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About Bangalore Bus Shelter Advertising  

Bus Shelter advertising in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India is a fantastic medium for local advertisers as it allows them to reach out to the local community in a highly targeted and cost-effective way. Brand building requires broad reach and involvement: Offering scale with lower entry cost and greater regional flexibility is a huge selling point for Bus Shelter Advertising in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Book Bus Shelter ads in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India online today.

Bus Shelter Advertising in Bangalore has become one of the most often used medium by the advertisers. Bus Shelter Hoarding in Bangalore is effective as the average time spent by people on road is increasing every day. Coupled with it the slow traffic speed of Bangalore, Bus Shelter Advertising is becoming an integral part of all advertising campaigns. 

Get rate, image and location for Bus Shelters in Bangalore. The page includes list of Bus shelters in popular areas of Bangalore like Koramangala, Whitefield, Indira Nagar and Marathalli.  You can use the filters to select different geographies within the city.  The page by default lands you on the map view. Map view shows the location of bus shelters in different localities of Bangalore. Switch to List View to view branding rates for these bus shelters. One can also download the cost or mail it to themselves. 

Bus Shelter Bangalore Branding Agency

Media Ant is an agency that specializes in bus shelter advertising in Bangalore. Contact us to get your plan and best rate.

Why Bus Shelter advertising in Bangalore

Bangalore has one of the best developed and used public transport system. Public buses in Bangalore are run by BMTC. There are beautifully designed Bus Shelters across various localities in Bangalore. Each bus shelter has 25 to 29 sq mt space for display of advertisements. Recently government approved installing more than 2200 new Bus shelters in Bangalore through private partnership. These Bus shelters would make money only through advertisement.  Bus shleter advertising  in one of the most popular advertising options in Bangalore due to the following reasons:

  • Bangalore has the slowest moving traffic in India. This gives a lot of time and opportunity to the advertisers to draw commuters’ attention through advertisements on hoardings, unipoles, bus shelters and skywalks.
  • Advertising on billboards and bus shelters in specific areas can also help in hyperlocal targeting.
  • Bus shelters and hoarding advertising in Bangalore can be customized with innovative creative, making them stand out.
  • Unlike other advertising media, outdoor advertising cannot be switched off, changed, skipped or blocked.

Bus Shelter advertising Rates in Bangalore

Bus Shelter advertising rates in Bangalore are variable across locations and display areas. Advertising rates for hoardings, bus shelters, metro pillars etc. vary according to multiple factors. You can use the advanced filter options to filter down to the target areas and check the bus shelter advertising rates.

Popular Areas for Bus Shelter branding in Bangalore

While the Bus network in Bangalore runs across the city large popular areas for Bus Shelter advertising in Bangalore are Koramangala, Whitefield, Indira Nagar, Electronic City, Outer Ring Road, MG Road and Malleshwaram. You can get rates and images for all these and many more locations by clicking on these links

Find below few sample images of Bus Shelter advertising in Bangalore