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Newspaper Advertising in Hindustan Times Gurgaon

About Hindustan Times Gurgaon

Hindustan Times - Gurgaon edition is a Daily English Newspaper. It is a Newspaper in the General Interest category. There are 3 English General Interest Newspapers in Gurgaon. Hindustan Times - Gurgaon edition is ranked 1 among other English General Interest Newspapers in Gurgaon. Display ads and Classified ads are the most common forms of Newspaper advertising in Hindustan Times - Gurgaon edition. Newspaper advertising cost in Hindustan Times - Gurgaon edition can be either obtained online here or through a Newspaper advertising agency in Gurgaon like The Media Ant. We can provide you with the best advertising rate for Hindustan Times - Gurgaon Edition. Best discounted rate for Hindustan Times - Gurgaon Edition would depend on the ad size and advertiser category

Why Advertise in Hindustan Times Gurgaon?

Advertising in Hindustan Times Gurgaon would help brands in reaching out to their target customers and build trust. The advantages of advertising in Hindustan Times Gurgaon are:

  • Hindustan Times Gurgaon is the most read newspaper in Gurgaon. Ads placed in Hindustan Times Gurgaon would reach to maximum newspaper readers.
  • Hindustan Times Gurgaon covers news and articles on a number of topics and genres apart from Business and Finance hence by placing ads in Hindustan Times Gurgaon, advertisers can reach out to audience having various interests.
  • Hindustan Times is one of the most trusted newspaper brand in India. Advertising in Hindustan Times Gurgaon will help advertisers build trust with their audience.

Hindustan Times Gurgaon Ad Types and Ad Rates

Hindustan Times Gurgaon Ad Types

Hindustan Times is a current affairs and general interest English Newspaper from HT Media. The Newspaper was started in 1924. As per the latest ABC report, Hindustan Times has a pan India circulation of 1,301,139. It is the second most widely read English Newspaper in India. Few of the popular contributors to Hindustan Times are Barkha Dutt, Karan Thapar and D K Issar. Newspaper advertising Cost for Hindustan Times can be obtained either through a Newspaper Advertising agency or online here. We can help you with the best advertising rate for Hindustan Times Newspaper across the country. Hindustan Times Newspaper advertising rates are dependent on product category, ad size and number of ads placed. Please contact us for Hindustan Times Newspaper Advertising rate either through email or phone number listed on the site.

Ad Rates Hindustan Times Gurgaon

Hindustan Times Gurgaon Advertisement Rate varies based on many factors like Ad Size, Ad Placement, Demand, Season etc. You can refer to the “Media Options & Pricing” tab for The Hindustan Times Gurgaon Rate Card. The Hindustan Times Gurgaon Ad Rates mentioned are the discounted Hindustan Times Gurgaon Ad rates exclusively offered by The Media Ant. There are no extra charges levied except the GST which is 5% for newspaper advertising.

Hindustan Times Gurgaon Front Page Advertisement Rate: This is one of the most popular choices for ad placement. Ads on the front page attract more attention hence cost higher than other placement options.

Hindustan Times Gurgaon Jacket Advertisement Rate: Jacket is another premium and popular option for ad placements. It appears before the front page hence costs higher. Also, since brands cannot place full page advertisement on the first page, jacket is the only option for a full front page ad.

Hindustan Times Gurgaon Pointer Advertisement Rate:  Pointer Ads are the smallest possible ads on the front page and also cost significantly less than other advertising options on the front page.

Hindustan Times Gurgaon Skybus Advertisement Rate:  Skybus ads are the first ads to come to notice on a newspaper hence, skybus ads cost higher than other ads of the same size.

The Media Ant- Hindustan Times Gurgaon Advertising Agency

Why opt for Hindustan Times Gurgaon Advertising Agency?

Hindustan Times Gurgaon Advertising Agencies would be the point of contact between the advertisers and the Hindustan Times Gurgaon Newspaper. Most of them would charge a commission on the ads they place for the brands. Still, opting for an advertising agency specialising in Hindustan Times Gurgaon Advertising makes a good choice for the following reasons:

  • On the basis of large volumes of business that media agencies do, they can offer a discounted price to their clients. This price can be lesser than the card rate that Hindustan Times Gurgaon directly charges its customers.
  • For first time advertisers, taking care of small details involved in Hindustan Times Gurgaon Advertising can be tasking. A media agency can not only hand hold the advertiser but also execute the entire marketing campaign for you.

The Media Ant- The Best Agency for Hindustan Times Gurgaon Advertising

The Media Ant is one of the leading Hindustan Times Gurgaon Advertising Agencies. The Media Ant offers an online platform free of cost to check and compare Hindustan Times Gurgaon Ad Rates and other leading newspapers. On the basis of years of partnership with the publishers, The Media Ant offers the best Hindustan Times Gurgaon Ad Rates. The Media Ant offers 100 % transparency in ad booking process and also ensures a hassle-free execution. You can book your campaigns either online or contact us. For Hindustan Times Ad contact number or for more information on Hindustan Times Gurgaon Newspaper Advertising Options & Ad Rates at


What is the difference between circulation and readership in Newspaper ?


Newspaper circulation is number of copies printed whereas Readership is number of people who read it. So a single Newspaper in a household is read by the entire family. 

Unless specific data is available, one can assume readership of a Newspaper to be 3 times that of its circulation. 


I am about to confirm my ad in a Newspaper. What all I should be aware of at this stage?

  1. Publication reserves the right to put multiple jackets,flaps/any other competitors ad on the same or facing page
  2. Shared rate might change after the ad is submitted as Newspapers operate brand specific and category specific rates
  3. Your ad might not get published even after the booking. This happens when two or more ads fight for the same space. The bigger size ad is given preference in these cases. You will be informed in advance of any such conflict and alternate options would be offered. You can also choose to cancel the ad at no fee