Advertising in Google Display, Website

Advertising in Google Display, Website
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₹ 10

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₹ 8
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₹ 5

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₹ 3
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₹ 25,000

Offer Rate

₹ 20,000
**18% GST is applicable on the above rates

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About Google Display Advertising

Google display advertising, also known as Google Display Network Advertising, Banner Advertising and Display Advertising, is a self-serve platform advertising option where you can target your potential customers with banner ads that can be images, texts or combination of both that are displayed across Google Display Network. One can also use a GIF format image for Banner advertising, given it follows Google guidelines. Another popular form of Display Advertising is responsive ad. The purpose of responsive ad is to make the best use of the available space. It automatically fits the images and text provided by the advertisers in the available space. The only drawback of the responsive ad is that the user has no control over the appearance.

Google Display Network is a group of more than 2 million websites and apps where the Google Display Ads can appear. Google Display Network sites reach approximately 90% of the internet users worldwide.

What do you get in the first month?

1. Setting up the advertising campaign on Google Adword

2. Advertising worth Rs 5000

3. One month campaign

It includes and not includes

1. Setting up of Facebook page if not existing already

2.  Creative cost would be additional if required

Google Display Advertising Banner Sizes

Display ads can appear at any position on the member websites or apps in the Google Display Network based on the targeting by the advertiser. Some of the popular sizes for the Banner Ads are:

  • 120 * 240 : Vertical Banner
  • 120 * 600 : Skyscraper
  • 125 * 125 : Button
  • 160 * 600 : Wide Skyscraper
  • 180 * 150 : Small Rectangle
  • 200 * 200 : Small Square
  • 234 * 60 : Half Banner
  • 250 * 250 : Square
  • 300 * 250 : Medium Rectangle (Popular)
  • 300 * 600 : Half Page (Popular)
  • 300 * 1050 : Portrait
  • 320 * 50 : Mobile Leaderboard
  • 320 * 100 : Large Mobile Banner (Popular)
  • 336 * 280 : Large Rectangle (Popular)
  • 468 * 60 : Banner
  • 728 * 90 : Leaderboard  (Popular)
  • 970 * 90 : Large Leaderboard
  • 970 * 250 : Billboard
Advantages of Google Display Advertising

Following are the advantages of Banner Advertising:

  • The advertiser can target specific audience by defining the audience as well as the keywords that would be used to search for the products.
  • The advertiser can track the ad spend and ad performance in real time and can always optimize the ad for better performance.
  • The advertiser can make visually appealing ads that can enhance brand perception and provide a snapshot of the product as well.
  • Display Ads can be effective in case of remarketing/retargeting
Google Display Advertising Targeting Options

One of the best features of Display Marketing is options to target your desired audience. This targeting can be based on the audience behaviour or Content.

Audience Behaviour

  • Demographics: Targeting can be done based on user location, age, gender and device type.
  • Affinity: Audience having particular characteristics or behaviour, ex- shopaholic audience
  • In-Market: Audience who have been looking for products or categories similar to yours recently.
  • Custom Intent: Customers who are likely to engage with your ads. Apart from keywords, you can also add URLs of other websites, apps and Youtube Content to let Google know your target audience.
  • Similar Audiences: In case you have a remarketing list with you, you can target people having interests common or similar to that of the people in the remarketing lists.
  • Remarketing: Target audience who have already interacted with your ads, your site or apps would be exposed to your ads more often.

Content Targeting

  • Topics: It is mostly relevant for Google Display Ads. Google Adwords goes through webpage contents of various websites and categorize them based on topics- depending on the page content, link structure and page structure.
  • Placement: This is also common in case of Google Display Ads where the advertisers can target websites where they would want to run the ads.
  • Content Keywords: The advertisers choose the words or terms that are relevant to what search term the audience uses.
Google Display Advertising Rates

Google Display Advertising is a self-serve platform. The Google Display Advertising Rates are determined by a bidding system. Once you setup a Google Display Ad, it will ask you for a budget per day. This would be the cost you are ready to spend each day. Then you would be asked about the bid amount. This is the maximum price you would want to pay for a click. There are other two options for bidding as well:

  • Bidding on impressions: You can also bid on number of times the ads are being viewed. This cost is represented as CPM or Cost per Mille that stands for Cost for thousand impressions.
  • Bidding on Placements: In case of Display Advertising, based on the performance of the ad, you can also bid on certain placements.

