Ultimate Fintech Ads Guide to Promote your Fintech Company Online

Ultimate Fintech Ads Guide To Promote Your Fintech Company Onlie

As of June 2022, there were 2100 fintech companies in India and more than 67 percent of them were set up in the last five years. There has also been an exponential growth in funding; in 2021 investments worth more than US$ 8 Billion were received across various stages of investment. (Source: India Brand Equity Foundation)

It is evident that there is an intense and ever increasing competition in the fintech sector, and so, advertising is of immense importance for fintech companies.

At the same time, despite the rapid and revolutionizing growth of the fintech industry, many people still tend to be skeptical of the new financial sector and hence, if you own a fintech enterprise, it would be wise to pay extra attention to your marketing strategies.

Why Online Media for Fintech Ads?

As a fintech enterprise, your clientele, in all likelihood, is going to be quite internet savvy and a demographic like that is probably going to respond to online ads better than other people. So, out of all media options, the internet is arguably the very best option for fintech ads

Online advertising can enable your fintech ads to reach a wider audience than the traditional forms of advertising and also enable them to target prospects who are most likely to be your potential customers.  

Moreover, with most modes of online advertising, you can monitor the performance of your fintech ads in real time, and continue with your existing strategies or make changes to them accordingly. 

Since fintech involves people making monetary transactions, gaining the trust of prospects is especially important for fintech companies, and there’s perhaps no better way to do that than to establish yourself as an expert in the field by publishing educational content about the industry. 

Apart from driving organic traffic to your website through SEO, content marketing, if done right, can establish you as a thought leader and help your brand gain the much needed authenticity and credibility in the field.

While online modes of advertising like facebook ads and youtube ads  work great for fintech ads, for the marketing of your fintech brand in general, content marketing is a must have in your marketing mix.

Winning the confidence and trust of the consumers goes a long way in gaining clients in the fintech sector, and establishing your online persona as an authority on the subject is a time taking but very reliable way of doing that.

What are the Benefits of Online Fintech Ads?

Benefits Of Online Fintech Ads
Ultimate Fintech Ads Guide To Promote Your Fintech Company Online 2

Digital marketing is a great choice for any brand from any industry but for fintech, online advertising tends to be especially highly sought after. 

Some of the innumerable benefits of online fintech ads, apart from the obvious benefit of the intersection of the media and the technology the industry is based on, are enlisted below:

1. Better Reach: Most online modes of advertising have a wider and a more detailed reach than other traditional forms of advertising and can give your fintech ads a better chance of reaching potential customers.

2. Relevant Placement Options: The vast field of content on the internet puts the users in the mental frame or mood to explore, and such people are more likely to click on your ad when they come across it.

People in general are extra cautious when it comes to financial ads and the predisposition to explore they have on online platforms could make them respond to the call to action they wouldn’t respond to on other platforms.

3. Convenient Execution and Management: In contrast to traditional modes of advertising like billboards and newspapers, with online advertising, you don’t have to worry about human errors and mismanagement so much.

You also don’t have to engage and coordinate with people over phone calls who may or may not be on the same page as you; you can very conveniently manage your ad campaign from the comfort of your home with a computer and an internet connection. 

4. Relevant Audience Options: You can target people based on demographics, interest, behavior as well as income and make the focus of your ads more specific. 

5. Real-time Tracking: Through various  online analytical tools you can closely monitor the performance of  your fintech ads online and make timely adjustments to your campaign when needed.

Top Fintech Advertising Options

Since fintech is an internet based industry, it is very fitting to use the internet for fintech advertising. The traditional modes of advertising might not do justice for something as pioneering and potentially revolutionizing as fintech.

The potential customers of fintech companies are most likely going to be those who are open and welcoming to technology and who respond to online advertising better than billboards and newspaper ads. 

Following are the most popular formats of online advertising that you should definitely consider for your fintech advertising:

1. App Install : These ads have got a call to action, clicking on which the user is redirected to a landing page where they can install the app.

You can put your app install  ads on the apps of  popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, twitter and so on, and take advantage of the fact that most of the time people spend online is spent on apps like these. 

2. Video Ads : Video ads are just like TV commercials in terms of the format and they mostly differ from them only in terms of their medium, which is the internet.

Video ads are really very engaging and are generally quite effective in sparking viewer interest. Through The Media Ant, you can avail video ads for your fintech advertising on various platforms like Hotstar, Youtube, Voot, Paytm, and many more. 

3. Audio Ads : Audio ads may be compared to the jingle ads you find on the radio. Perhaps the greatest and the most unique benefit of audio ads is that they target people who are busy with some other task besides consuming content, for example, no other ad format can reach a prospect while they are driving or doing the dishes.  

