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G Digital Advertising

G digital advertising can be defined as placing digital ads on websites and apps that are categorized under G topic. 

G digital advertising can prove to be very effective for brands/advertisers who work in the G field or have the same target audience. For example, for sports and games websites and apps, we know that the primary audience is males. Hence, any brand looking to target a male audience like financial products or automobiles would opt for advertising on sports websites.

The reason why G digital advertising is so popular is that advertising on G websites and apps would mean showing the ads to a targeted audience which would lead to a higher click-through rate and hence a better conversion rate. 

G Digital Advertisement Rates

G digital advertisement rates depend on the following factors:

  • Reach and Users of the website and app: Reach and users of the website and app decide how many people/users can be reached out to through advertising hence plays a major role in deciding the G digital advertising price.
  • Type of categories: The categories also define what kind of audience comes on the websites/apps. For example, news websites might have a less loyal audience than OTT apps. Hence, the category also helps decide the G digital advertisement rates
  • Targeting Options Available: The type of targeting options on the website/apps decide how precisely the apps/websites would be able to target the audience. Hence, a platform offering multiple targeting options would charge higher G digital advertisement rates
  • Advertising Format: The visibility of digital ads depends a lot on the types of ads offered by the websites and apps and hence are important to determine the G digital advertising price

G Digital Advertising Price

G digital advertising price can be calculated based on the following factors:

  • Cost per unit: The G digital advertising rates would directly depend on the cost per unit of the ad. This cost per unit can be CPC, CPM, CPV, etc depending on the G advertising platform and the digital ad format
  • The number of units of ads: The other important factor can be the number of impressions, clicks, views, etc gathered on the ads that can be multiplied by the cost per unit to obtain the G digital advertisement rates
  • Targeting filters: Another factor that can add the premium to the total G digital advertising price is the number of targeting options/filters.

 Advantages of G Digital Platform Advertising

Following are some of the advantages of G digital platform advertising:

  • Targeted Audience: Since the ads are placed on specific topic-based websites/apps, for brands who cater to the same field, the audience are very relevant and hence brings better conversion. 
  • High level of engagement: Specific topic-based websites/apps experience a very high level of engagement in terms of repeat users and time spent hence giving advertisers the opportunity to retarget the same audience hence creating high impact. 
  • Real-time monitoring: One of the top advantages of G digital platform advertising is that it provides real-time monitoring of campaign performance. 

 Top Platforms for G Digital Advertising

To know the top platforms for G digital advertising, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Digital Tool Page.
  • Select G under categories filter.
  • On the top right corner, you can find the option to sort the selections based on two factors- Top searched and price.
  • On selecting the “top searched” method to sort the cards, you will get top platforms for G digital advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to advertise on a digital G platform?

The cost to advertise on a digital G platform would depend on many factors as discussed above. It may vary from 7.5 paise per impression for Hotstar (mid-roll video) to 25 lakh for YouTube masthead on per day basis. 

The Media Ant is the best digital G advertising agency that provides more than lakh advertising options under digital advertising. One can find the cost of digital advertising on any of these platforms within a few clicks. 

 2.  How to know the campaign execution details of digital G platform Ads?

One of the top reasons to opt for digital G platform ads is that digital advertising campaigns can be tracked on a regular basis and in case of any requirement, the campaign can be edited. 

The Media Ant would share timely reports that would contain the campaign execution details of digital G platform ads. The report would detail daily performance, spending, and cost per action for the digital G platform ad campaigns

 3. How to select the best digital G advertising platform?

The best digital G advertising platform would totally depend on the brands’ requirements. The first question that the brands should answer is- who is their target audience?

Once the target audience is defined, the next step is to check which of the digital G advertising platform has the ability to target this audience the best. Some of the platforms may cater to the exact audience or some of them might have the relevant targeting options to filter out the irrelevant audience. 

Once the target audience requirement is met, the next question to be asked is- What are the various ad formats offered by digital G advertising platforms? This would help the brands select the appropriate ad format as per their budget and resources.

The last but most important question that remains is- What are the digital G advertisement rates? This can be the deal breaker question and should be answered carefully. 

Once all these questions are satisfied, the brands can make a list of the best digital G advertising platforms

 4. What is the effectiveness of digital G advertising?

The effectiveness of digital G advertising lies in the fact that these advertising platforms are relevant for brands who have an audience similar to those visiting the G websites and apps. 

One common observation is that when the ads appear to be genuine content, they have more chances to be clicked. This is the rationale behind the growing popularity of native advertising and by advertising on the relevant G digital platforms, brands can expect a higher number of conversions.