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Hoarding Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is one of the highest growing advertising media (2nd after digital) in India. Since 2014, OOH has witnessed a CAGR of 12%. This year, the ad spending in Outdoor Advertising is expected to increase by 15%. The amount of expenditure remains high from popular industries like retail, telecom, real estate, and the government and political parties. In recent years, several start-ups too have tried to encash the popularity of Outdoor Advertising. When we talk about outdoor advertising, hoarding advertising forms the biggest part of outdoor advertising. The large massive size of billboards displaying colourful images to convey a brand message to commuters. Not only do hoardings carry a premium brand perception but also enhance brand recall value.

Hoarding Advertising in Bengaluru

Hoarding Advertising in Bengaluru has become one of the most often used media by the advertisers. Hoarding in Bengaluru is effective as the average time spent by people on road is increasing every day. Coupled with it the slow traffic speed of Bengaluru, Hoarding Advertising is becoming an integral part of all advertising campaigns. The page shows hoarding advertising cost in Bengaluru and the popular areas in Bengaluru for Hoarding Advertising. Hoarding Advertising Price in Bengaluru depends on the location and the size of the Hoarding. We are one of the leading Outdoor Hoarding Ad agency in Bengaluru. You can contact us either over email or phone to get best Hoarding Advertising cost in Bengaluru.

Why opt for Hoarding Advertising in Bengaluru?

Hoarding Advertising in one of the most popular advertising options in Bengaluru due to the following reasons:

  • Owing to slow-moving traffic in Bengaluru. This gives a lot of time and opportunity to the advertisers to draw commuters’ attention through advertisements on hoardings.
  • Advertising on hoardings in specific areas can also help in hyperlocal targeting.
  • Bus shelters and hoarding advertising in Bengaluru can be customized with innovative creative, making them stand out.
  • Unlike other advertising media, hoarding advertising cannot be switched off, changed, skipped or blocked.

Hoarding Advertising Rates in Bengaluru

Hoarding advertising rates in Bengaluru are variable across media options and geographies. Advertising rates for hoardings vary according to multiple factors. Some of them are:

  • Location: Prime locations with high visibility and traffic command higher rates.

  • Size of the Hoarding: Larger hoardings are more expensive than smaller ones.

  • Duration: The length of time the hoarding is displayed affects the cost.

  • Visibility: Hoardings in unobstructed, well-lit areas are priced higher.

  • Audience Reach: Areas with a higher potential audience can demand higher rates.

  • Type of Hoarding: Digital hoardings tend to be more expensive than static ones.

  • Season: Rates can vary depending on the time of year, with peak seasons being more costly.

  • Demand: Higher demand for advertising space can drive up prices.

  • Competition: Areas with less competition for ad space might offer lower rates.

  • Additional Features: Special features like illumination or motion can increase rates.

The Media Ant - Hoarding Advertising Agency in Bengaluru

The Media Ant is India's one of the leading advertising agencies. With presence across top cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, we are the best advertising agency in India. We help advertisers plan, buy, execute, and monitor their hoarding ad campaigns. Our in-house performance team ensures that your hoarding advertising campaigns are monitored to ensure the best performance. In addition to this, we can also measure campaign engagement for relevant campaigns. 

As a leading ad agency, The Media Ant guarantees the best advertising rate and flawless execution of your campaigns for hoarding ads. Get the best rates to place your ad on any hoarding of your choice. Our best rates for advertising on hoardings are available on our online monitoring dashboard that will help you to monitor the campaign from your phone. You can check the best rates to advertise on hoardings across India at the outdoor advertising planning tool on The Media Ant. You can contact us over WhatsApp, Phone, or emails. Contact details are mentioned in the Contact Us section of the website.

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FAQs Related to Hoarding Advertising in Bengaluru

1. How much does a Hoarding Cost in Bengaluru? 

Hoarding advertising cost in Bengaluru varies depending on several factors such as the size and location of the hoarding and the kind of media option chosen by the advertiser. The average cost of advertising on hoardings depends on parameters like the locality, size of the billboard, and whether it is lit or non-lit. The rates for hoardings typically start from a few thousand rupees per month in rural areas and can go up to lakhs per month for a large display hoarding in high-traffic areas.

2. How effective is Hoarding Advertising in Bengaluru?

Hoarding advertising is a very successful kind of outdoor advertising that can be tailored to fit specific company needs. The effectiveness of hoarding advertising in Bengaluru can be measured using sales data and impressions, and it is regarded as one of the most successful branding strategies due to its 24-hour print and digital media options, uncontrolled and participatory approach, and unrivalled cost-effectiveness when compared to other advertising mediums. Furthermore, unlike print or internet advertisements, hoarding advertisements have durability since they remain in place for a longer period of time.

3. How do I get ads on Hoarding in Bengaluru?

  • Determine the location and size of the hoarding on which you wish to put your advertisement. This is dependent on your intended audience and budget.
  • Contact The Media Ant to assist you in booking the hoarding space. 
  • Provide us with your ad artwork in the necessary format and dimensions. You may engage a graphic designer to produce an eye-catching and compelling advertisement that successfully expresses your message.
  • Negotiate the cost and details of the hoarding advertising contract. The price of hoarding advertising in Bengaluru varies according to the location, size, length, and type of display.
  • The Media Ant will put your ad on the hoarding after the deal is finalised and money is received. Metrics including reach, engagement, and conversions can be used to measure the efficacy of your ad.

Overall, hoarding advertising is an effective way to reach a large audience and create brand awareness. Make sure to plan your hoarding ads strategically and creatively to get the best results.

4. What is Hoarding in Advertising in Bengaluru?

Hoarding advertising consists of showing advertisements on big billboards or hoardings in public locations such as roadsides, highways, and commercial areas. Hoarding advertising is a highly visible and long-lasting tool for firms to reach a large audience. In Bengaluru, the cost of hoarding advertising varies based on criteria like location and size, but it is considered a cost-effective type of outdoor advertising when compared to other mediums.