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About Listing Sites  Website and App advertising

Listing Sites websites and app basically deal with the news and information from various industries prominently from Listing Sites category contents in the form of text, images and videos. One can explore top Listing Sites  websites, check the rates and book the campaign. Listing Sites categories websites will be a perfect medium to advertise for the companies which are engaged in providing Listing Sites products and services.

List of top websites

OLX Website

Sulekha Website

Tradeindia Website

Freshers World Website

Ask Laila Website

How can The Media Ant help you?
The Media Ant can help you advertise on the top Listing Sites websites. We can help you choose the right mix of websites optimizing the reach & impressions within your budget. We are an authorized media agency to sell ads on these websites & can provide you highly competitive rates in the market. We offer free marketing guidance & plans. We can also help you execute the campaigns from end to end.

Rates for Listing Sites  Websites and App

Complete advertising rate chart for Listing Sites websites is available on the “Media Options and Details” page of the website. You can check various media options available in Listing Sites websites and Industry websites.

Planning assistance for placing an ad in Listing Sites  Websites in India.

1. Can The Media Ant help me make the plan?
Yes. We offer free website planning with top Listing Sites websites.
2. How should I select the Listing Sites websites?
Listing Sites  Website can be selected on the following basis:
Website name search – this search can be used to select the website you would like the advertise in by typing the website name.
Website category – this search is used to select websites pertaining to a particular category or multiple categories u wish to advertise in.
Listing Sites  Nature - this search is used to select websites pertaining to a particular Listing Sites  nature or multiple Listing Sites nature you wish to advertise in.
The product I would like to advertise – this search is used to select the product which you would like to advertise & website recommendations will be given to you on that basis.

3. What are the most common media options in top Listing Sites websites?
Leaderboard Banner on the top of the webpage (728x90), Medium Rectangle Banner on the right or left side of the webpage(300x250), Half Page Banner (300x600) on the right or left side of webpage and Skyscraper Banner (120x600) on the right or left side of the webpage are the top Listing Sites websites.

What execution steps are involved in placing an ad in Listing Sites  Websites and Apps?
1. Once I have finalized the plan what is the next step?
Once you have finalized the plan, you can book the ad online. You can make the payment online as well as upload the artwork. In case you want to book your ad offline, kindly mail the selected list of Marketing Websites or Advertisement Websites to

2. How do I pay?
You can pay either online, cheque, or bank transfer

3. What proof do I get once the advertisement is live?
Once the advertisement will be live, a screenshot of the webpage along with the ad will be sent to you.

4. Will The Media Ant help me make the ad/creative?
We help in making ads for advertising on websites. The rates for this service is dependent on the requirement and the cost is not included in the price list.
Few of the popular terms associated with Listing Sites  Websites and Apps in India

1. What do you mean by ROS or RON?
ROS stands for Run On-Site, which means ad will be displayed across the site.
RON stands for Run On Network, which means ad will be displayed across the network or group sites.
2. What is the card rate?
This is the maximum rate that one has to pay for advertising in the website. Discounts are applied on these rates when you book your ad.
3.What do you mean by SOV?
SOV stands for share of voice, which means impressions available for any media can be shared between two or more advertisers. 
Frequently asked Questions

1.    Do the rates include service tax.
Ans - No. Service tax will be added extra.
2.    How do we get the report?
Ans - Report will be mailed to advertiser’s email id daily or alternate days.
3.    Which ad server is used for reporting?
Ans - Most publishers use Doubleclick as their ad server. Few publishers use their own servers like zero or video plaza for reporting.