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About Real Estate Website Advertising

Real Estate websites basically deal with the content related to the real estate industry. As Real Estate websites are read by a very specific target segment audience, hence advertising in Real Estate website helps to minimize impression wastage and gives good results. Initially most of the websites were generic in nature covering all topics including Business and Finance. However, with the growing economy, publishers came out with individual websites that were specifically covering real estate news and information.

List of top websites and apps

ET Realty Website

My Kopcha Website

The Property Times Website

Infrastructure Today Website

Jabalpur Property Website

Advantage of advertising on top Real Estate websites

1.    Real Estate Website helps to target audience who are interested in buying or selling properties.

2.    Top Real Estate websites help to target most appropriate audience for your business.

3.    Advertising on top Real Estate websites will help to target real estate audience.

How can The Media Ant help you ?

The Media Ant can help you advertise on the top advertising & marketing websites. We can help you choose the right mix of websites optimizing the reach & impressions within your budget. We are an authorized media agency to sell ads on these websites & can provide you highly competitive rates in the market. We offer free marketing guidance & plans. We can also help you execute the campaigns from end to end.

Past Advertiser:

9 Star Suzuki


Lexis Nexis


Bagpacks Suites

Advertising Rate for Real Estate Website

Complete advertising rate chart for Real Estate websiteis available on the “Media Options and Details” page of the website. One can check various media options available to Advertise in Real Estate websites.

Few of the popular terms relevant for Real Estate websites advertising in India

1. What do you mean by ROS or RON?
ROS stands for Run On Site, which means ad will be displayed across the site.
RON stands for Run On Network, which means ad will be displayed across the network or group sites.
2. What is card rate?
This the maximum rate that one has to pay for advertising in the website. Discounts are applied on these rates when you book your ad.
3.What do you mean by SOV?
SOV stands for share of voice, which means impressions available for any media can be shared between two or more advertisers.
Frequently Asked Questions
1.    Do the rates include service tax.
Ans - No. Service tax will be added extra.
2.    How do we get the report?
Ans - Report will be mailed to advertiser’s email id daily or alternate days.
3.    Which ad server is used for reporting?
Ans - Mostly publishers use Doubleclick as their ad server. Few publisher use their own server like zedo or video plaza for reporting.