Top Marketing Ideas To Advertising Your New Year Event In Goa

How To Promote Event In Goa

In this article, we would discuss the best advertising platforms for promoting local events in Goa.

We have covered the following topics in this article:

  • Recommended media for advertising in Goa
  • Hyperlocal advertising options in popular areas of Goa

Ask any Indian traveler, what’s your favorite local destination during Christmas and New Year, the answer would be unanimous- it has to be Goa! With about 400 churches across the party-state, Christmas is the major festival here.

For people looking for a good time, Goa is a paradise- fireworks and impromptu dance parties at Anjuna beach, traditional Christmas feast (a special mention to Bebnica), following Goan tradition like burning the old man, participating in the crib and star-making competition, taking a bike ride during the Christmas and New Year eve.

With globalization, Christmas and New Year have become an integral part of Indian festive fabric. In the metro cities where companies mostly follow the global calendar, the month of December is marked by holidays, parties and celebrations.

If you are a business associated with party venues, catering, and other services, we have created a list of most popular media options in Goa that would be the best for event promotion.

Who is This Article For?

Anyone who is looking for ideas to promote their events. Christmas and New Year are the time of the year when the weather is cooler in India, people have holidays and they like to indulge in good food and a good time. During this time, the most common events in the cities are:

  1. New Year Parties
  2. Carnivals and parties at amusement parks
  3. Concerts by local and celebrity artistes
  4. Exhibitions and flea markets
  5. Theme based buffets in restaurants
  6. Staycation packages by hotels and resorts
Top Marketing Ideas To Advertising Your New Year Event In Goa 6

Our Recommendations

A. Nontraditional Advertising

Transit Advertising in Goa: Transit advertising is a great medium to target specific areas and their neighboring localities in Goa. Advertising in public transport buses, autos, etc can help your brand to reach out to daily commuters. This makes transit advertising one of the most preferred advertising media.

Minimum Advertising Budget: INR 30,000

For more details, check the following links:

Non AC Bus advertising in Goa

Bus stand advertising in Goa

Railway station advertising in Goa

Newspaper Inserts Advertising: Newspaper inserts are leaflets/pamphlets that are inserted inside the newspaper at the distributors. Through newspaper inserts advertising, advertisers can even target residents in a particular area of Goa.

Minimum Advertising Budget: INR 20,000

For more details, check the link: Newspaper inserts advertising in Goa

Advertising in Restaurants, Cafes, and Pubs: Eating out and partying are two most favorite activities of people of Goa owing to presence of a lot of tourists throughout the year especially during Christmas and new year. Advertising in restaurants and cafes is an effective way to grab attention to your upcoming events.

Minimum Advertising Budget: INR 30,000

For more details, check the link: Advertising in Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs

B. Radio Advertising

Radio channels are no more limited to playing music only. They have emerged as people’s local guides in the city. Hence, promoting an event on radio channels in Goa (especially through RJ Mentions or Contests, etc) would bring desired results.

The 5 top radio channels in Goa based on website traffic are

Radio Indigo Goa

Big FM Goa

AIR Local Panaji

Vividh Bharati Goa

Minimum Advertising Budget: INR 20,000

C. Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising is one of the most popular advertising media for city-level targeting owing to audience reach and authenticity. Events are usually covered in the daily supplements of the newspapers.

The 5 top newspapers in Goa based on website traffic are

Tarun Bharat Goa

Dainik Herald Goa

Lokmat Goa

Gomantak Goa

O Heraldo Goa

Minimum Advertising Budget: INR 50,000  

D. Cinema Advertising:

Cinema advertising is one of the best media to promote an event. Being in a captive environment and a relaxed state of mind, the audience is most likely to act positively on the ads. Also, the last two weeks in December witnesses mega-blockbuster movies release hence a surge in the number of moviegoers.

Top 5 popular cinema halls in Goa for cinema advertising based on website traffic are:

Cinema advertising in INOX Mall De Goa, North Goa

Cinema advertising in Hira Talkies, Margao

Cinema advertising in Cine Niagara, South Goa

Cinema advertising in Cineworld, South Goa Cinemas, South Goa

Cinema advertising in INOX, Old GMC, Panaji

Minimum Budget Required: INR 5,000

E. Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising refers to placing ads on static properties like hoardings, bus shelters, skywalks, metro pillars, road medians, etc. Like transit advertising, outdoor advertising is an effective medium to promote a product in a specific area.

Minimum Advertising Budget: INR 1 Lakh

F. Digital Advertising

Audio OTT Advertising: Indians have a high affinity for audio OTT platforms. An average Indian audio OTT user spends about 21.5 hours per week on audio OTT as compared to 17 hours.

Owing to the high engagement rate, advertising on audio OTT platforms is a unique way to reach out to the audience. Not only banner ads but audio jingles are also popular on audio OTTs. You can check out the advertising rates for Wynk, Saavn, and Gaana.

Minimum Advertising Budget: INR 60,000

Video OTT Advertising: There is no data required to back the fact that video OTT platforms have grown to a tremendous size. From Hotstar to Jio Apps, cheap Internet data has helped video OTTs to reach out to every household.

Not only the popularity, the advanced targeting options that video OTTs have like genre targeting. Some of the popular video OTT platforms are Hotstar, SonyLiv, Zee5 and Voot.

Minimum Advertising Budget: INR 10,000

Daily Hunt Advertising: Daily Hunt is a very popular content platform that provides content in 14 Indian languages. Apart from the usual targeting options like age, gender, etc, Daily Hunt offers an advanced level of location targeting at a pin-code level making it an apt choice for hyperlocal advertising.

Minimum Advertising Budget: INR 60,000

Google and Social Media Advertising: Social media is a great platform to promote an event. Most of the social media pages have event sections where event organizers can list their events.In terms of hyperlocal targeting, both Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google, help advertisers target people located in a certain area.

Minimum Budget Required: INR 10,000

Summarizing the above in a simple table

Top Marketing Ideas To Advertising Your New Year Event In Goa 7

Hyperlocal Advertising Options For Popular Areas In Goa

Following are top areas in Goa in terms of popularity and presence of restaurants, malls, pubs, etc. We have suggested the most popular advertising media options for these areas as well.

Hyperlocal Advertising In Calangute

Advertising in Calangute: Calangute is a popular town in North Goa famous for its beach. It is one of the most crowded areas during Christmas and New Year. Apart from parties, Calangute also offers a number of water sports. Following are the most popular advertising options in Calangute:

Pole kiosk advertising in Calangute

CCD advertising in Calangute

Hyperlocal Advertising In Candolim

Advertising in Candolim: Candolim is a town in North Goa, near Calangute. It is popular among tourists for Aguada Fort. Following are the most popular advertising options in Candolim:

Outdoor advertising in Candolim

Pole kiosk advertising in Candolim

Bus shelter advertising in Candolim

Looking to promote your events in any of the following cities?

In case you are looking for the best advertising media for any other city, let us know in comments or write to us at


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