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Metro Pillar Advertising in Bangalore

Metro Pillar Branding in Bangalore has become one of the most often used medium by the advertisers. Metro Pillar branding in Bangalore is effective as metro runs through Bangalore’s high traffic population areas and is visible to a large number of commuters every day. Coupled with it the slow traffic speed of Bangalore, Namma Metro Pillar branding is becoming an integral part of all advertising campaigns. The page shows the cost of putting ads on metro pillars in Bangalore. Metro pillar branding Price in Bangalore depends on the location of the pillar as pillar size is same across the city. We are one of the leading Metro Pillar Ad agencies in Bangalore. You can contact us either over email or phone to get best Metro Pillar branding cost in Bangalore. In case you are looking for other outdoor advertising options in Bangalore, please click Bangalore Outdoor Ad options.

About Metro Pillar Branding

Metro trains have become the heart line of any metro city. Metro trains run either underground or on elevated platforms supported by pillar. These pillars offer an amazing opportunity for branding space. All metro companies are selling these pillar spaces for branding. Through advertising on these Metro pillars once can reach out to the people on road and not necessarily only people who are commuting in these metros.

About The Media Ant - A Outdoor Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is a Outdoor advertising agency. We provide the best and lowest advertising rate for Outdoor advertising including Metro Pillar branding to our clients. You can contact us for best discounts and to execute your Outdoor advertising campaign. You can contact us either online, or by sending a mail to or calling us at 08067415510