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Facebook Influencers Marketing in India
Facebook Influencer Marketing in India has been advertisers' favorite since the advent of influencers' marketing. Owing to the sheer reach of influencers on the platform, Facebook Influencer Marketing has proven to be one of the most effective platforms for running your influencer campaigns. You can run influencer campaigns across categories and ad formats. Facebook supports image, video, text, carousel, and several other communication formats. Depending on your requirement and the communication route, one can pick the right format for their campaign. 

Facebook Influencer Marketing Platform
The Media Ant provides a simple yet effective influencer marketing platform for Facebook. You can use the platform to view and shortlist top influencers on Facebook from your category. Once you have selected the influencers you want to go ahead with, add them to your dashboard. Share your message and make the payment for the campaign to go live. You can also write to us offline to get help in the selection of Facebook influencers or to take your campaign live. We also provide you with planning help in conceptualizing the concept for your Facebook influencer campaign. 

List of top Facebook Influencers in India
To get the list of top Facebook influencers in India, select the Facebook filter from Platform. The list of top FB influencers has been aggregated basis reach and engagement. Influencers with high reach and top engagement have been included in the list. You can further refine the list by using a combination of platform and the category. Say for e.g. you are looking for Travel Influencers who can run your influencer campaign on FB. Select Travel from the Category filter and Facebook from the platform filter. This selection gives you a list of the top travel influencers on FB.