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Outdoor Advertising in Mumbai

The Media Ant is the top Outdoor advertising agency in Mumbai. As a specialist Outdoor agency of Mumbai, we deal in Hoardings, Outdoor Billboards, Bus Shelters, Gantries, Road Medians, and all possible Out of Home options. Having served multiple clients across Mumbai, we guarantee the best rates for all your Outdoor requirements. Our online planning tool is freely available and can be used to create a custom plan for your Hoarding requirement in Mumbai. We use mobile data to calculate the reach of each of your hoardings or Bus Shelters in Mumbai. All campaigns are monitored throughout the campaign duration to ensure that the planning is executed as per the agreed plan. 

There are various ways to get a plan for your requirement of hoardings in Mumbai. The conventional method is getting the list of hoardings in Mumbai, conducting a recce, and then selecting the best options as per your requirement. Instead, you can contact us and share your requirements to get a plan for the Mumbai campaign. The process for Mumbai Outdoor Advertising includes planning, on-ground survey, selection of the right hoardings, buying it at the right rate, printing the branding material, mounting, and then monitoring. Our Outdoor planning team in Mumbai uses specific tools for each of these steps to ensure that the campaign is executed in the most flawless and efficient manner.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is one of the highest growing advertising media (2nd after digital) in India. Since 2014, OOH has witnessed a CAGR of 12%. This year, the ad spending in Outdoor Advertising is expected to increase more. The amount of expenditure remains high from popular industries like retail, telecom, real estate and the government and political parties. In recent years, several start-ups too have tried to cash in on the popularity of outdoor hoardings.

Mumbai is one of the most popular places in India. It is home to many companies and institutions. Hence, outdoor advertising in Mumbai is one of the most popular advertising mediums in Mumbai. To know more about these options, select an area in the search box or click on the location pins.

Why opt for Outdoor Advertising in Mumbai?

Outdoor Advertising in one of the most popular advertising options in Mumbai due to the following reasons:

  • Mumbai has one of the slowest moving traffics in India. This gives a lot of time and opportunity to the advertisers to draw commuters’ attention through advertisements on hoardings, unipoles, bus shelters and skywalks.
  • Advertising on billboards and bus shelters in specific areas can also help in hyperlocal targeting.
  • Bus shelters and hoarding advertising in Mumbai can be customized with innovative creative, making them stand out.
  • Unlike other advertising media, outdoor advertising cannot be switched off, changed, skipped or blocked.

Outdoor Advertising Rates in Mumbai

Outdoor advertising rates in Mumbai are variable across media options and geographies. Advertising rates for hoardings, bus shelters, metro pillars etc. vary according to multiple factors. Some of them are:

  1. Location: Outdoor advertising rates not only vary with the cities but also according to the locations within a city. Hoardings at locations that face high traffic or footfalls cost more.
  2. Media Type: Hoardings cost more than bus shelters and metro pillars.
  3. Size: Large hoardings cost more than medium and small-sized billboards.
  4. Exposure: Some hoardings are more visible than others. Advertising rates for these hoardings are more than other hoardings.

Outdoor Advertising Costs in Mumbai

The Media Ant is committed to getting the most accurate data for the users. Hence we ensure the advertising costs are updated on a frequent basis. Most advertising platforms update their rates at the beginning of a new year. Hence, it is very important to check the updated outdoor advertising rates in Mumbai before booking your campaign. To find the updated outdoor advertising costs in Mumbai, please click on the media card on the page, visit the particular outdoor advertising option in Mumbai and look for the latest outdoor advertising rates in Mumbai under the heading “Top Choice /Other Ad Options”.

Outdoor Advertising Agency - The Media Ant

Looking for brand promotion through outdoor advertising? The Media Ant has a wide variety of outdoor advertising options listed at the best rates. One can find the media option suitable to the requirements on The Media Ant website by using the filters like geography, size and media type and check the various details like rates, reference image and position. The Media Ant would not only help you with execution but outdoor advertising media planning as well. You can also contact The Media Ant by sending a mail to Help@TheMediaAnt.com and be assured of the best outdoor advertising rates and hassle-free execution. Exhaustive collection of outdoor inventories, transparency in terms of outdoor advertising rates and on-time delivery makes The Media Ant is the most preferred outdoor advertising agency in Mumbai.

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