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About Airport Advertising and Airline Advertising in India

Airline and Airport advertising in India is a recent phenomenon. With the increase in airline passengers and airport traffic numbers, interesting airline advertising options have come up. New large airports in India have also created interesting advertising ideas at the airports.

Indigo Airlines, Jet Airways, and Spice Jet are a few of the large airline carriers in India. Similarly on the airport front, Delhi T3 terminal, Mumbai Airport, Bengaluru Airport, and Chennai Airport are a few of the large airports in India providing unique opportunities to advertisers to reach out to premium passengers.

While airport advertising costs, airline advertising costs and execution is always at national level, airport advertising cost is for a particular city. So Airline and Airport advertising provides the opportunity for both hyperlocal marketing as well as national advertising campaigns.

Contrary to the perception, not all airlines and airport mediums are expensive. In-flight popularly known as airline magazine advertising provides one of the lowest costs to reach out to airline travelers. 

Indigo Hello 6E and Jet Wings are the top 2 popular airline magazines in India available for advertising. Airport advertising rates and airline advertising costs are available at The Media Ant.

The Media Ant is one of the pioneer agencies of Airline and Airport advertising in India. Our tie up with all airports and airlines in India, you will find the best rates for all advertising options available in inside airlines and at the airports.

Airport Advertisement

Airport advertisement are necessary to promote the service of Airports and Airlines. With an increase in air traffic, more passengers will be attracted to buy tickets for a flight. To get their attention, airports use billboards with flashy ads and airline companies use magazines on planes or billboards near the airport entrance to advertise their services.

Airport advertisements are used to attract more customers and also help keep people entertained. Advertising can be seen everywhere in the airport, from the food court to on a billboard outside of the airport. There is no shortage of advertising material that airports use for different purposes, such as drawing people into a particular restaurant or airline. 

Airport advertisement are everywhere in the airport, they can be seen on posters, TV screens and other forms of media. The increasing use of social media has led to an increase in people accessing it while waiting for their flights or while at the airport. The world of advertisement is growing at an exponential rate.

Airport Advertising Rates 2024

The Media Ant is committed towards getting the most accurate data for the users. Hence, we ensure the advertising rates are updated on a frequent basis. Most advertising platforms update their rates at the beginning of a new year. 

Hence, it is very important to check the updated airport rates before booking your campaign. To find the updated Airport Advertising Rates 2024, please click on the media card on the page, visit the particular Airport Advertising Option and look for the latest Airport advertising rates 2023 under the tab “Media Options & Pricing” To know the last updated date for Airport Media Kit 2024, please check the blue tick beside the Airport Advertising Rates under the Media Options tab.

Advertising on Planes

Another interesting advertising medium under airport advertising is advertising on planes. One important fact about advertising on planes is that while on planes passengers are mostly prohibited from using any networks for phone and Internet. This gives brands an excellent opportunity of keeping the passengers engaged with their ads.

Following are a few examples of advertising on planes:

Inflight Magazines Advertising: Every airline has its own magazine that has articles on tourism, product details to buy, food menu, games etc. It is kept in front of every seat on the flight and is one of the most common examples of advertising on planes.

Boarding Pass Branding: Boarding pass is the most important piece of paper that is essential for air travel. Branding on boarding passes is a popular example of advertising on planes.

Meal Tray Branding: Meal tray is a foldable table tucked in the seat in front of every passenger. It remains visible during the entire flight duration.

Boarding Ramp Branding: Boarding ramp is used to board and deboard the plane. Usually, there is a long and slow queue before boarding and deboarding hence advertising on boarding ramps is a good example of advertising on planes.

Inflight Sampling: Inflight sampling refers to distributing product samples among passengers to try. 

Aerial Advertising

Aerial advertising refers to ad options involving balloons, aircrafts, drones etc that display advertisements in the sky or high in the air. Although airport or airline advertising doesn’t fit in the traditional definition of aerial advertising, impact airport advertising options like aircraft wrapping can loosely come under aerial advertising.

