Case Study: How OK Credit Drove 80k+ App Installs Through Hotstar Advertising

Ok Credit Case Study

Brand Introduction 

Founded in the year 2017, OK Credit is a mobile based app-solution for small and medium sized business owners to maintain and record their overall credit/payment transactions on a daily basis, also known as their “Khata Book” or “Ledger Account Book” 

The app also allows the merchants to send notifications to their customers for the payment reminder and receive notifications to the both end once done. 

Campaign Objective 

  • Achieve maximum number of App Installs for OK Credit 

Target Audience

  • Small and medium sized marchants/retailers 


  • India 


  • The main challenge of the campaign was to select the platform which has high reach among retailers and also suited for app installation campaigns. 


To reach the target audience online we tabbed an entertainment platform which is popular among our target audience, and also frequently visited by them on a daily basis. To finetune the target audience, filters like age, gender, and Geo were used. 


Based on our approach and objective of the campaign, following media platform was used- 


Hotstar is one of the most popular video OTT platforms in India with a reach of almost 400 Mn, also it’s one of the most visited platforms for day-to-day entertainment, especially when you can’t tune in your TV all the time. One major attraction of Hotstar is cricket, which is one of the most popular and favoured topics of the majority of Indians. 

Due to the lack of time and flexibility of having a Television on the workplace, retailers and merchants often watch their favorite sport on Hotstar. 

Hence, the campaign was executed during the T20 match to gain more popularity and increase its app visibility. 

Hotstar also offers targeting filters like Age, Geo, and Gender which helped the brand reach out to their targeted customer more effectively. 


Since the objective of the campaign was to secure maximum app installs, we ran an app install campaign on Hotstar. 

A brief on App Install campaign- 

App install campaigns are digital advertising campaigns that charge the advertiser only when someone installs the app. It is a performance-driven campaign where conversion is the main objective and hence, the payment method is dependent upon app installs and not how many people saw or clicked on the ad. 

Campaign Creatives

Here are some of the exciting and captivating banner ads and video ads that OK Credit came up with-

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01 Hotstar Carousal 500X500 1 1


  • The brand got more 80,000 app installs and the exposure they were looking for.

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