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Either looking for a good Newspaper Advertising Agency in Delhi NCR or searching for the best newspaper advertising rate for Delhi NCR, The Media Ant can be of help. We are Delhi NCR’s best Newspaper advertising agency and provide one of the most competitive and lowest costs for placing your ads in top Newspapers of Delhi NCR. We are an authorized Newspaper Advertising of all leading Newspapers in Delhi NCR including the languages of English and Hindi. Our efficiency as a Newspaper agency can be gauged from the fact that our services of Newspaper ad planning and buying are availed by more than 20 clients every month. This is in addition to the hundreds of Newspaper advertisers using The Media Ant to look for the cost of advertising in the Newspapers of Delhi NCR.

If you have any requirement or query of placing an ad in the Newspapers of Delhi NCR, you can contact us either through the website, phone, email or Whatsapp. The agency contact number for a Newspaper ad in Delhi NCR is available in the “Contact Us” section of the website. We are not registered for INS accreditation but as and when required, we partner with other INS accredited agencies to release your ad. However, irrespective of the mode of release, you can rest assured of the best rate and payment terms while releasing ad with The Media Ant. 

Newspaper advertising rate for Delhi NCR

Over the years we have built a robust system to ensure that you get the best rate for advertising in Newspapers of Delhi NCR. The basis of getting the best rate starts from our understanding that the cost of placing an ad in the Newspaper depends on the reach that the Newspaper has. To a certain degree profile of the readers also determines the cost of advertising in a Newspaper. The Media Ant’s planning team uses IRS data to determine the reach of the Newspaper in Delhi NCR and the basis that benchmarks the rate. As a leading Newspaper advertising agency in Delhi NCR, we have the advantage of having worked with multiple clients across the categories and getting a good understanding of the rates that various categories operate at. It is important to highlight that Newspaper ad rates in Delhi NCR might vary depending on the category. Our media buying team has a deep knowledge of the operating rates of Newspaper ads in Delhi NCR for different categories.

How to use The Media Ant website for planning your Newspaper ad campaign in Delhi NCR

The Media Ant provides all information on the website required to plan a successful Newspaper ad campaign in Delhi NCR. With the right use of filters, we can arrive at the right selection of Newspapers for your campaign. So this is how you use The Media Ant site. As the first step, go to the Newspaper tool on Media Ant site and in Geography box type “Delhi NCR”. This will then list all Newspapers that have circulation in the Delhi market. The list of Newspapers available for placing ads in Delhi NCR includes both the main paper as well as their supplements. The supplements are listed separately from the main paper. One can use the filter of Main/Supplement to see Newspapers of your choice. The Newspaper list is by default sorted in the order of the number of searches happening. One can sort the list basis Circulation, Edition Name and Price apart from default Popular. The user can also toggle between list view and card view for ease of usage. When you are working with a large number of Newspapers to advertise in Delhi NCR, the list view is the recommended view. Once the initial list has been populated use other filters like Category, Language, Media Options, Frequency, Publication, and Main/Supplement as per your requirement. One can click on any Newspaper and get into the Data section to get details like Circulation, Readership, Frequency, Language, etc. The Media Options and Pricing tab has rates mentioned for all possible advertising options among Newspapers in Delhi NCR. These options include custom size, fixed sizes like rates for a full-page ad, half-page ad and quarter-page ad in newspapers of Delhi NCR. There are also rates available for premium ad types like sky bus, ear panel, jackets and others for placing ads in popular Newspapers of Delhi NCR. Once you have selected the Newspaper of Delhi NCR where you would like to place your ad, you can add them to the cart and request for the special discounted rate. As mentioned earlier, being one of the best Newspaper advertising agency in Delhi NCR gives us special discounted rates for our clients. Once we receive a specific requirement, our agency’s client servicing team works with the media buying team and gets the best rate for placing your ad in the top Newspapers of Delhi NCR.

You can also book your ad in Newspaper online by making a payment from your cart. We provide a 100% refund in case the ad spot that you have booked is not available for the given date. Booking the ad online for your Newspaper campaign also ensures that you get the best-discounted rate for your campaign. Any discount is added as a credit to your account which you can either use for your future campaign or refund it back to your campaign. So you can be always assured that you get the best rate for your Newspaper ad in Delhi NCR irrespective of you booking it online or offline.

