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About Advertising in Science And Related Journals in India

Get advertising rates for Science And Related Journals in India here. Both the card rate and the best rate for Science And Related Journals. These journals are available online for advertisers to download. Science And Related Journals cover topics related to science.

Advertising in Science And Related Journals brands can reach out to people who are interested in science.

Rates for Advertising in Science And Related Journals

Complete advertising rate chart is available on the “Media Options and Pricing” page of the magazine. 

Here are few of the Frequently asked Questions about advertising rate:

1. Do the rates for different pages in same journal vary?

Yes. Rates for special pages like cover pages are more expensive than regular inside pages.

2. What do the discounts depend on?

The discount depends on primarily on the number of inserts/volume of business. The more number of inserts, the greater the discount.

3. The rates mentioned in the table are for which position?

The rates mentioned in the table are for a full page colour ad.

4. Is there any tax included as well?

No, journal advertisements do not attract any taxes. 

5. Are there any value additions available with journal advertisements?

Yes. For multiple insertions, many journals offer free editorial coverage. However, it varies across publications and it is the editor’s prerogative to accept or not accept the editorials.

Few of the popular terms relevant for journal Advertising in India

1. What do you mean by circulation & readership?

Circulation signifies the number of copies of the journal  printed. Readership signifies the number of people who read the journal .  A single journals can be read by many people in a household or in an office.

2. What is card rate?

This the maximum rate that one has to pay for advertising in the journal. Discounts are applied on these rates when you book your ad.