Advertising in Cinepolis Manjeera, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Advertising in Cinepolis Manjeera, Kukatpally, Hyderabad
    Advertising in Cinepolis Manjeera, Kukatpally, Hyderabad
    Backlit Display

    Food Court/Waiting Area

    Per Week

    Card Rate

    ₹ 16,000

    Offer Rate

    ₹ 11,000

    Inside Audi

    Per Week

    Card Rate

    ₹ 23,000

    Offer Rate

    ₹ 18,000

    Ticket Counter Area

    Per Per Week

    Card Rate

    ₹ 19,000

    Offer Rate

    ₹ 14,000
    **18% GST is applicable on the above rates

    Cinema Chain


    Screen Number


    No. of Seats


    No. of Sxreens


    Why Cinema works?
    • Chances of audience noticing your ad is high. There is a large screen in front of the audience and no remote to change the channel.
    • You can advertise only in areas of your choice.
    • Visual ads and large screen makes the ad memorable & impactful.
    • Young affluent audiences.
    • Ability to run 360 campaign through onscreen and off screen options.
    • Only medium where it is impolite to talk while the ad is being aired.

    For the mentioned rate on site, how many times would my ad get played in Cinema?


    These rates are for 1 week. Ad would get played once every time the movie is screened.  Advertiser can choose if they want to play ad before the start of the movie or during the interval. So on an average, a multiplex would play the ad 4 times per day and 28 times in a week.

    In few cases when blockbuster movies are being played and there are too many advertisers, the ad might get played only 3 times per day. 


    What do I get for the cost mentioned on the site?


    Let me explain this through an example.

    For Rs 531, your ad of 1 sec will get played for one week once during each show.

    Ad will be played at PVR Ambience Mall Gurgaon screen#6 having 152 seats.

    If you ad is of 10 sec, the cost would be pro rated = 531 X 10 = Rs 5310/week


    Other than the cost mentioned on the site, are there any other cost involved?

    1. ​In case you ad in not in J2K format, there will be a cost involved in converting your ad from video or image to J2K. It costs Rs 1,750 for converting an image and Rs 2,500 for converting a video to J2K. This is applicable for most of the multiplex chains like PVR and Inox
    2. For Video advertising your ad should have a censor certificate. In case that is not available, there will be an additional cost of Rs ,8500 to get the certificate
    3. GST is additional 


    Do Cinema ad rates depend on the movie being played?


    Rates are higher for few movies. 

    Cinemas categorised as "Blockbusters" and "Mega Blockbusters" attract higher cost. These are typically the movies which are expected to perform very well on the box office and have more than normal footfall. 

    Cinemas charge a premium ranging from 25% to 100% for advertising during these movies. 


    I am going to advertise in Cinema for the first time. What all should I be aware of?


    1. Cinema campaign can go live only on a Friday
    2. The creative has to be provided by Wednesday to make the campaign live on Friday
    3. Inspection Pass will be shared only by Monday
    4. We assure the ad to be played for a minimum of 3 times per day
    5. Ads placed closer to movie start attracts a premium
    6. Due to technical reasons movies might not  run as scheduled. Campaign duration will be accordingly extended to compensate for the loses


    How do I know if my ad was played?

    1. Multiplex cinemas we share an inspection pass which anyone can use to go visit the cinema and see ad being played
    2. Single screens don't share any inspection pass but share a log report at the end of the campaign. Log report has date and time when the ad was played

    What we cannot provide

    1. Video or image of the ad being played as photography is not allowed inside the theatre


    How many days in advance do I need to complete the booking process?


    Cinema campaigns can start only on a Friday. Before Wednesday 5pm, you need to share the ad in the right format and make the payment. 


    What is the ad format and dimension for cinema ads?


    1. Slide - 2048 pixel (W) x 858 pixel (H) 

     JPEG Image in 300 dpi resolution

    2. Video - MOV or MP4 (High resolution)

    3. Audio File - WAV

    Once you share this, we get it converted to Cinema format which is one of J2K, MPEG4 of UFO. Conversion to J2K and MPEG4 cost Rs 1,750 for slides and Rs 2,500 for videos. In case your ad is already in one of these formats, you can share them directly. 

    Conversion to UFO format is free


    I want my ad to be the closest to start of the movie. Is that possible?


    Premium positions are available for a fee. Many of these spots might be booked for long term advertisers. You should check with your Client Servicing manager for availability and cost of these premium positions.