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Advertising in Dailyhunt, App

Advertising in Dailyhunt, App
Popular Media
Dailyhunt-Banner Advertising-Option 1


Per Impression

Card Rate

₹ 0.15

Offer Rate

₹ 0.15
Premium Media
Dailyhunt-Video Advertising-Option 1


Per Impression

Card Rate

₹ 0.2

Offer Rate

₹ 0.2
Dailyhunt-Article Advertising-Option 1


Per Campaign

Card Rate

₹ 2,00,000

Offer Rate

₹ 2,00,000
Dailyhunt-Masthead Banner Advertising-Option 1

Masthead Banner

Per Impression

Card Rate

₹ 0.05

Offer Rate

₹ 0.05
Dailyhunt-RoadBlock Advertising-Option 1


Per Day

Card Rate

₹ 15,00,000

Offer Rate

₹ 15,00,000
Other Media

Indian Premier League - Cricket Innovations

Card Rate

₹ 0.05

Offer Rate

₹ 0.05

Indian Premier League (IPL) - Video Content

Card Rate

₹ 0.1

Offer Rate

₹ 0.1

Indian Premier League - Content Hub

Card Rate

₹ 0.04

Offer Rate

₹ 0.04
Dailyhunt-Native Advertising-Option 1

Native Ad

Per Click

Card Rate

₹ 15

Offer Rate

₹ 15
**18% GST is applicable on the above rates

Monthly Users






Pages per Visit


Pricing Model


Male (%)


Female (%)


Bid Type


App Store Rating


Category Name


Media in 60 words

Dailyhunt is an Indian language news application. It facilitates as a news aggregator app that delivers content in 18 different languages. It offers a variety of news including global, business, entertainment, sports,  business, weather, technology, and the like. Advertising on Dailyhunt presents a unique opportunity to reach the right target audience through a mix of the appropriate ad type, targeting, and presentation. Get the best rates for advertising on Dailyhunt with The Media Ant. 


Device Split

Time SpentSplit

Gender Split


City Wise Reach Data

Dailyhunt Advertising Consumption City Wise Reach Data\

New Delhi1678100

Other Media Facts

Not Available

Performance Data

Not Available

Past Advertisers

1. Bajaj Electronics

2. RishiHood

3. Luxoft

4. Team Viewer

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Artwork Related

  1. Click Here to view The Media Ant’s Guide to Ad Sizes
  2. Click Here to view the detailed specifications for App Install Creatives.

Execution Details

Steps in Execution

  1. Add the media to the bag by clicking "Add to Plan"
  2. In the bag, use the filters to customize your requirement and click "Save to the Dashboard"
  3. In the Dashboard select  dates and click "Submit for Approval"
  4. Once approved upload the artwork and make the payment
*Offline help is available once the campaign is approved

Proof of Execution

When the campaign is live, you will get a link to the dashboard from where you can track the campaign delivery on a daily basis.
After the completion of the campaign,  a Final Report will be shared with you.
Screenshot can be shared on request but this is done manually and takes time.

Other Information

Why Advertise on Dailyhunt?

Dailyhunt is a news aggregator app that experiences a highly engaged audience, gathering about 30 minutes of reading time per day. Dailyhunt crosses ​3.7bn minutes of reading time every year, globally. Further, Dailyhunt's content is available in 14 different regional languages including Gujarati, Hindi, Nepali, Telugu, Kannada, and the like. This diversity of content on Dailyhunt has made Dailyhunt a market leader in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Lastly, Dailyhunt garners a high amount of traffic from Millennials i.e. between the age of 25-34. Since this age group has the high buying power, Dailyhunt becomes the perfect platform to target them.

How does Dailyhunt work?

Types of Banners
Standard Banner – Standard banners are run on-site banners which appear in various sections of the Dailyhunt app. These banners can be accompanied by a Call-To-Action Button. Standard Banners drive an average CTR (Click Through Rate) of 0.5%-0.7%

Oreo Banner – Oreo Banners are full-screen banners wherein one portion of the ad is a static image and the other portion is a video. These banners are great for engagement. Videos are supported through Youtube links. Oreo Banners invite an average CTR of 0.5%-0.7%

Interstitial Banner – Interstitial Banners also cover the entire screen. These ads are placed when the user is scrolling between stories. These are high-impact banners that drive 0.5%-1% CTR.

Masthead Banner – Story Page – These banners are placed just under the header image for each story. Avg CTR for this banner is between 0.3%-0.7%.

Who should advertise on Dailyhunt?

Brand Awareness- Brands that are looking to create or increase brand awareness should advertise on Dailyhunt. Dailyhunt offers advertisers to reach their audience in the language they speak, thus making it one of the best Ads platforms. Depending on who the target audience is, the platform allows the advertiser to select audience segments based on their understanding of the product-market fit. One can select multiple combinations of audience segments to further refine their target.

