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1 Days

Default landing channel is a screen that appears when the Set-top box is turned on. Slide ads can be played on this screen. The ad will appear throughout the day for a duration of 7 secs whenever someone switches on the Set Top Box. SD and HD and the newly introduced binge, are all of the boxes that support this ad type. # Binge+ is a Set Top Box that enables subscribers to watch both live TV and OTT content (when connected to the internet) on one device, without switching between multiple HDMI ports. OTT content that the user can watch on this Set Top Box includes VOD, 7 days catchup shows from Tata Play and content from 12 premium apps. This offering provides the best of both worlds on one Set-Top Box.

Rack Rate

₹ 10,400 / Per Five Minute Slot

TMA Offer

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Min Billing

₹ 9,000

Min Billing

₹ 9,000

Execution Details

Execution Details
Lead Time
2 Days
Documents Required
Address ProofGST CertificateCertificate of Incorporation / Business LicensePAN Card
First Proof Of Execution(In Days)
Proof Of Execution Frequency
#Address Proof, #GST Certificate, #Certificate of Incorporation / Business License, #PAN Card