Best platforms for promoting Educational Games in India: Part-5

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For the past two months, we have been discussing the online mobile gaming industry in India and it’s following aspects- 

  • Genre specific growth of online mobile games in India 
  • Marketing challenges to promote the different types of games 
  • The effective ways to promote your online mobile games on the basis of their genres. 

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In this last article of our series “Promoting online mobile games in India”, we would try to discuss the game-based learning in India and the effective ways to promote your educational games. 

Introduction– Game-Based learning In India

With the tremendous growth of e-learning in India, education through games is catching up real fast. The pace of adopting gamification in education has been increased gradually for enhancing the learning across different stages of education. 

According to a report by KPMG “The global market for Gamification in education is estimated to reach USD 10 Billion by 2020”

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The above image shows that gamification in education has the highest level of learning engagement among several other methods like learning from online platforms, classroom learning, and outbound activities.  

Let’s start by understating your targeted audience.

Targeted audience – 

Educational games are basically made to boost and enhance the learning experience, hence it can be played at any stage on the basis of the interest and requirement. 

Since the industry is quite diverse, targeting the right set of audiences at the right time and in the right place is a burdensome task. 

Don’t worry, we hear you. 

We have segmented the audience into two major groups on the basis of age and then we will discuss the effective ways to target those two sets of audiences. 

Educational Games Seg
Best Platforms For Promoting Educational Games In India: Part-5 6
  1. 3-13 (Age group)-  This is the age group where direct targeting is not possible since 13 is the minimum age of using any online social platforms like Facebook, Google, etc.  And usually, in this age group, parents/guardians are the primary decision-makers. Hence, targeting parents would be the best-suited choice to reach out to your potential audience.
  2. 13 + (onward)- Since 13 is the legal age of the registration on online platforms, students above 13 years old can be directly targeted on the basis of their interest. 

Now we will be discussing the platforms on which you can promote your educational mobile games on the basis of your targeted group-

A. Platforms to target 3-13 age group

This is the age group where direct targeting is not possible hence, we will be looking for the platforms which allow “Parents Targeting” 

Following are the best-suited platforms which allow parents targeting- 

  1. Popular Social platforms
  • Google Search and DisplayTargeting parents on the basis of their search quires on Google search and Display networks would be one of the best effective ways to grab their attention. 
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Best Platforms For Promoting Educational Games In India: Part-5 7
  • Facebook Advertising– Facebook has a broad category targeting options available for parents based on the age of their child. This will be helpful to effectively reach out to the right set of audience. 

2. Hotstar Advertising– On-demand video services have been growing at a tremendous pace and Hotstar is considered as the best popular entertainment platform in India with over 300 million users. It allows advertisers to target their targeted audience with the help of multiple available targeting options including “parents targeting”. 

Hence, targeting the parents on Hotstar for something that’s useful for their kid [s] would be the best strategy to follow. 

3. Truecaller Advertising– With over150mn DAU, Truecaller has various creative ad inventories with numerous available targeting options including “parents targeting”.

4. Parenting websites– Parents usually go to parenting websites for the in-depth knowledge about their concern topics of parenting. 

Targeting parents on parenting websites would be the best platform for connecting your product with the. 

B. Platforms to target 13+ age group-

Since 13 is the legal age of using the online platforms, targeting people on some of the popular online platforms the basis of their interest would give your product more consideration. 

Here’s a list of best-suited platforms that allows “interest and age targeting”:

1. OTT Platforms– On-demand video and audio services are on the peak. The majority of people access content on their personal devices for entertainment. Hence targeting people on the basis of age and interest when they are highly engaged watching their favorite shows is an effective way to grab attention.

Best Video and Audio OTT platforms

2. Popular Social platforms

3. Educational PlatformsOnline learning has been gradually increasing in India. Students tend to go to educational platforms for learning, grabbing their attention while they search for their interested topics would help you target your targeted audience directly.   

Bonus- Best suited Offline platforms to target students

  1. Newspaper Advertising– Most newspapers have their separate sections for education, that’s where you can showcase your educational games.
  2. Magazines– There are many educational and kids magazines that accept advertising. Advertising on these magazines would give your product more consideration.
  3. Outdoor Advertising- Hoarding and bus shelter advertising near to the schools or coaching centers would be the best places to grab the attention of your targeted audience.

Your advertising strategy can include one or more above discussed media for better results.

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