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Newspaper Advertising Agency in Mumbai

Either looking for a good Newspaper Advertising Agency in Mumbai or searching for the best newspaper advertising rate for Mumbai, The Media Ant can be of help. We are Mumbai’s best Newspaper advertising agency and provide one of the most competitive and affordable costs for placing your ads in the top Newspapers of Mumbai. We are an authorized Newspaper Advertising of all leading Newspapers in Mumbai including the languages of English, Marathi, and Hindi. Our efficiency as a Newspaper agency can be gauged from the fact that our services of Newspaper ad planning and buying are availed by more than 20 clients every month. This is in addition to the hundreds of Newspaper advertisers using The Media Ant to look for the cost of advertising in the Newspapers of Mumbai.

If you have any requirement or query of placing an ad in the Newspapers of Mumbai, you can contact us either through the website, email, phone, or Whatsapp. The agency contact number for a Newspaper ad in Mumbai is available in the “Contact Us” section of the website. We are not registered for INS accreditation but as and when required, we partner with other INS accredited agencies to release your ad. However, irrespective of the mode of release, you can be rest assured of the best rate and payment terms while releasing an ad with The Media Ant.

Newspaper Advertising Rates in Mumbai

For detailed newspaper advertising rates in Mumbai, please visit The Media Ant website. Rates can vary based on factors such as ad size, placement, frequency, and target audience demographics.

Book Newspaper Ads in Mumbai-Type of Newspaper ads in Mumbai

Popular Ad Types in Mumbai Newspapers:

  • Pointer Ads: Small-sized ads (20 square cm) on the front page.

  • Skybus Ads: Fixed-size ads at the top of the page, ideal for short-term campaigns or new product launches.

  • Advertorial Ads: Resemble editorial content, blending advertising and editorial elements.

  • Display Ads: Various options include Full Page, Half Page, Quarter Page, and Jackets ads, appearing on the right-hand side of newspapers.

  • Jacket Ads: Premium ads appearing before the front page, considered one of the most premium forms of advertising.

  • Innovative Ads and Integrations: Offered by The Media Ant, including content integration, half jacket ads, ear panel ads, and custom conceptualized ads for newspaper campaigns in Mumbai.

  • Classified Ads: While The Media Ant doesn't handle classified ads, they cover various categories such as Astrology, Business, Matrimonial, Property, Recruitments, Services, Travel, and more. For classified ad placements, users can contact The Media Ant to execute campaigns through partner agencies.

How to use The Media Ant website for planning your Newspaper ad campaign in Mumbai

  • To plan a successful newspaper ad campaign in Mumbai, visit The Media Ant website.

  • Use the Newspaper tool and type "Mumbai" in the Geography box to list all newspapers circulating in the Mumbai market, including main papers and supplements.

  • Filter options include Main/Supplement, Circulation, Edition Name, Price, and more for ease of selection.

  • Access detailed information such as Circulation, Readership, Frequency, Language, etc., by clicking on any newspaper.

  • Explore various media options and pricing for advertising in Mumbai newspapers, including custom sizes, fixed sizes (full-page, half-page, quarter-page), and premium ad types.

  • Add selected newspapers to the cart and request special discounted rates from The Media Ant's client servicing team.

  • Book your newspaper advertisement online, ensuring you receive the best discounts available.

  • Enjoy a 100% refund if the booked slot is unavailable for the given date, with any discounts added as credit for future use or refunded to your account.

  • Whether booking online or offline, rest assured that you'll receive the best rate for your newspaper advertisement in Mumbai.

Demographics of Newspaper readers in Mumbai

Mumbai has a wide variety of Newspaper readers. Depending on the demography that you want to target, you can select the right Newspaper for your Newspaper campaign in Mumbai. Excerpts from The Media Ant blog on demographics in Mumbai provides good detail on the demographic spread. Top-line on demographics of Newspaper readers in Mumbai are:
1. Mumbai comprises of two parts: South Mumbai and Suburbs. 

2.  In 2020, Mumbai is projected to have a population of almost more than 20 Million with 52% male and 43% female population

3. Average literacy rate of Mumbai city is 89.73 percent of which male and female literacy was 92.56 and 86.39 percent.

4.  Almost 70% of the population is more than 15 years of age

5. Almost 35% of the population in Mumbai has an annual income of more than 5 Lakhs indicating a large population that subscribes to Newspaper daily

6. More than 80% of the Mumbai population comes from other states (especially Gujrat) and are migrants. This makes it attractive to brands.

About Newspaper Advertising in Mumbai

Newspaper readership in Mumbai is dominated by the languages of Hindi and English. Mumbai is one of the very few markets in India where the leadership position of Times of India in English Newspaper readership is challenged strongly by The Hindustan Times. Newspaper Readership in Mumbai comprises of the areas of South and Central Mumbai. All major Newspapers also have editions or supplements specific to these smaller cities like Gurgaon edition of Times of India or Noida edition of Hindustan Times.

Hindi Newspaper readership in Mumbai is dominated by Jaagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Amar Ujala, NavBharat Times, Hindustan. While some Marathi dominant newspapers are Loksatta, Sakal, Navakal. Following is the list of top Newspapers in Mumbai to advertise:

1. The Times Of India Mumbai

2. Bombay Times

3. Economic Times Mumbai

4. Mid Day Mumbai

5. Maharashtra Times Mumbai

6. Mumbai Mirror

7. DNA Mumbai

8. Lokmat Mumbai

9. Loksatta Mumbai

10. Navakal Mumbai

Newspaper Advertising in other top cities of India

As a leading Newspaper advertising agency in India, we can help you execute your advertising campaign in all major cities of India. Click on the link below to get rates for Newspaper advertising in top cities of India:

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Newspaper Advertising Rates 2024

The Media Ant is committed towards getting the most accurate data for the users. Hence, we ensure the advertising rates are updated on a frequent basis. Most advertising platforms update their rates at the beginning of a new year. Hence, it is very important to check the updated newspaper advertising rates before booking your campaign. To find the updated Newspaper Advertising Rates 2024, please click on the media card on the page, visit the particular newspaper advertising option and look for the latest newspaper advertising rates 2024 under the heading “Top Choice /Other Ad Options”.

Top 5 Newspaper Advertisers in Mumbai Jan-March 2022

1.OLX Autos


3.MX Player


5.Tata Motors

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of newspaper advertising in Mumbai?

Newspaper advertising in Mumbai offers benefits such as wide reach, targeted audience, credibility, and the ability to reach specific geographic areas.

2. How effective is newspaper advertising in reaching local audiences in Mumbai?

Newspaper advertising in Mumbai is highly effective in reaching local audiences due to the wide circulation and readership of newspapers across various demographic groups in the city.

3. What are the popular newspapers for advertising in Mumbai?

Some popular newspapers for advertising in Mumbai include:

  • The Times of India

  • Hindustan Times

  • Maharashtra Times

  • Loksatta

  • Mumbai Mirror

  • Mid-Day

  • Navbharat Times

  • The Indian Express

  • Lokmat (Mumbai edition)

4. How do I choose the right newspaper for my advertising needs in Mumbai?

To choose the right newspaper for your advertising needs in Mumbai, consider factors such as the target audience demographics, circulation, readership profile, editorial content, advertising rates, and the newspaper's reputation and credibility in the local market.

5. What is the reach and circulation of newspapers in Mumbai?

The reach and circulation of newspapers in Mumbai vary widely depending on the publication. Major newspapers like The Times of India and Hindustan Times have extensive reach, with millions of readers across the city. Regional newspapers and niche publications may have smaller circulation numbers but still reach significant portions of the local population.