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India's flag carrier, Air India is one of the oldest airlines that includes both domestic and international travellers. Air India Ads allow businesses to target their ads based on specific demographics reaching the right audience. Ads in Air India help businesses associate their brand with a reputable and established airline, which can enhance brand image and credibility delivering a high impact.

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Air India India Airlines-Seat Back  Advertising-Option 1
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Seat Back Branding

Seat Back Branding is displayed on the meal tray installed behind the seats. Extra printing and mounting charges will be applicable.

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₹ 1,50,000 Per Aircraft Per Month

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Seat Back Branding

₹ 1,50,000 Per Aircraft Per Month

Air India Advertising

India's flag carrier, Air India is one of the oldest airlines that includes both domestic and international travellers. Air India Ads allow businesses to target their ads based on specific demographics reaching the right audience. Ads in Air India help businesses associate their brand with a reputable and established airline, which can enhance brand image and credibility delivering a high impact.

Air India Advertising is a marketing strategy that promotes brands to an affluent audience who find credibility through flight branding. Airline Branding can have a high impact on frequent and first-time travellers through strategic ad placement in areas, people spend high dwell time. 

Through interactive media options, Air India Advertising targets potential customers from ticket purchases to on-air engagement. Flight Ads can help brands showcase new products, services and seasonal offers to a captive audience. Place Your Airline Branding Now!

Air India Advertisement

Air India Advertisement help companies in increasing customer loyalty and boosting sales by advertising to travellers across the demographic. By targeting travellers, Airline Advertisement focuses on boosting brand recall and helps promote new products and services.

Air India Advertisement is a relatively new mode of advertising that is a part of large-scale marketing options. Flight advertising is a strategic media buyers technique, that is used for creating advertising schedules

Air India Ads

Air India Ads enables companies to attract more customers in a competitive market. India is one of the fastest-growing aviation markets with its domestic passenger traffic forecast to grow by more than 10% annually over the next 20 years. Through Airline Branding, companies will be able to increase their consumers’ trust and brand loyalty. 

Air India Ads use the right branding tactics to get better scope for customer engagement. 

Air India Advertising Rates

Looking for Airline Advertising Rates? Air India Advertising Rates may vary depending on the media option chosen by the advertiser. Our pricing models for Air India Advertising Rates are some of the best in the market, offering the best prices. 

Air India Advertisement Rates

Each Air India Advertising media option will have various Air India Advertisement Rates depending on the media option chosen and prices set by the vendor. 

Get the best rates to place your Airline Advertising from The Media Ant

Air India Advertising Rate Card will also be based on the duration and placement of the advertisement. Various Air India Advertising placement options are available at discounted Air India Advertisement Rates, out of which brands and companies can select according to their requirements. 

Air India Advertising Cost

Air India Advertising Price depends on the media option that the advertisers select. You can check out the best discounted Air India Advertising Cost, by visiting the official website of The Media Ant

Companies can pick Airline Ad options most relevant to their needs and their brand requirements. Airline Advertising is a recent marketing option that 

Looking for Airline Advertising Cost? Visit the “Top Choice” section on “Air India Advertising” page which will include all the media options and Air India Advertising Cost from the companies can choose from according to their requirements.

Air India Advertising Agency

Want to do Advertising in Air India? The Media Ant is one of India’s leading airline advertising agencies that helps you with marketing and brand recognition needs. With a presence across top Indian cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, The Media Ant ensures you a one-stop solution for all your airline advertising needs. 

We help you plan, buy, execute and monitor all your airline advertising campaigns across the country. Our in-house team ensures to provide you with the best Airline Branding plans at the best possible rates available and flawless execution of your airline advertisement.

Our best rates for advertising in airlines are available online on our website. 

As part of the execution process in airline advertising, The Media Ant will provide advertisers with images of the airline advertisement.

