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    About Auto Advertising

    Advertising on auto refers to the display advertisements on the back panel as well as the top and side panels of the auto. An auto travels about 100-150 km per day hence, auto advertising is a high reach advertising medium.

    Why Auto Advertising in India?

    Auto advertising has the following advantages:
    1. Auto is a high reach advertising medium. It doesn’t run on a fixed route hence, covering newer areas.
    2. Auto advertising has a very low cost per reach as compared to other mediums.
    3. Auto Rickshaws can be selected from specific auto stands and provides geographical targeting within a city
    4. Auto Ads are clutter free.
    5. Advertisements on auto appear at the eye level hence, easily captured by commuters’ eyes.
    6. With an increase in traffic in all the cities, people are spending more time on roads and auto advertising being the mass.

    Types of Auto Advertising in India

    There are two types of auto advertising that are available to advertisers:

    • Auto Back Panel Advertising: Advertisement is displayed on the back panel of an auto.

    •  ​Auto Hood Advertising: Advertisement is printed on several panels on the auto hood - back panel, top panel, and side panels.

    Auto Advertising Rates in India

    Auto advertising rates are one of the lowest among similar advertising medium. Auto advertising rates vary across cities. You can check the best auto advertising rates for each city by clicking on the card for auto advertising in a particular city.

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