The Google Display Advertising Rates would depend on a number of factors like other ads competing for the same ad position, your ad rank which would depend on your maximum CPC bid and quality score of your ad. These Google Display Advertising Rates are the only cost you would need to pay if you are setting up the Google Display Advertising on your own. In case, you want to employ a Display Advertising Agency, they would charge you a minimal commission that would be over and above the Google Display Advertising Rates.

Execution Process

Steps in Execution

Step 1:  Add Media to the Dashboard

Step 2: Customize it as per your requirement using the filters below:

Filters AvailableExample
Placement PageRun On Site/ Home Page/ Inside Page
Dimension300 x 250/ 120 x 600/ 728 x 90
Banner TypeLeaderboard/ Tower/ Rectangle

Step 3: Select Start and end Date

Step 4: Upload artwork and make payment

How do I know my ad has been placed?

When the campaign is live, you will get a screenshot of the ad within 24 hours.
A google sheet will be shared for campaign tracking.

The Media Ant- Google Display Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is one of the best Display Advertising Agencies. Being a Premier Google Partner, The Media Ant comes with Display Marketing experts trained and supported by Google. The Media Ant is uniquely positioned to help you grow your business with highly effective, targeted digital media buying. The Media Ant can help you to get better ROI and scalability to make your campaign a complete success.

The Media Ant has a proven track record and experience of helping your brand with following Marketing Goals:

  • New product/brand launch
  • Brand Awareness
  • App Installation
  • Lead Generation
  • Event/Sale Promotion
  • To increase website traffic

The Media Ant has helped SME brands as well as big brands in both B2C and B2B markets across various industries and sectors. Some of the prominent clients for Google Display Advertising are:

  • BBC London
  • Being Human
  • Eduthrill
  • Fisdom
  • Practo
  • TCS
  • Toshiba
  • Yardley

The Media Ant’s Guide to Ad Sizes

Media Kit

Google Display, Website Website advertising is utilized by variety of brands to reach out to their target audience. You can explore Google Display, Website Website advertising rates, different types of media options and advertising cost here. Google Display, Website advertising offers you the opportunity to speak to a young and involved target group and present your brand in a unique environment. With Google Display, Website Website advertising campaigns, you will achieve your business goals quickly and easily.

How The Media Ant Can Help You

The Media Ant is uniquely positioned to help you grow your business with highly effective, targeted digital media buying. We as an advertising agency provide advertisers with the opportunity to target key professionals. We help you to get better ROI and scalability to make your campaign a complete success.


How long will it take for my ad to go live?


Once the campaign is confirmed, it may take up to 48 hours for the ad to go live. 


What is the difference between CPM and CPC pricing?


CPM stands for Cost per mille viz. Cost per Thousand Impression. You pay when your ad is shown 1000 times. 

CPC stands for Cost per Click. You pay when someone clicks on your ad.


Can the impressions be distributed equally across he campaign?


Daily impression delivery doesn’t remain constant but can fluctuate by up to 200%.


Can there be a difference between number of clicks reported by the publisher to clicks being shown in my Google analytics?


The clicks shown on the report may not match the actual visits (as per your analytics) to the website as there is usually a significant click to drop off rate. Every click recorded by the advertiser's dashboard does not end up on the landing page which causes this discrepancy.

You can click here to understand in detail the tech reason for the discrepancy in these two numbers. 


Is there a chance that my ad can get paused in the middle of a campaign?


Yes. All platforms prioritize Roadblocks over ROS ads and hence in case of such a premium booking, the delivery of your ad will be paused, and the campaign might need to be extended.