For example, “Kabali” movie was promoted on an Air Asia Aircraft. Although aircrafts fly too high to be seen during their flight, while landing and taking off these aircrafts work as good as conventional aerial advertising.

Other popular examples of aerial advertising on The Media Ant website are sky hoarding and sky banners where an aircraft is used to carry fabric hoarding and banners hanging from the aircraft. Aerial advertising also covers hot air balloons that have ads printed over them. 

Airport Ads

We encounter ads everywhere- while reading newspapers, watching television, listening to radio and driving on roads. However, airport ads are different. Airport ads refer to ads encountered from the moment one enters an airport to the time they board the flight and from the time they deboard the flight and leave the airport.

Airport ads include various display boards within the airport premises, stickers on airport infrastructure like elevator, conveyor belt, escalator, luggage trolleys, tarmac buses as well as newspapers free for reading.

Two reasons why airport ads are so popular among brands are:

  1. Captive audience: An average air passenger spends close to 2-3 hours in the airport going through various checking in processes. During this time, airport ads play a major role in keeping them engaged.
  2. Premium audience: Flight tickets are expensive when compared to other modes of transport. Also, a number of corporate employees travel by air on a regular basis. Airport ads are a great medium to reach out to these audiences.

Creative Airport Ads

A creative airport ad can leave a deep impact on the audience's mind. Passengers spend hours waiting for their flight and creative airport ads are good opportunities to gain their undivided attention.

Following are three examples of creative airport ads in the past from airports across the world:

  1. Conveyor Belt creative airport ad by Ford at Budapest Airport: To showcase how big the boot space for Ford Fusion is, Ford used a wall wrap to create an illusion that all the luggage was coming out of the Ford Fusion’s storage space.
  2. Display Board creative airport ad by BMW at Munich Airport: BMW erected a display board at Munich airport that looked like a front view of a BMW car and lighted up with engine sounds whenever someone went near.
  3. Airport floor creative airport ad during Tokyo Olympics 2020 at Tokyo Airport: During Tokyo Olympics, floor of one entire terminal at Tokyo Airport was turned into a running track.

Airports have a lot of unique and interesting advertising options and ideas. Popular advertising options at the airports are billboards, branding in the baggage area, hoardings in the check-in area, conveyor bill branding, trolleys advertising, and many others. The Media Ant provides the best rates for all advertising options at the airport.

Separate advertising options and rates are applicable for domestic and international terminals of the airports.

Airport lounges advertising options are unique in nature and very effective for premium brands. Media options in Airport lounges vary from placing banners, product sampling to innovative media options.

The most popular advertising media option in airlines is the airline magazine. Indigo’s Hello 6E, Jet Airways Jet Wings, Spice Jet’s Spice Route, Go Air’s Go-Getter, Air Asia shopping catalogue and Air India’s inflight magazine are the most popular advertising options in airlines.

Jet Airways Jet Wings International and Indigo International Hello 6E World are airline magazines that are present in the international flights of the airlines.

Other popular advertising options in airlines are luggage tag branding, boarding pass branding, and airline seat back branding. Get rates and other details for all inflight or airline advertising options at The Media Ant.

Indigo Airlines, Jet Airways, and SpiceJet operate international flights and have separate rates for the international routes.

Airport Advertising Rate Card

One can get the airport advertising rates by referring to the airport advertising rate card. Airport advertising rate cards differ from airport to airport and also vary according to the airport advertising options.

To get the airport advertising rate card, visit Airport and from the list of top airports in India, select the airport where you would like to advertise and get the airport advertising rate card for that city.

Airport Advertising Pricing

Airport advertising pricing is based on several factors. One of the most important factors can be the city where the airport is located. Some cities like the metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore receive much higher footfalls than all other airports hence call for higher airport advertising pricing.

