What is Hyperlocal advertising?

The ability to communicate with consumers at a very small geographic level is called Hyperlocal advertising. Typically if one can target their ads at a Pincode level or a locality level, it comes under hyperlocal advertising.
In recent times with the advent of digital the ability to target customers increased manifold. A far cry from Television days when the brand had to compulsorily advertise nationally, digital brought in the ability to target customers at a much smaller scale. This worked well for the advertisers and in turn for the consumers. Now the consumers were not bombarded with ads that were not relevant for them. Over a period of time advertisers started demanding offline media options also to behave the same way and give them the ability to target at a hyperlocal level. This demand led to the advent of a new generation of advertising options called hyperlocal advertising. Advertisers could pinpoint their communication at the level of locality, Pincode, areas of work, residential areas, and areas around their business. At The Media Ant, any digital media that can be executed and targeted at the Pincode level is considered a Hyperlocal advertising option. For offline, any media that can be targeted at a locality level is considered Hyperlocal.

What are the various types of geo-targeted ads?

1. Digital geo-targeted ads
Multiple digital platforms give users the ability to show ads with Pincode-level targeting. A few of the popular ones are Google, Facebook, and Dailyhunt among others.
2. Offline geo-targeted ads
There are multiple ways offline media can be used as hyperlocal media. Few media like Kumbhi Advertising, Apartment advertising, and Outdoor give locality level targeting. Other media options like Auto and Buses provide radius targeting. This medium caters to a population within a given radius.

What is the benefit of hyperlocal advertising?

There are multiple benefits of hyperlocal advertising. First and foremost, it helps you maintain relevance with your target group. Only people who can truly avail of your product or services see your ad. This reduces wastage and brings efficiency to your marketing campaigns. Secondly, hyperlocal advertising allows advertisers with small budgets to start advertising and see results.

How can one launch a hyperlocal marketing campaign?

The first step towards launching a hyperlocal marketing campaign is to define the geographical boundary. Once that is defined look for the right hyperlocal marketing company that can help you provide options and a hyperlocal advertising plan. For e.g. we are one of the first hyperlocal marketing companies that provide all hyperlocal adoptions in a simple to use map view. Select your geography and see all possible hyperlocal advertising options in that geography. Use the interactive map to shift the geography that you would like to target. You can contact us to execute any hyperlocal campaign involving any kind of geo-targeted ads.

Examples of hyperlocal advertising

You can find below a few specific hyperlocal advertising requirements and the geo-targeted ads that can be used in these cases
1. Businesses getting customers from a catchment area of 2-3 kilometers and wanting to reach out to the residents in their catchment area. Popular hyperlocal advertising options for such businesses are apartments, bus shelters, parks, malls, cinemas, google search ads, Facebook ads, Instagram, Daily Hunt among many others.
2. A business trying to reach out to a part of the city. For example, a brand trying to reach out to all residents in South Mumbai. The popular hyperlocal advertising options for such a business would be cinemas, Buses, Bus Shelters, Apartments, Malls, and Hoardings. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Daily Hunt, and few other digital options allow multiple Pincode level targeting
3. A business trying to reach out to the working population in the city. While this requirement is not exactly geo-targeted hyperlocal advertising but requires reaching out to people with specific demography and can be classified as hyperlocal advertising. Relevant hyperlocal advertising options, in this case,  corporate office advertising, IT Park advertising, and Outdoor advertising.

How to use Media Ant’s Hyperlocal Advertising platform

From the dropdown select the Hyperlocal tool. In the tool select the Geography that you intend to target. The map view on the right-hand side will show all hyperlocal media options available for that geography. Click on any of the icons to see the details Switch to the list view to see all options with hyperlocal media option rates and add it to the cart. At any time, you can contact us to help you with your hyperlocal advertising requirement.

How much does Hyperlocal Advertising cost?

You can find the rate for all hyperlocal advertising options in the hyperlocal tool of The Media Ant. Once you have selected the Geography, relevant hyperlocal advertising options appear on the screen. Advertising Rate, reach and all other data regarding the hyperlocal ad options are available on the site.