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Advertising in Education Sites and Apps

Students form the back bone of India and its economy. This set is not only largest in number but also spends maximum time online. They will continue spending over a long period of time. Brands looking to attract students can advertise on education related sites and apps. These sites can also be used to reach out to other people in the education ecosystem such as teachers and professionals.  If you are looking to advertise on education portals, The Media Ant provides a curated list of education portal and apps in India which allow advertising on their properties. Get details on visitors and rates for advertising options on education portals and apps in India at The Media Ant.  

Digital Advertising options for Education related Websites and Apps

All education portals and apps provide banners ads, native ads and high impact properties for digital advertising. Ads can be placed on education category sites either through independent digital agencies like The Media Ant or through Google ad network. Filters like geography, ad size and location are available for all digital media options on education portals and apps. Please talk to your digital media planner to suggest the right filters available for advertising on education sites and apps.

How to advertise on Education websites and apps in India

Use the filters and sorting options available on the online digital planning tool to select the right education site for you to advertise. You can select basis the kind of audience – students or decision makers in the education sector. Once you have selected the sites/apps, the next step is to pick the right media option available on job portal. One can pick either CPC based options or CPM pricing model. Few premium inventories on Education sites like roadblock and home page banners are available only at fixed pricing.

List of Education websites and apps for advertising in India

You can get the complete list of education portals and apps in India available for advertising at The Media Ant. On the digital planning tool, select Education in the Category. The list contains name of all education category portals and apps available for advertising in India, their reach, advertising options and rates.