magazine name search – this search can be used to select the magazine you would like the advertise in by typing the magazine name.

Magazine category – this search is used to select magazines pertaining to a particular category or multiple categories u wish to advertise in.

Product I would like to advertise – this search is used to select the product which you would like to advertise & magazine recommendations will be given to you on that basis.

3. What are the possible innovations in magazine advertising?

Options outside of regular pages advertising are thick pages, tabs, gate folds, emailer to the subscriber base and advertising on the website.

4. Are there options outside of print advertising available in magazines?

Yes. Many magazines also offer email marketing to their subscriber base and advertising on their website.

What execution steps are involved in advertising in magazines

1. Once I have finalized the plan what is the next step?

Once you have finalized the plan, you can book the ad online. You can make the payment online as well as upload the artwork. In case you want to book your ad offline, kindly mail the selected list of Women Magazines or Female Magazines to

2. How do I pay?

You can pay either online, cheque or bank transfer

3. What proof do I get once the activity is complete?

After the advertisement has been printed, a physical copy of the magazine along with the invoice will be sent to you.

4. Will The Media Ant help me make the ad/creative?

We help in making ads for advertising in magazines. The rate for this service is dependent on the requirement and the cost in not included in the price list.