Other factors that dictate the airport advertising pricing are the location and position of the airport advertising options in the airport, the size of the airport advertising option and the infrastructure required to maintain the airport advertising options.

List of Top Popular Airlines & Airports in India

The list of top popular Airport & Airline in India for advertising. You can find the airport ad rate and advertising ideas for all airports and airlines online at The Media Ant.


Media Type


Indigo Airlines

Airline Advertising


Jet Airways

Airline Advertising


Spice Jet

Airline Advertising


Go Airways

Airline Advertising



Airline Advertising


Air Costa

Airline Magazine


Air India

Airline Advertising


Delhi T3

Airport Advertising


Mumbai Airport

Airport Advertising


Bangalore Airport

Airport Advertising


Kochi Airport

Airport Advertising


Chennai Airport

Airport Advertising

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Airline & Airport Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is an agency for advertising in Airline and Airport. Based on our experience working with clients across Airlines and Airports, we can help you develop unique advertising ideas for Airline and Airports. 

Our out of box advertising ideas for airline advertising and airport advertising is the best in India. You can contact us for the best discount and to execute your campaigns at any airport or any airline. You can contact us online, by sending a mail to or calling us at 08067415510

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Airline and Airport advertising

1. Is it possible to target a city through airline advertising?

No. Airline advertising is always national as an aircraft visits multiple locations in a day. When you advertise in an airline either on their aircraft or in the magazine, the advertisement would be seen nationally.

2. How do I get the reach for an airline or an airport?

Reach for an airline is defined by the number of passengers for that airline. DGCA, a government body publishes monthly the number of passengers for each airline. You can have a look at DGCA data Here.

Airport reach is also defined by the number of passengers. Reach number for the airport is available in the public domain and also at The Media Ant.

3. What is a typical lead time in airline or airport execution?

Any idea implementation in airlines or airports outside of magazines takes more time than standard medium due to security clearance and legality involved. All material used for airline branding has to be approved by the safety authorities and hence take time.

4. How do I advertise at the airport?

To advertise at the airport, one has to visit that lists all the airports in India available for airport advertising. From The Media Ant Homepage, one can take either of the two ways to reach to airport advertising category: type airport advertising in the search box given at the top of the homepage or scroll down to access the list of advertising media available on The Media Ant.

On the airport advertising category page, you can see all the airports in India listed. Click on the card of any airport you would want to advertise at. Once you open the particular airport advertising page, you would be able to see all the airport advertising options offered.

Select the airport ad option you would want to advertise on, add to the bag, visit the bag and edit the quantities, and save as a campaign. On saving the campaign, you would get access to the dashboard where you can schedule, plan, pay, upload creatives, get additional support for your airport advertising campaign. 

Top 4 Pan India Airport Advertisements for the year 2022

  1. Airport Advertising in Mumbai airport for WD
  2. Airport Advertising in Mumbai Airport for Avita
  3. Airport Advertising in Tamil Nadu Airport for Flyblade
  4. Airport Advertising in Delhi Airport for ABB

The Media Ant has the capabilities to execute your Airport campaign in multiple cities including Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. You can use the following links to contact the agency contacts in these cities. 

  1. Mumbai Airport Advertising Agency
  2. Delhi Airport Advertising Agency
  3. Chennai Airport Advertising Agency
  4. Bangalore Airport Advertising Agency
  5. Hyderabad Airport Advertising Agency
  6. Pune Airport Advertising Agency
  7. Kolkata Airport Advertising Agency

List of Advertising Options at Airport/Airline in India

Airport Name

Media Options Available

Chennai Airport

Billboards, branding in baggage area, E-ticket

Mumbai Airport

Conveyor bill branding, trolleys advertising

Bangalore Airport

Hoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding

New Delhi Airport

Hoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding, trolleys advertising

Kolkata Airport

Billboards, branding in baggage area, hoardings in check in area

Goa Airport

Branding in baggage area, hoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding

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