You can monitor your ad campaigns on our online monitoring dashboard on your mobile phone. Check the best rates to advertise your brand at any airline in India through The Media Ant's airline advertising planning tools

You can contact us by Phone or Email, which are mentioned on the contact page to place your Airline Branding. The Media Ant contact details are available in the Contact Us section of our website.

Air India Advertising FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Advertising in airliens:

Can you advertise on a plane?

Advertising in Airlines is possible in most airlines that allow it. Airline Advertising offers companies an advantage by targeting a wide range of audiences from different demographics. 

Through advertising on Airlines, companies can captivate their audience and engage them in areas they are likely to spend more time in. 

What are some Airline Advertising options available?

Airline Advertising is available in various formats and can be found in areas where people will spend enough time. Using innovative and interactive advertising options, Airline Branding can engage audiences. 

Some media options available for Airline Advertising include in-flight sampling, overhead bin panels, cabin ads, and more. 

Why Should you Advertise on Air India Airlines?

Below are some reasons why advertising with Air India will help your brand/ company:

  • Top Airlines in India: Air India is one of the best airlines in the Indian air travel industry. They offer various deals and offers, as well as have their own club, which offers limitless advertising modes.
  • Advertising to the right target audience: Air India Airlines does inflight magazines and sampling providing passengers, most of who are travelling for business. Air India carries around passengers on a monthly basis, providing a large-scale promotion for various businesses.
  • Advertising to a captive audience: An average air traveller spends about 2 to 5 hours on the air when they come in contact with advertisements. Booking ads with Air India, will provide the brands and companies with the added advantage of increased visibility as well as attracting partners that can expand your businesses.

How Are Airline Advertised?

Advertising in Airline is a form of out-of-home (OOH) advertising services. OOH media is an effective marketing strategy because it provides direct and continuous exposure to target audiences in their most receptive state: outside the home, during leisure time.

Airline travel is often associated with a luxurious lifestyle, and advertisements in airlines, give the impression of high quality to brands. These Airline ads may be on TV screens and monitors, or even on signs in front of boarding gates. The introduction of flight branding has helped many companies make their mark at airports across the country. 

Branding in Flights will leave an impression on the brand and helps build recall. Some people are likely to buy brand products or take up their services immediately after being introduced to them through advertisements on flights.

How Effective Is Airline Advertising?

Advertising in Airlines provides brands with a top-scale identity. The airline industry offers attractive marketing options that cater to a wide range of audiences. Compared to other forms of advertising, brands will have better scope for huge consumer engagement and drive contextually relevant communication through advertisement in airlines.

With airlines looking for new ways to increase revenues, advertisers have been investing in advertising at airports. Airline Advertising provides the perfect opportunity for product placement. The interactive aspect of this marketing campaign has led companies to invest more in advertisements on airlines to create a higher impact.

Air India advertising is a proven method for successful campaign, as it gives you the opportunity to promote your brand to monthly travelers. Using Air India digital and print platforms you can engage and interact with passengers, from trip planning to touch down and beyond.

Travelling inspires people and removes them from the distractions of their everyday routine. This is the perfect moment for brands to reach and engage with a real audience when they have the time, focus and mind-set to respond. passengers tend to spend money and make decisions in their local community. A high level of this highly desirable captive audience are the business decision makers because corporate executives often fly out regardless of the ticket cost – it is a matter of convenience because time is money!

Benefits For Advertisers And Partners

  • The opportunity to communicate directly with this captive audience: make them taste your product, highlight your special offer and generate direct response.
  • Use a premium environment for your campaign: the airline, with no distractions from home life/work.
  • Highest brand recall and most effective impact of your advertising campaign without significant stray.

How The Media Ant Can Help You

The Media Ant is an advertising agency with a flair for promoting products and services to the airport industry. We pride ourselves on providing opportunities for our clients, pointing their brands in the right direction and making them soar. Consider us your new Jet A fuel. Our aviation and airport advertising and marketing services put your product or service where it needs to be…soaring above the competition. From print communications and online media to video and viral channels, The Media Ant always finds a way to engage your audience and get your business on the right path.