Influencer Marketing with Micro Influencers in Festive Season

Influencer Marketing with Micro Influencers in Festive Season
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₹ 50,000

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₹ 25,000
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Entertainment, Fashion And Lifestyle

What is the Festival Season Package for Micro Influencer Marketing?

Choose any 10 influencers from the 40 available options from the category Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyle influencer on Instagram. These influencers have been part of numerous Influencer marketing campaigns and are from one of the following 4 cities: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. Feature these influencers in your Influencer Marketing campaign with The Media Ant., An established influencer marketing agency.

Who's on the list?

Why do influencer marketing with these influencers on Instagram ?
  1. 91% of brands believe influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing
  2. 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities
  3. 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations for purchasing decisions
  4.  These influencers are a crowd favorite Entertainment, Fashion, and Lifestyle influencer in their respective cities.
  5. Further, these influencers have a tie-up with The Media Ant, which allows The Media Ant to get the best influencer marketing costs for activities on Instagram.
  6. These influencers have an engagement rate of 1-22%. This number is calculated and verified by various influencer marketing agency.
  7. These influencers have been creative with their influencer marketing ideas for the multiple brands they’ve worked on.

    How to do Influencer marketing campaign on Instagram

    1. Instagram Feed Static Post – influencers will upload a post on Instagram that highlights your brand and/or products. For this influencer marketing campaign, they will also tag your brand and write a caption for it. The post will be a simple single image post along with a caption, brand tags, and necessary hashtags.
    2. Instagram story with a swipe up – Influencers will post a story that highlights your brand and/or products. The brand will be tagged with the necessary captions and hashtags.

    Execution Process

    1.Define Objectives - The very first step in carrying out an influencer marketing campaign is to define the objectives of the campaign. This includes deciding on the following - 

    • Budget - Amount allocated for spending on one influencer marketing campaign

    • Platform -Instagram

    • Demographics of the influencer - Age/Gender/Location

    • Activity/ Promotion Concept

    • KPIs - Performance Indicators for Campaign such as website traffic

    The above-mentioned particulars need to be shared with The Media Ant at help@themediaant.com. 

    2. Planning and best rates - The second step is when The Media Ant, an influencer marketing agency, will understand the requirement and share a plan that mentions concept ideas, sample list of influencers, expected reach, and the like. Once the plan is approved, The Media Ant will shortlist influencers and share the best rates for the same. 

    3. Execution and Approvals - Once the campaign is in an execution stage, The Media Ant will collate a mood board i.e. a set of reference images that can be used by the influencers while creating the content. Once the content is created the same will be shared with you for approvals before going live. 

    4. Go Live! - Once approved, The Influencer marketing agency will ensure that the content is uploaded as per the schedule by the respective influencers. Content is generally taken live at the influencer's highest engagement time of the day. 

    5. Analyze KPIs - Once the campaign has ended, a report will be shared that details the performance of the campaign. Measuring KPIs such as sales/traffic helps understand the success of a campaign as well as strategize for the next influencer marketing campaigns. 

    The Media Ant: An Influencer Marketing Agency

    The Media Ant is one of the fastest emerging  Entertainment, Fashion, And Lifestyle  Influencer Marketing Companies in  Hyderabad. Currently, The Media Ant has tie-ups with various macro bloggers across various fields like Entertainment,  Entertainment, Fashion And Lifestyle, Food & Beverages, Politics, Comedy, Music, Sports, Health and fitness, and Dance. We ensure the best rates for your campaigns and hassle-free execution.​ The Media Ant is also one of the best  Entertainment, Fashion, And Lifestyle influencer agencies. It has an influencer marketing platform for such inquiries. The Media Ant is an Influencer Marketing Agency in  Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.  

    Not only  Entertainment, Fashion, And Lifestyle influencer marketing in India, but The Media Ant can also support you as your digital advertising agency in placing your advertisement with other self-serve platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Quora. Apart from self-serve platforms, The Media Ant has partnered with all the popular websites, M-sites, Apps, and Facebook Pages in India and can assure the best digital advertising rates and discounts.


    1. Logistics for sending products to the influencer will also be additional.
    2. Changes in deliverables might affect the cost.
    3. Brands can choose any 10 influencers from the next couple of sheets.
    4. Influencers have the right to reject a campaign, in such cases, suitable replacements will be provided.
    5. Turnaround time for confirmation from influencers will be 7 working days.
    Media Kit

    The page includes reach, engagement, the platforms Micro Influencers in Festive Season is popular on. Also, get rates to include Micro Influencers in Festive Season in your influencer marketing campaign. 

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