Brand Traffic- Dailyhunt allows brands to increase their traffic through various buying models such as CPC, CPM, CPI, CPL. Dailyhunt offers them a segment-based audience and optimizes the campaign based on their targeting audience. Past advertisers on Dailyhunt are from various industry backgrounds such as Education, E-com, Real estate, etc. 

Recognitions for Dailyhunt

Dailyhunt Advertising Recognitions1 Dailyhunt Advertising Recognitions 2 Dailyhunt Advertising Recognitions 3

  • Top 10 Consumer Mobile Apps in India - Nielsen Consumer Rankings
  • World Class app from Indian App Developer - Next Big What 
  • Winner Billionth Award for News & Journalism
  • Winner GSMA Mobile Award for Best Mobile Publishing Product 
  • Must Have App - Live Mint

Targeting Options on Dailyhunt

Dailyhunt Advertising Targeting

Dailyhunt offers a variety of targeting options that help in reaching the right target audience for the advertiser. These advertising options include the following - 

1. Geography Targeting - Dailyhunt offers geography-based targeting where advertisers can target at a state, city level, and Pincode level.

2. Keyword Targeting - Also known as contextual targeting, ads can be displayed as per the type of content chosen by the advertiser. 

3.  Weather Targeting - Dailyhunt has powered up with Accuweather to provide targeting options on the basis of weather. This provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to customize their messaging on the basis of the weather.

4. Genre and Topic level Targeting - This includes picking sections, newspapers, and various genres of news such as business, finance, technology, and the like. 

5. Language Targeting - Dailyhunt offers its content in 14 different languages. Ads can be targeted to any of these languages. 

6. Gender Targeting - Male and Female audiences can be targeted with ads.

7. Age Targeting - Advertisers can choose the age group of the audience they want to target. 

8. Retargeting - This is when ads are displayed on the basis of previous interactions with the advertisement. 

Case Study

Dabur Shilajit - Using Vernacular to change perceptions

Dailyhunt Advertising Case Study

Other Case Studies

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Dailyhunt on Social Media

Dailyhunt Advertising On Social Media 1 Dailyhunt Advertising On Social Media 2 Dailyhunt Advertising On Social Media 3 ​​

Dailyhunt Advertising Rates 2022

The Media Ant is committed to getting the most accurate data for the users. Hence, we ensure the advertising rates are updated on a frequent basis. Dailyhunt Advertising is one of the most popular Digital advertising options hence it is very important for advertisers to know Dailyhunt Advertising Rates 2022. You can find the updated Dailyhunt Advertising Rates 2022 under the heading “Top Choice /Other Ad Options”.

Top 5 Digital Advertising Platforms in News Category in India according to Similarweb  Oct - Dec 2021

Digital PlatformCategoryRanking
Times Of IndiaNews1
India TodayNews3
Indian ExpressNews4
The HinduNews5

This is a multi-language app.

Media Kit

Dailyhunt, App App advertising is utilized by variety of brands to reach out to their target audience. Grow your business with advertising across the India's best app. Promote your business on the apps that delight people every day. Ads run seamlessly in all the smart phones across India. You can explore Dailyhunt, App In App advertising rates, different types of media options and advertising cost in Media Options and Pricing tab.

Whether it's an in app promotion, display marketing, or branded challenges Dailyhunt, App Mobile App branding offer you the opportunity to speak to a young and involved target group and present your brand in a unique environment. With Dailyhunt, App Mobile App creative advertising campaigns, you will achieve your business goals quickly and easily.

Apps are increasingly always on, collecting valuable information such as location, communications records, social circles, and browsing preferences. In many ways, this information is the lifeblood of the mobile app ecosystem: not only can it be coalesced to deliver incredibly informative, relevant, and delightful experiences for mobile users, but it can provide value to mobile advertisers to help fuel their brand.

How The Media Ant Can Help You

The Media Ant is uniquely positioned to help you grow your business with highly effective, targeted digital media buying. We as an advertising agency provide advertisers with the opportunity to target key professionals. We help you to get better ROI and scalability to make your campaign a complete success.


How long will it take for my ad to go live?


Once the campaign is confirmed, it may take up to 48 hours for the ad to go live. 


What is the difference between CPM and CPC pricing?


CPM stands for Cost per mille viz. Cost per Thousand Impression. You pay when your ad is shown 1000 times. 

CPC stands for Cost per Click. You pay when someone clicks on your ad.


Can the impressions be distributed equally across he campaign?


Daily impression delivery doesn’t remain constant but can fluctuate by up to 200%.


Can there be a difference between number of clicks reported by the publisher to clicks being shown in my Google analytics?


The clicks shown on the report may not match the actual visits (as per your analytics) to the website as there is usually a significant click to drop off rate. Every click recorded by the advertiser's dashboard does not end up on the landing page which causes this discrepancy.

You can click here to understand in detail the tech reason for the discrepancy in these two numbers. 


Is there a chance that my ad can get paused in the middle of a campaign?


Yes. All platforms prioritize Roadblocks over ROS ads and hence in case of such a premium booking, the delivery of your ad will be paused, and the campaign might need to be extended.