The tech savvy potential customers of fintech companies are more likely to be listening to OTT music platforms and podcasts rather than the radio, which makes audio ads a great option for fintech advertising. 

4. Search Ads : These are the ads that appear in the results page of  search engines like Google when users search for certain keywords or phrases.

They operate on the PPC (Pay Per Click) model and are extremely effective for targeting relevant audiences.

These ads exclusively appear before the people who are actively looking for what you offer. As such, the greatest benefit of search ads is that they target top quality audiences  with a high intent which makes each impression very valuable. 

5. Google Display Ads : Google Display ads are engaging, visually appealing ads that appear across the Google Display Network (a network of more than two million websites, videos and apps) in various forms. 

They are like banner ads on various online platforms that appear on the screens of  users as they  browse through the internet. For example, they may appear before  prospects while they are  reading a blog or watching a YouTube video. 

Affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, social media  and content marketing in general have been among the most successful online marketing methods for fintech companies in the recent past.

Nevertheless, you could also experiment with other forms of digital marketing like email marketing for your fintech advertising without spending a lot. 

In terms of reach, YouTube, Facebook, Google Display Network, Google Search, Instagram, and linkedin are the top online fintech advertising options you can avail. 

Other digital advertising options that could work very well for fintech advertising, specifically in India include Hotstar, Jio Saavn App, Inshorts App, Times of India website, Daily Hunt website among others.

To get a complete list of digital advertising options along with their respective rates, click here.

Fill the form below to get a more detailed description of available ad options according to your specific requirements. 


Online Financial Advertising Examples

You can find many financial advertising examples where online advertising has worked really well for fintech companies. The online ads of  companies like Cred, Bharat Pe, Policy Bazaar, Acko and Razorpay are among the best Indian fintech ads online :

1. Cred: Cred is an app that allows members to make online payments and rewards them for clearing their credit card bills on time. Cred uses online advertising, especially on social media, quite frequently. The ad below started running on Facebook  and Instagram on 1 August 20222.


2. BharatPe : BharatPe is a payment solution app that enables merchants to accept payments through various UPI’s like Google Pay and PhonePe. The ad below started running on 1 August 2022 on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network.


3. Policy Bazaar : Policy Bazaar is a Haryana based insurance aggregator that allows you to compare different insurance options at a single place. The ad below went live on Instagram and Facebook on 26 July 2022.

Policy Bazaar

4. ACKO : Acko is a digital insurance company that provides general insurance with no paperwork and no commission to its clients. The ad below started running on Instagram and Facebook on 1 August 2022.


5. Razorpay : Razorpay is an online payments gateway that allows users to accept, process and disburse payments through its products suite. It accepts online payments through credit card, debit card, online banking services and digital wallets.

The ad below was put on Instagram, Facebook, Audience Network, and Messenger on 12 August 2022.


Fintech Digital Marketing Agency 

While it is not exactly a fintech digital marketing agency, The Media Ant has got all major online advertising options like Google, Facebook, Linkedin and so on, which makes it the next best thing.

There is no agency dedicated specifically to online fintech advertising, however The Media Ant, with its numerous online ad options is the closest thing to a fintech digital marketing agency that you can find. 

The Media Ant is a one stop solution for all your advertising needs. We offer a truly wide variety of advertising options at generously discounted rates and you are surely going to find an advertising option that fits your requirements.

Our dedicated and competent team guides you through every step of the way right from picking the right media option to monitoring your ad campaign and would be more than happy to help you with any advertising queries that you may have.

Best Fintech Ads Agency

The Media Ant is a recognized digital advertising agency with more than 1200 media options under digital advertising.

The Media Ant is India’s  leading media buying agency that helps you with all your advertising and brand awareness needs. Our qualified team helps you plan, execute and monitor all your fintech ad campaigns through different media.

The Media Ant is probably the best fintech ads agency out there that can help you pick the right media options and assist you in the seamless execution of your campaign.  Our team provides you guidance to plan your campaign and also provides top class monitoring services. 

Over the past decade, the fintech industry has been on a rapid rise both globally and in India. The Indian Fintech industry, according to Amitabh Kant (CEO NITI Ayog) has a cumulative funding of over US$ 27.6 billion and by 2025, is expected to be valued at over US$ 150 Billion.

It seems like fintech is well on its way to take over traditional financial institutions, though for now, the operations of  fintech companies are mostly complementary to theirs.

If you wish to learn more about various aspects of fintech advertising from relevant professionals, check out the The Media Ant website.

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