Advertising in 7 Motors Magazine

Advertising in 7 Motors Magazine

Advertising in 7 Motors Magazine





About Advertising in 7 Motors Magazine

7 Motors Magazine advertising is a proven method for successful campaign, as it gives you the opportunity to promote your brand to 850000 readers. Place your ad in the hands of the most valuable audience of 7 Motors. With the circulation of over 250000 7 Motors Magazine offers a unique opportunity to advertise to its most frequent and valuable customers. As 7 Motors Magazine carries limited advertisements, it ensures high visibility to all readers. 7 Motors is a Quarterly Magazine in the Automobile Segment. 7 Motors advertising is utilized by a variety of brands to reach out to their target audience. Book 7 Motors Magazine ads online today. You can explore 7 Motors advertising rates, different types of media options and advertising costs in Media Options and Pricing tab.

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Top Choice

Full Page

Full Page

Full Page covers the entire page of the magazine.

Rack Rate

₹ 36,000 / Per Insert

TMA Offer

₹ 27,000 / Per Insert

Cover Page

Cover Page

Ad is placed on the Inside Front Cover on the left hand side, Inside Back Cover on the right hand side and Back Cover of the Magazine.

Rack Rate

₹ 39,600 / Per Insert

TMA Offer

₹ 29,700 / Per Insert

Double Spread

Double Spread

A Double Spread Ad spreads on two pages of the magazine. A Central Double Spread Ad is placed in the two middle pages of the magazine.

Rack Rate

₹ 66,000 / Per Insert

TMA Offer

₹ 56,100 / Per Insert


Gate Fold

A page in the magazine folded to the same size as the other pages but intended to be opened out for reading.

Rack Rate

₹ 96,000 / Per Insert

TMA Offer

₹ 81,600 / Per Insert

Other Ad Options

Quarter Page
Quarter Page

Rack Rate

₹ 11,400 / Per Insert

TMA Offer

₹ 9,690 / Per Insert

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Editorial Topics

Editorial SectionsDescription
DesigningIncludes basic chassis and suspension designing
First DrivesBrief road tests of new models
FocusLaunching of Student Grand Prix (SGP) - A technical event by SEVEN MOTORS
Inside CampusAll ATV fabrication work done by students in their college campus in India
KnowledgeThis section includes Introduction, History and Rider View
MotorsportFull Coverage of Major ATV Sports Event
NewsIncludes upcoming ATV, New Technology and Military Vehicle
Opening TrackAn engineer’s 360 view on ATV in India
ProjectsIncludes all the ATV projects in India

Additional Information

Seven motors has attracted highly educated and hyper-influential audience and gained access to a massive audience of more than 10 lakh automobile lovers. Out of total audience around 90% of the audience are college students and 80% are single.