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Advertising in Mobile SMS

Advertising in Mobile SMS


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About Advertising in Mobile SMS

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Verified SMS

SMS will be sent to verified users and the quality of users can be assured. The promotional hours are from 9 am to 9 pm. To create a shortcode for the SMS the client has to get registered 2 days upon which once the shortcode is live we can go ahead with the activity.

Rack Rate

₹ 0.068 / Per SMS

TMA Offer

₹ 0.064 / Per SMS

Mobile SMS - Targeted Caller Ads Advertising

Targeted Caller Ads

A maximum of 15 seconds ad is played while someone is waiting for the call to be answered. Only those ads heard for more than 5 seconds are considered in the campaign as delivered. Targeting options are geography, Pincode, handset value, age group, devise type.

Rack Rate

₹ 0.44 / Per Unit

TMA Offer

₹ 0.4 / Per Unit

Mobile SMS - Out Bound Dialer (OBD) Advertising

Out Bound Dialer (OBD)

A 30 second ad call will be made to the database derived using various filters like Age, Handset value, Pincode atc.

Rack Rate

₹ 0.49 / Per Unit

TMA Offer

₹ 0.45 / Per Unit


Push Notification

Push Notification will be sent to the subscribers of different operators and when some one clicks on "OK" then it will take to the advertiser's page. Please check the uploaded video for better understanding and also kindly check data section for reach details.

Rack Rate

₹ 1,06,900 / Per Location

TMA Offer

₹ 93,000 / Per Location

Mobile SMS - MMS Advertising Option - 1


Ad can contain 30 - 40 sec video with the text message of up to 1000 characters, SMS will be sent to verified users and quality of users can be assured. Video inbox will be delivered to the verified numbers from brands unique transnational id and the video icon will appear in the inbox before opening the message.

Rack Rate

₹ 2 / Per MMS

TMA Offer

₹ 1.2 / Per MMS

Other Ad Options

Mobile SMS - Customized Database Advertising
Customized Database

Rack Rate

₹ 0.3 / Per SMS

TMA Offer

₹ 0.2 / Per SMS

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Ant Messages

  • Online brands or apps trying to reach out to a slightly high income target group can also use an additional filter of "People who have set English as their default language for IVR"
Push Notification - Reach Details

Click here to download the Reach Details for Push Notification

About SMS Marketing

India has about 650 million mobile phone users. More than 50% of this population is still without a smartphone and mostly dependent on SMS for communication. Even smartphone users are dependent on SMS for OTPs and Coupons from most of the services. SMS Marketing is still relevant and effective:

  1. SMS is always to the point as compared to email marketing.
  2. An average person usually checks his/her mobile about 200 times a day. Hence, chances of missing out on SMS are lower than that of emails.
  3. SMS is the preferred mode of receiving updates for most of the people.

How does SMS Marketing work?

Following are steps of successful SMS Marketing:

  1. Identify and acquire your audience: This can be done in two ways:
    1. Ask your customers to subscribe for receiving updates/offers through SMS during product/service purchase. This is the recommended method as it ensures high open rates. This is apt for brands that have a large database of customers.
    2. Acquire a database from bulk SMS services providers based on your requirements and target audience. This is not a preferred option as most of the time audience considers these messages as spam. However, in case a service/product is new or the brand wants to expand its reach, this method should be considered.
  2. Create short and simple content- easy to read and notice.
  3. Make sure you offer something exclusive to the audience who are subscribed to bulk SMS services. This would give a reason to the audience to remain subscribed.
  4. Take care with timelines and frequency: Identify the best time for sending the SMS based on your audience behaviour and action required. For example, if you are a Deli, it makes sense sending messages to your audience in the morning before breakfast time.
  5. Link your SMS to your website or Social Media Pages: This will give more credibility to your SMS Marketing Campaigns.
  6. Analyse your results: Experiment with different timelines, content and frequencies. Track the results till you find what works the best for your SMS Marketing Campaign.

Bulk SMS Services: Options by The Media Ant

The Media Ant is one of the emerging SMS Marketing Companies. Following are the Bulk SMS Services provided by The Media Ant:

  1. Verified Database: This database is provided by telecom service providers and hence verified for authenticity and quality. This would include the following audience:
    1. Telecom service users: This audience can be segregated into various telecom users like Airtel users, Idea users, Vodafone users and other telecom service users.
    2. People travelling from one destination to other.
  2. Customized Database: This consists of customized databases provided by bulk SMS services vendors. These databases can be customized as per requirements like doctors in Bangalore, Working women in Delhi, etc. However, these databases are not verified and the quality may not be as high as the verified database.

Filters Possible for Targeting the Audience through Bulk SMS Services

Smartphone Users - SMS can be sent to users owning Smartphones

Location - SMS can be sent to users targeting their location. Advertisers can choose to reach out to users based on their location of residence or work. For example, an advertiser can reach out to users who stay in Indiranagar, Bangalore or users who work in Andheri, Mumbai using this filter.

ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) - SMS can be sent to users who spend a particular amount on their monthly mobile usage. To take an example, SMS can be sent to users who spend more than Rs. 250 a month on their mobile usage.

Age - Advertisers can choose to send their SMS to users of a particular age group, lets say all 25 - 35 year olds

Gender - With this filter, an advertiser can choose to send out SMS to a specific gender (male or female)

OS - This filter allows an advertisers to send across his message to users on different Operating Systems like Android, IOS and others.

Behavioural targeting - Advertisers can target users  of specific category. For example the advertiser can target  online shoppers, net banking users etc

SMS Marketing Price

SMS Marketing Price varies depending on factors like verified numbers and filters applied. The SMS Marketing Price is usually quoted in terms of per SMS price. It is usually higher for verified numbers. The SMS Marketing Price would vary based on the database providers. You can check the rates under the “Media Options and Pricing” tab or contact The Media Ant for Bulk SMS Services at Help@TheMediaAnt.com.

Shortcode registration details

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The Media Ant: An SMS Marketing Company

The Media Ant is one of the best and most reliable SMS Marketing Companies. The Media Ant is the one-stop destination for the advertisers. We have more than 3 Lakhs media options across the traditional, non-traditional and digital medium. Contact The Media Ant for best-negotiated rates and experience a hassle-free campaign execution.

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