Demographics of Newspaper readers in Delhi NCR

Delhi has a wide variety of Newspaper readers. Depending on the demography that you want to target, you can select the right Newspaper for your Newspaper campaign in Delhi NCR. Excerpts from The Media Ant blog on Demographics in Delhi provides good detail on the demographic spread. Topline on demographics of Newspaper readers in Delhi are:
1. Delhi NCR comprises the areas of Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurugram, Noida, Meerut, Bulandshahr, Karnal, Alwar, and Panipat.
2. In 2020, Delhi NCR is projected to have a population of almost 20 Million with 54% male and 45% female population
3. 90% of the male population and 81% of the female population can read thereby providing a large reach for all Newspapers in Delhi NCR
4. Almost 75% of the population is more than 15 years of age
5. Almost 40% of the population in Delhi NCR has an annual income of more than 5 Lakhs indicating a large population that subscribes to Newspaper daily
6. More than 80% of the Delhi NCR population comes from other states and are migrants. This makes it attractive to brands

About Newspaper advertising in Delhi NCR

Newspaper readership in Delhi NCR is dominated by the languages of Hindi and English. Delhi NCR is one of the very few markets in India where the leadership position of Times of India in English Newspaper readership is challenged strongly by The Hindustan Times. Newspaper Readership in Delhi NCR comprises of the areas of Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurugram, Noida, Meerut, Bulandshahr, Karnal, Alwar, and Panipat. All major Newspapers also have editions or supplements specific to these smaller cities like Gurgaon edition of Times of India or Noida edition of Hindustan Times.

Hindi Newspaper readership in Delhi NCR is dominated by Aaj Samaj, Navbharat Times and Dainik Jagran. Following is the list of top Newspapers in Delhi NCR to advertise:

1. Times of India Delhi NCR English
2. Delhi Times Delhi NCR English
3. Hindustan Time Delhi NCR English
4. HT City Delhi English
5. Navbharat Times Delhi NCR Hindi
6. Dainik Jagran Delhi NCR Hindi
7. Aaj Samaj Delhi NCR Hindi
8. Economic Times Delhi NCR English

Type of Newspaper ads in Delhi NCR

Popular ad type in Newspapers of Delhi NCR is Display ads and Classified ads. Among Display Ads, you can get the rate for Full Page, Half Page, Quarter Page and Jacket ads in the Newspapers of Delhi NCR. Display ads appear on the right-hand side of the Newspapers and are the major source of income for the Newspapers. You can have ad size up to a half-page on the main page also called page 1. In case you are looking to place premium ads in the Newspapers of Delhi NCR, you can opt for Jackets ads. Jacket ads appear before the front page and are considered one of the most premium form of advertising in the Newspapers. In addition to the display, The Media Ant can also help you with placing innovative ads and integrations in the Newspapers of Delhi NCR. Few of these innovative ads include content integration, half jacket ads, ear panel ads, and Pointer ads. As a reputed agency for Newspaper advertising in Delhi NCR, we can also conceptualize innovative ads for your newspaper campaigns in Delhi NCR. In case you are looking for specific innovative ads in the Newspapers of Delhi NCR and do not find that on our website, please contact us to get custom rates for your requirement.

The Media Ant doesn’t deal with classified ads in the Newspapers of Delhi NCR. For the benefit of our users, the different type of classified ads includes Astrology, Business, Classified Remembrance, Computers, Education, Lost Found, Matrimonial, Name Change, Obituary, Personal Announcement, Personal Messages, Property For Sale, Property To Rent, Recruitments, Retail, Services, Travel, and Vehicles. In case you need to place ads in classified sections of any of the Newspapers in Delhi NCR please contact us and we will execute the campaign through our partner agencies.

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Newspaper Advertising Rates 2022

The Media Ant is committed towards getting the most accurate data for the users. Hence, we ensure the advertising rates are updated on a frequent basis. Most advertising platforms update their rates at the beginning of a new year. Hence, it is very important to check the updated newspaper advertising rates before booking your campaign. To find the updated Newspaper Advertising Rates 2022, please click on the media card on the page, visit the particular newspaper advertising option and look for the latest newspaper advertising rates 2022 under the heading “Top Choice /Other Ad Options”.

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