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When it comes to getting people to see your product, service or promotion, there’s no better place to advertise than Airport. With thousands of flights, thousands of employees passing through Airport terminals, your message is sure to make an impression. With airline travel remaining remarkably consistent throughout the year, passengers are a captive audience as they have to pass through significant holding areas of the airport such as ticketing, security and baggage claim.  With all passengers following common paths through the terminal, this allows you to target your preferred audience.

Airport is a haven of style and taste. A place to relax. This is a chance to reach an exclusive audience of premium travellers in a relaxed and receptive mood. Regardless of trip purpose, over 80% of all passengers spend up to 30 minutes in each: ticketing, security and baggage claim. About 90% of all travelers arrive to the airport 1+ hours prior to departure.

Airport advertising in delivers your message to business and leisure travelers. Whether you’re trying to raise awareness about your brand, product or service, or encourage point-of-sale, Airport ads are the way to go. Choose from a variety of traditional and experiential displays and locations that are best suited for your campaign.

There is also a wide variety of innovative advertising opportunities aimed at helping you deliver your marketing objectives. We work with you to design a range of fully integrated campaigns, from the subtlest brochures to interactive digital posters and bespoke experiential opportunities.

Advantages of Printing & Mounting Bangalore Advertising:

  1. Targeted reach to corporate professionals, decision makers and household bread winners
  2. Direct Access to SEC A-B consumers
  3. Target age group of 25 - 55 years
  4. High dwell time and uncluttered environment ( According to AC Neilsen Survey, atleast 73% passengers view Airport advertisements )
  5. Scope for innovating marketing activities

How The Media Ant Can Help You

The Media Ant is an advertising agency with a flair for promoting products and services to the airport industry. We pride ourselves on providing opportunities for our clients, pointing their brands in the right direction and making them soar. Consider us your new Jet A fuel. Our aviation and airport advertising and marketing services put your product or service where it needs to be…soaring above the competition. From print communications and online media to video and viral channels, The Media Ant always finds a way to engage your audience and get your business on the right path.

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