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About Bus Advertising in India

Bus Advertising refers to advertising on the outside as well as inside of public transport buses. Buses form the backbone of any city, connecting every corner. The biggest advantage of bus advertising is that buses run on fixed routes. Hence, hyper-local targeting becomes easy with bus advertising. 

Why Bus Advertising in India?

Following are the reasons why bus advertising would prove to be the best advertising method for your brand:
Compared to static hoarding, bus advertising would cover a larger area, hence higher reach.
  • Just like hoardings, bus advertising would help build frequency as buses run on fixed routes hence, they have repeated exposure to the regular commuters. 
  • Compared to hoardings, bus advertising would cost cheaper in terms of reach.

Types of Bus Advertising in India

Following Bus Advertising options are available for advertisers across India:
         1.A/C Bus
                 a)Full Bus- Interior
                  b)Full Bus- Exterior
                  c)Full Bus (Interior + Exterior)
         2.Non-A/C Bus
                  a)Back Panel
                  b)Full Bus- Interior
                  c)Full Bus- Exterior

Bus Advertising Rates

Bus Advertising Rates would vary on the basis of several factors like the type of bus, advertising option, the area covered, bus operator, etc. To know the best bus advertising rates, kindly drop a mail to before planning the campaign. The Media Ant is committed to getting the best bus advertising rates for you.

The Media Ant- A Bus Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is one of the best bus advertising agencies in India. The Media Ant can not only provide you with the best bus advertising rates but also help you integrate your campaigns across platforms and execute seamlessly. You can contact us for the best bus advertising ideas and options. Our out-of-the-box bus advertising ideas and options would surely get your brand noticed. You can contact us online, by sending a mail to or calling us at 08067415510.  Visit these pages to get the details of the Bus Advertising Agency in your city. 

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