Advertising in Airline - Star Air, India Airlines

Advertising in Airline - Star Air, India  Airlines
Advertising in Airline - Star Air, India Airlines
Popular Media

Boarding Pass

Per Quantity

Card Rate

₹ 19

Offer Rate

₹ 12
Premium Media

Inflight Sampling

Per Week

Card Rate

₹ 68,200

Offer Rate

₹ 57,000
Other Media

Beverage Cup Branding

Per Month

Card Rate

₹ 72,300

Offer Rate

₹ 57,700
**18% GST is applicable on the above rates

About Star Air Airline

Star Air is a scheduled commercial airline company, which was established to connect the real India, with affordable and easily accessible world-class aviation services. Their existing targeted routes are those where passengers suffer a lot of transit layover delays. The airline provides a safe and comfortable travel experience with direct connections to various destinations within India.

About Inflight Sampling

Product samples are distributed to the people inside the aircraft. It is the best way to engage passengers for a new product launch or get them to taste/experience your product. To know more about inflight sampling click here


What is the ad duration for advertising in Airline and Airports?


Unless specifically mentioned, the rates are for a month. 


I am doing a campaign in an airline and on an airport for the first time. What all should I be aware of?

  1. Post confirmation and payment,  it can take up to 3 weeks for a campaign to go live​
  2. Airline and Airports have strict guidelines on the kind of ads they can carry. Your ad might get rejected or you might be asked for changes