Advertising on Hoarding in Panvel 23395

Advertising on Hoarding in Panvel 23395
    Advertising on Hoarding in Panvel 23395
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    Advertising on Hoarding in Panvel

    Hoarding in Panvel

    Panvel is a prominent part of Panvel. It is one of the largest neighbourhoods of Panvel. Situated in the heart of the Panvel location it is considered to be the most preferred areas for residences, corporate and commercial establishments. Thus, Panvel holds a very important place in terms of outdoor advertising in Panvel.

    Advertising on Hoarding in Panvel, Panvel is a popular media option for outdoor advertising in Panvel. Panvel is one of the busiest areas of Panvel with millions of footfalls/traffic per day. Hence, it is a good idea to opt for outdoor advertising in this location. There are many Hoarding in Panvel but this Hoarding can be identified by the landmark- Panvel. This makes this Hoarding one of the most in-demand outdoor advertising media properties. To advertise on Hoarding in Panvel, please contact Help@TheMediaAnt.Com.

    Why opt for Outdoor Advertising?

    Outdoor Advertising is one of the most popular options among the brands for advertising in India. Last year, the Outdoor Advertising market grew by 6% in India and currently, stands at INR 3085 Crore. This year, the ad spending in Outdoor Advertising is expected to increase by 15%. The amount of expenditure remains high from popular industries like retail, telecom, real estate and the government and political parties. In recent years, a number of start-ups too have tried to encash the popularity of the outdoor hoardings.

    The Media Ant- Outdoor Advertising Agency

    The Media Ant has a wide variety of outdoor advertising options listed at the best rates. One can find the media option suitable to the requirements on The Media Ant website by using the filters like geography, size and media type and check the various details like rates, reference image and position. You can also contact The Media Ant by sending a mail to Help@TheMediaAnt.com and be assured of the best outdoor advertising rates and hassle free execution.


    What is the minimum duration for which I can book a hoarding?


    There is no minimum duration. You can book it even for a day.